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Philippine Normal University Professional
Education Reviewer
By Mark Llego · Last Updated September 4, 2015 · — 56 Comments ·

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This part of the test is a thing that you should not take for granted! Come and review with us! It’s for free! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 Answered Review Which is the most obvious and familiar way of reporting variability? Range between highest and lowest scores Standard deviation Standard error of the mean Distribution of raw scores The failure of independent study with most Filipino students may be attributed to students’ unpreparedness for schooling being responsible learners high degree of independence high degree of dependence on authority http://www.teacherph. Join the Facebook Community ­ Free! Taking the LET? You need our help! Try our free online reviewer! Many test takers usually pass the major and the general education but fail in professional education.1/4/2016 PNU LET Professional Education Reviewer Facebook® Account Sign Up Connect With Your Friends Online.com/philippine­normal­university­professional­education­reviewer/ 2/8 .

parents. makahalaman. If this tendency goes way beyond the reasonable level. makatao. children could become dependent. makasarili. http://www. makatao. makakalikasan at maka-Diyos The wide acceptance of “bottom up” management style has influenced schools to practice which management practice? Exclusion of politicians from the pool of guest speakers during graduation exercises Prescription of what ought to be done from the Central Office Involvement of students. have a sense of autonomy.com/philippine­normal­university­professional­education­reviewer/ 3/8 . at maka-Diyos Makabayan. at maka-Diyos Makabayan. teachers and community in school planning Allowing schools to do what they think is best Most Filipino parents have the tendency to be overprotective about their children.teacherph. have a feeling of incompetence. makabansa. Makabayan. which test should Teacher Nicolle give? Standardized test Aptitude test Placement Diagnostic The Filipino learner envisioned by the Department of Education is one who is imbued with the desirable values of a person who is Makabayan. To further determine in which particular skill(s) her pupils are weak. at maka-Diyos. makakalikasan.1/4/2016 PNU LET Professional Education Reviewer Teacher Nicolle discovered that her pupils are weak in comprehension. makatao.

The right of a teacher to uphold his freedom to discuss lessons within his field of expertise without fear of being persecuted is Professional Growth Academic Freedom Right of Suffrage Freedom of Speech Which terms refers to a teacher helping a colleague grow professionally? Technology transfer Peer mentoring Facilitating Independent study Who among the teachers below performed a diagnostic assessment? Teacher Tess who asked questions when the discussion was going on to know who among her students understood what she was trying to stress. The closer you are to the base. the more indirect the learning experience become The closer you are to the base. Teacher Siena who gave a ten-item test to find out the specific lessons which the students failed to http://www. the more direct the learning experience becomes.1/4/2016 PNU LET Professional Education Reviewer become more passive than active. the more direct the learning experience becomes.teacherph.com/philippine­normal­university­professional­education­reviewer/ 4/8 . the more direct the learning experience becomes. Which statement applies CORRECTLY to Edgar Dale’s “Cone of Experience”? The farther you are from the base. Teacher Gilbert who gave a short quiz after discussing thoroughly the lesson to determine the outcome of instruction. The farther you are from the bottom.

gened. Dissemination of the . http://www. Reviewer NEXT About Mark Llego Founder.Professional DepEd Hiring Guidelines Loyalty Cash Award ." Like us on Facebook at TeacherPH. PAGE 2  Share 256  Tweet  Share 14 February 20.teacherph. TeacherPH and backyard chicken farmer.. Will trade social media tips for fresh organic eggs... reviewer LET .. 2015 Filed Under: Licensure Examination Tagged With: board exam. let..com/philippine­normal­university­professional­education­reviewer/ 5/8 . Teacher Michelle who administered a readiness test to the incoming grade one pupils. NQESH / Principal's Education Online for Teacher I .1/4/2016 PNU LET Professional Education Reviewer understand.. love the life you live. profed. Motto: "Live the life you love. I happily share my experiences traversing the wilds of social media. Examination Test 2015 .

.1/4/2016 PNU LET Professional Education Reviewer Paano pumasok sa Islam Magtanong tungkol sa Islam sa pamamagitan ng 1­on­1 chat LET’S BE FRIENDS!    Search the site . Ads by Google ► Exam Questions ► NCLEX Practice Test ► Teacher Training Courses RECENT POSTS 2016 International Mind Education Specialist Training of the International Youth Fellowship Philippines Conference on Breaking Barriers: The Inclusive Classroom of the Teacher’s Gallery (TTG) National Winners of the Search for Outstanding Barkada Kontra Droga (BKD) Program http://www.com/philippine­normal­university­professional­education­reviewer/ 6/8 ..teacherph.

DepEd Senior High School Registration Form & Preference Slip    Sample Letter of Intent – DepEd Senior High School Application DepEd LIS Important Advisory (October 12.Claimants of SY 2014-2015 of Samar recognizing that the real experts.com/philippine­normal­university­professional­education­reviewer/ 7/8 . 2015) RECENT COMMENTS Yan on Payo para sa mga single na bumabyahe http://www.teacherph. 2015) DepEd LIS Important Advisory (October 1. classroom teachers. are Division needed at the table of educational reform. Join 524 other subscribers Email Address SUBSCRIBE ABOUT RECENT TOPICS TeacherPH is dedicated to improving education by Multigrade Teacher.1/4/2016 PNU LET Professional Education Reviewer Implementers in Secondary Schools for School Year (SY) 2014-2015 Guidelines on the 2016 Foreign Language Skills Showcase Guidelines on the 2016 Sining Tanghalan SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG VIA EMAIL Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

com · Privacy Policy · Terms of Service · Donate · Advertise http://www.com/philippine­normal­university­professional­education­reviewer/ 8/8 .teacherph.1/4/2016 PNU LET Professional Education Reviewer Mathew on 2016 National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) Mark Llego on Sample Detailed Lesson Plan in English (Grade 7) Copyright © 2016 TeacherPH.