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Service Description: Advanced Services – Fixed Price

Cisco WLAN Assessment Service (ASF-CORE-WLAN-WLNA)
This document describes Advanced Services Fixed Price: and client security posture of the existing wireless
Cisco WLAN Assessment Service. infrastructure, providing recommendations for configuration
changes with respect to best practices for Cisco Unified
Related Documents: This document should be read in Wireless LAN Network (“Services”).
conjunction with the following documents also posted
at : (1) Glossary of Services provide an assessment for up to ten (10) Wireless
Terms; (2) List of Services Not Covered. All capitalized terms LAN controllers which are of the same mobility group.
in this description have the meaning ascribed to them in the
Glossary of Terms. Services do not support Cisco IOS based controllers.

Direct Sale from Cisco. If you have purchased these Deliverables
Services directly from Cisco for your own internal use, this
document is incorporated into your Master Services Wireless LAN Network Assessment Report
Agreement, Advanced Services Agreement, or other services
agreement covering the purchase of Advanced Services- Location of Services
based services with Cisco ("Master Agreement") If no such
Master Agreement exists, then this Service Description will be Services are delivered remotely to Customer.
governed by the terms and conditions set forth in the Terms &
Conditions Agreement posted Cisco WLAN Assessment Service
at If you
have purchased these Services directly from Cisco for resale Cisco Responsibilities
purposes, this document is incorporated into your System
Integrator Agreement or other services agreement covering the • Conduct one (1) project kickoff conference call to discuss
resale of Advanced Services (“Master Resale Agreement”). If the Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Network
the Master Resale Agreement does not contain the terms for Assessment goals, process, network environment and
the Purchase and Resale of Cisco Advanced Services or requirements.
equivalent terms and conditions, then this Service Description • Provide the Wireless LAN Network Assessment
will be governed by the terms and conditions of the Master questionnaire to be completed by Customer.
Resale Agreement and those terms and conditions set forth in • Collect technical documentation, network diagrams
the SOW Resale Terms & Conditions Agreement posted at: topologies, and network device configurations from For Customer.
purposes of the SOW Resale Terms and Conditions this • Collect information from the existing wireless LAN
Service Description shall be deemed as a Statement of Work infrastructure using Cisco Wireless LAN Network
(“SOW”). In the event of a conflict between this Service Assessment tools and techniques.
Description and the Master Agreement or equivalent services • Install (remotely) the Cisco data collector (Data Collection
exhibit or agreement, this Service Description shall govern. Tool) to gather and validate information about the
Customer’s network including architecture, topologies,
Sale via Cisco Authorized Reseller. If you have purchased usage requirements, design goals, and security policy.
these Services through a Cisco Authorized Reseller, this
• Perform a remote Wireless LAN Network Assessment on
document is for description purposes only; is not a contract
up to ten (10) Wireless LAN Controllers located within a
between you and Cisco. The contract, if any, governing the
single site to include assessment of the architecture,
provision of this Service will be the one between you and your
performance, operational status, and infrastructure and
Cisco Authorized Reseller. Your Cisco Authorized Reseller
client security posture of the existing wireless
should provide this document to you, or you can obtain a copy
infrastructure focusing on the following areas:
of this and other Cisco service descriptions at
o review wireless infrastructure device configurations
based on Cisco leading practice recommendations;
o analyze the security vulnerabilities of the Wireless
Cisco WLAN Assessment Service
LAN infrastructure;
o identify potential radio frequency (RF) coverage,
Service Summary interference or contention issues based on
information collected from the Cisco WLAN
The Cisco WLAN Assessment Service assesses the controllers;
architecture, performance, operational status, infrastructure
Controlled Doc. #EDM-112297253 Ver: 4.0Last Modified:7/29/2016 4:09:14 PM CISCO PUBLIC

Assessment Report. • Attend project kickoff conference call to discuss the • Customer acknowledges that completion of Services is Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Network dependent upon Cisco’s use of a Data Collection Tool. Invoicing and Completion • Make the network available for installation of the Cisco Data Collection Tool including providing: a secure area Invoicing with limited physical access. upon the earlier of: (i) completion of Completion of Services Services. current environment. as instructed by Cisco. requirements) provided by Customer is o validate the consistency in configuration among assumed to be up-to-date and valid for the Customer’s controllers which are part of the same mobility group. #EDM-112297253 Ver: 4. • Identify Customer’s personnel and define their roles in the o any recommendations for changing network participation of the Services. topologies. secure installation behind the Customer’s firewall. for redundancy. network diagrams topologies. and network device configurations within five (5) Business Days after project kickoff conference call. acknowledgement of Cisco’s completion of the • Review with Cisco the Wireless LAN Network Assessment Services. process. • Provide a single point of contract for communication and • Customer expressly understands and agrees that the follow-up. access to all devices on the network.doc . Assessment goals. • Return immediately Data Collection Tool to Cisco. or (ii) Cisco’s request to Customer that the Data Collection Tool(s) be returned to Cisco.0Last Modified:7/29/2016 4:09:14 PM CISCO PUBLIC Cisco_WLAN_Assessment. the Services herein. Controlled Doc. • Provide technical documentation. interviews. Services shall take place and complete within ninety (90) • Complete the Wireless LAN Network Assessment calendar days from issuing a Purchase Order to Cisco for questionnaire and submit to Cisco for analysis. Cisco will provide written notification upon completion of the • Make any required modifications to firewall rules and/or Services to Customer. the Services or to provide reasons for rejection of the Services within the five (5) Business Day period signifies Customer’s acceptance of completion of the Services in accordance with General Customer Responsibilities this Service Description. against industry and Cisco leading practices. • Ensure Customer’s personnel are available to participate during the course of the Services to provide information Customer Responsibilities and to participate in scheduled information gathering sessions. Page 2 of 1 o assess the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller deployment • All information (such as but not limited to: designs. • Customer acknowledges that the completion of Services is o assessment findings. Customer’s failure to acknowledge completion of Report. advice. Services will be invoiced upon completion of the Services. meetings and conference calls. assistance and guidance only. The Customer shall within five (5) access-lists required to enable Cisco Data Collection Tool Business Days of receipt of such notification provide written to access all devices on the network. o executive summary. Cisco Services are based upon • Develop a Wireless LAN Network Assessment Report to information provided to Cisco by Customer at the time of include: the Services. and network engineers. Such personnel may include configuration(s). network environment and • Support services provided by Cisco comprise technical requirements. but is not limited to: architecture design and planning • Review with Customer the Wireless LAN Network engineers. dependent upon Customer meeting its responsibilities as o comparison of the Customer’s wireless configuration indicated herein.