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Lab - Establishing a Console Session with Tera Term


Part 1: Access a Cisco Switch through the Serial Console Port
Part 2: Display and Configure Basic Device Settings
Part 3: (Optional) Access a Cisco Router Using a Mini-USB Console Cable

Background / Scenario
Various models of Cisco routers and switches are used in all types of networks. These devices are managed
using a local console connection or a remote connection. Nearly all Cisco devices have a serial console port
to which you can connect. Some newer models, such as the 1941 Integrated Services Router (ISR) G2 used
in this lab, also have a USB console port.
In this lab, you will learn how to access a Cisco device via a direct local connection to the console port, using
the terminal emulation program called Tera Term. You will also learn how to configure the serial port settings
for the Tera Term console connection. After you have established a console connection with the Cisco device,
you can display or configure device settings. You will only display settings and configure the clock in this lab.
Note: The routers used with CCNA hands-on labs are Cisco 1941 ISRs with Cisco IOS Release 15.2(4)M3
(universalk9 image). The switches used in the labs are Cisco Catalyst 2960s with Cisco IOS Release 15.0(2)
(lanbasek9 image). Other routers, switches, and Cisco IOS versions can be used. Depending on the model
and Cisco IOS version, the commands available and the output produced might vary from what is shown in
the labs. Refer to the Router Interface Summary Table at the end of the lab for the correct interface identifiers.
Note: Make sure that the switch and router have been erased and have no startup configuration. If you are
unsure, contact your instructor.

Required Resources
 1 Router (Cisco 1941 with Cisco IOS software, release 15.2(4)M3 universal image or comparable)
 1 Switch (Cisco 2960 with Cisco IOS Release 15.0(2) lanbasek9 image or comparable)
 1 PC (Windows 7 or 8 with a terminal emulation program, such as Tera Term)
 Rollover (DB-9 to RJ-45) console cable to configure the switch or router via the RJ-45 console port
 Mini-USB cable to configure the router via the USB console port
You will connect a PC to a Cisco switch using a rollover console cable. This connection will allow you to
access the CLI and display settings or configure the switch.

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Step 2: Configure Tera Term to establish a console session with the Tera Term is a terminal emulation program. a. To determine the COM port used by the adapter. Locate Tera Term under All Programs. please see Part 3 Step 4. Turn on the Cisco switch and computer. Tera Term can be downloaded from the following link by selecting Tera Term: http://logmett. Page 2 of 5 . The correct COM port number is required to connect to the Cisco IOS device using a terminal emulator in Step 2. USB-to- DB9 adapters can be purchased at any computer electronics store. Note: If using a USB-to-DB9 adapter to connect to the COM port. Start Tera Term by clicking the Windows Start button located in the task bar.Lab . This document is Cisco Public.Establishing a Console Session with Tera Term Step 1: Connect a Cisco switch and computer using a rollover console cable. Note: If the program is not installed on the system. Connect the other cable end to the serial COM port on the computer.html © 2018 Cisco and/or its affiliates. c. Note: Serial COM ports are no longer available on most computers.php?/download/free-downloads. This program allows you to access the terminal output of the switch. b. you may be required to install a driver for the adapter provided by the manufacturer of your computer. Connect the rollover console cable to the RJ-45 console port of the switch. It also allows you to configure the switch. A USB-to-DB9 adapter can be used with the rollover console cable for console connection between the computer and a Cisco device. a. All rights reserved.

In the New Connection dialog box.Establishing a Console Session with Tera Term b. choose the Serial port… to verify the serial settings. Page 3 of 5 . The Tera Term default settings match the console port settings for communications with the Cisco IOS switch. click the Serial radio button. 8 data bits. and no flow control. 1 stop bit. From the Tera Term Setup menu. All rights reserved. The default parameters for the console port are 9600 baud. This document is Cisco Public.Lab . no parity. Verify that the correct COM port is selected and click OK to continue. © 2018 Cisco and/or its affiliates. c.

Enter n to Copyright (c) 1986-2012 by Cisco Systems.bin" <output omitted> © 2018 Cisco and/or its affiliates.150-2.0(2)SE. Version 15.Lab . C2960 Software (C2960-LANBASEK9-M).SE. a. While you are in the user EXEC mode. the following message is displayed. The following console example displays the terminal output of the switch while it is loading.2(53r) When you can see the terminal output. RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) Technical Support: http://www.Establishing a Console Session with Tera Term d. and configure the clock on the switch. Switch> show version Cisco IOS Software. After the switch has completed its startup process. Compiled Sat 28-Jul-12 00:29 by prod_rel_team ROM: Bootstrap program is C2960 boot loader BOOTLDR: C2960 Boot Loader (C2960-HBOOT-M) Version 12. Inc. display the clock settings. Step 1: Display the switch IOS image version. RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) Switch uptime is 2 minutes System returned to ROM by power-on System image file is "flash://c2960-lanbasek9-mz. you are ready to configure a Cisco switch. b. All rights reserved. You will determine the IOS version. please contact your instructor to reset your switch to the initial configuration. display the IOS version for your switch. Would you like to enter the initial configuration dialog? [yes/no]: n Note: If you do not see the above message. you are introduced to the user and privileged executive modes. Page 4 of 5 . Part 2: Display and Configure Basic Device Settings In this section. This document is Cisco Public.

configured from console by console. d. Switch> show clock *00:30:05. Page 5 of 5 . The question mark (?) provides help and allows you to determine the expected input for configuring the current time. you will see that configuring the correct time on a Cisco switch can be helpful when you are troubleshooting problems. Press Enter to complete the clock configuration. Switch# show clock 15:08:07. Switch> enable c.Establishing a Console Session with Tera Term Which IOS image version is currently in use by your switch? ____________________________________________________________________________________ Step 2: Configure the clock.000: %SYS-6-CLOCKUPDATE: System clock has been updated from 00:31:43 UTC Mon Mar 1 1993 to 15:08:00 UTC Fri Oct 26 2012. Enter the privileged EXEC mode by typing enable at the user EXEC mode prompt. and year. Switch# clock set ? hh:mm:ss Current Time Switch# clock set 15:08:00 ? <1-31> Day of the month MONTH Month of the year Switch# clock set 15:08:00 Oct 26 ? <1993-2035> Year Switch# clock set 15:08:00 Oct 26 2012 Switch# *Oct 26 15:08:00. Display the current clock settings.Lab . The clock setting is changed from within the privileged EXEC mode. As you learn more about networking. This document is Cisco Public. a. The following steps manually configure the internal clock of the switch.205 UTC Fri Oct 26 2012 © 2018 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. date. Configure the clock setting. Enter the show clock command to verify that the clock setting has updated.261 UTC Mon Mar 1 1993 b.