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S Online Mock Test Series
Presented by R.C.P.P.

I.B.P.S Mock Test-2015-16
& RCPP Cyber Kiosk
• About RCPP Cyber Kiosk ?
RCPP Cyber Kiosk is an authorized online Mock Test Series centre for IBPS & others online Examination

• How does it works ?
RCPP provides the user Id & password to the online registered students .Students can use this Id &
password for taking online mock Test Series of Banking (IBPS) others online examination .

• What is the benefit of Kiosk Partner?
RCPP Kiosk Partner has authority to conducting Mock Test Series in his/her Cyber Café . Students can
enroll himself or by the kiosk manager through RCPP website .RCPP gives a monitory
benefit to the Kiosk & Kiosk manager also take the café Charge from users. I.e. Double Benefit to the
kiosk holder.

2. Only Rs. (Approx 50 Mock test for each Exam ) 3. 7. 5. 1. A number of test options are present . 25/.per online test . Same online Examination Environments.Test result with question & answer can mail to the students e-mail address also. Minimum cost ie.B. .0000 for IBPS Mains online exam .P. I. Student can feel that they participating in Final online Examination . Students got result after completing each & every test with correct answer . Students can got their rank also & marks of separate topic or section . Large numbers of latest question collections Approx 25. 6.S Mock Test-2015-16 & RCPP Cyber Kiosk • What is the benefit of students ? A lots of benefit to the user students . 4. Latest question collections & same examination pattern .


org .Log on to www.rcppmail.

Click over IBPS Mock Test Series link .

Details About IBPS-Online Exam-2013 .

Mock Test Series List For PO examination 50 Mock Test series List. click over the test link for online examination. .

Mock Test Series List For Clerk examination 50 Mock Test series List. . click over the test link for online examination.

Duration -2.Duration -2.00 H .About Online exam Pattern For-PO Examination—250 questions .30 H For-Clerk Examination—200 questions .

B. for Filling IBPS Online Mock Test Series Registration .I.P.S Registration-Mock Test Click over Registration Going on Link in rcpp website. .

or enter coupon no. .ABOUT MOCK TEST LOGIN Click over Demo Mock test Link. And enter the User Id Supply by your Nearest RCPP Study centre .

.Collect the ID & Password Coupon from your Nearest RCPP study Centre . ABOUT MOCK TEST –User ID & Password Please Enter your User Id & Password .

.Candidate’s Information Please Enter your Information before Mock Test starts.

MOCK TEST INSTRUCTION Please read Carefully the test instructions. .

Select the correct answer. . Mock Test Starts.

Mock Test Result Your Result …Print your Result & certificate. .

Result & Your Answer See your answers. .

& Go to Home Page. .Your Test Answer Print your answer.

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P. After completing registration process cyber café will Receive a WELCOM FRANCHISEE KIT by RCPP HO .org & registered his /her cyber cafe by using Online Cyber Kiosk Franchisee link. C. I. B.S Mock Test-2015-16 & RCPP Cyber Kiosk • How can any cyber cafe became RCPP Cyber Kiosk? A. First of all desirous cyber cafe Visit RCPP website www. After Filling online form cyber cafe manager receive a automated mail from RCPP Online Team . .rcppmail.After Accepting the basic T&C and receiving the franchisee cost the process of registration will be completed .B.

)  Flex Board –indoor----1 (One Pcs.D Card of Kiosk Manager .B.  I.  Flex Board –outdoor----1 (One Pcs.)  Online Exam User Id Sticker ---100  Pumplet—500  Authorization Certificate ------2Pcs  Authorization Letter ------1  Demo CD----1 Pcs. I.S Mock Test-2015-16 & RCPP Cyber Kiosk ABOUT WELCOME FRANCHISEE KIT RCPP Cyber Kiosk Welcome Kit Contains following items .P.

P.I. Helpline No:+919905573909 (Mr.S Mock Test-2015-16 & RCPP Cyber Kiosk ABOUT FRANCHISEE COST RCPP Cyber Kiosk FRANCHISEE COST IS @1000/. B.B.ONLY (One Thousand only) Duration: Life Time no renewal charges .K Prajapati ) .