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S Online Mock Test Series
Presented by R.C.P.P.

I.B.P.S Mock Test-2015-16
& RCPP Cyber Kiosk
• About RCPP Cyber Kiosk ?
RCPP Cyber Kiosk is an authorized online Mock Test Series centre for IBPS & others online Examination

• How does it works ?
RCPP provides the user Id & password to the online registered students .Students can use this Id &
password for taking online mock Test Series of Banking (IBPS) others online examination .

• What is the benefit of Kiosk Partner?
RCPP Kiosk Partner has authority to conducting Mock Test Series in his/her Cyber Café . Students can
enroll himself or by the kiosk manager through RCPP website .RCPP gives a monitory
benefit to the Kiosk & Kiosk manager also take the café Charge from users. I.e. Double Benefit to the
kiosk holder.

25/.P.per online test . I. 5. Minimum cost ie. Students got result after completing each & every test with correct answer . 4.B.S Mock Test-2015-16 & RCPP Cyber Kiosk • What is the benefit of students ? A lots of benefit to the user students . A number of test options are present . Latest question collections & same examination pattern . 6. 1. Large numbers of latest question collections Approx 25. Student can feel that they participating in Final online Examination . (Approx 50 Mock test for each Exam ) 3. Same online Examination Environments. 7. 2.0000 for IBPS Mains online exam .Test result with question & answer can mail to the students e-mail address also. . Students can got their rank also & marks of separate topic or section . Only Rs.


Log on to .rcppmail.

Click over IBPS Mock Test Series link .

Details About IBPS-Online Exam-2013 .

Mock Test Series List For PO examination 50 Mock Test series List. click over the test link for online examination. .

. click over the test link for online examination.Mock Test Series List For Clerk examination 50 Mock Test series List.

Duration -2.30 H For-Clerk Examination—200 questions .Duration -2.00 H .About Online exam Pattern For-PO Examination—250 questions .

S Registration-Mock Test Click over Registration Going on Link in rcpp website.P. .I. for Filling IBPS Online Mock Test Series Registration .B.

And enter the User Id Supply by your Nearest RCPP Study centre . .ABOUT MOCK TEST LOGIN Click over Demo Mock test Link.or enter coupon no.

Collect the ID & Password Coupon from your Nearest RCPP study Centre . . ABOUT MOCK TEST –User ID & Password Please Enter your User Id & Password .

Candidate’s Information Please Enter your Information before Mock Test starts. .

.MOCK TEST INSTRUCTION Please read Carefully the test instructions.

Mock Test Starts. Select the correct answer. .

.Mock Test Result Your Result …Print your Result & certificate.

Result & Your Answer See your answers. .

.Your Test Answer Print your answer. & Go to Home Page.

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After Filling online form cyber cafe manager receive a automated mail from RCPP Online Team . After completing registration process cyber café will Receive a WELCOM FRANCHISEE KIT by RCPP HO .P. B. I.S Mock Test-2015-16 & RCPP Cyber Kiosk • How can any cyber cafe became RCPP Cyber Kiosk? A.After Accepting the basic T&C and receiving the franchisee cost the process of registration will be completed . C.rcppmail. First of all desirous cyber cafe Visit RCPP website www. & registered his /her cyber cafe by using Online Cyber Kiosk Franchisee link.

)  Online Exam User Id Sticker ---100  Pumplet—500  Authorization Certificate ------2Pcs  Authorization Letter ------1  Demo CD----1 Pcs.S Mock Test-2015-16 & RCPP Cyber Kiosk ABOUT WELCOME FRANCHISEE KIT RCPP Cyber Kiosk Welcome Kit Contains following items .  I. I.  Flex Board –outdoor----1 (One Pcs.D Card of Kiosk Manager .P.)  Flex Board –indoor----1 (One Pcs.B.

I.S Mock Test-2015-16 & RCPP Cyber Kiosk ABOUT FRANCHISEE COST RCPP Cyber Kiosk FRANCHISEE COST IS @1000/.ONLY (One Thousand only) Duration: Life Time no renewal charges .B. B.K Prajapati ) . Helpline No:+919905573909 (Mr.P.