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OSA suite

Precise and assured synchronization
Mobile network operators are facing major challenges. As well as meeting stringent requirements for frequency
and phase synchronization, they also need innovative solutions to address the footprint, power consumption
and sky view limitations of new city environments. And they need to do all this while monitoring and assuring
sync accuracy.

Whether at the edge or core of the mobile backhaul network, deep in the radio access network, in utility distribution net-
works, or in defense communication networks, our portfolio of synchronization devices provides you with the ideal solution.
Complemented by our powerful synchronization network management system, configuration, management, monitoring
and assurance of your entire network synchronization infrastructure becomes a simple task. What’s more, our miniature
network synchronization solutions enable precise synchronization in the most space-restrictive environments, indoor and
outdoor, and even in deep urban canyons with no clear sky view.

Your benefits

oo Assured end-to-end solutions oo Syncjack™ technology
Our OSA portfolio has the unique capability of Built-in synchronization accuracy monitoring,
monitoring synchronization quality while operating testing and assurance functionality - enabling sync
in service monitoring while in service

oo Long and successful experience oo Operational simplicity
Oscilloquartz has been a pioneer in time and FSP Network and Sync Manager platform for
frequency synchronization since 1949 superior management and sync monitoring
oo Cutting edge technology
Revolutionary indoor built-in dual GNSS oo Compact and green design
receivers and antennas, enabling PRTC and IEEE Distribution of accurate timing with the smallest size
1588v2 grandmaster and power consumption on the market

with NTP server and GNSS receiver and multiple OSA 5420 Series sync fanout options for deployment at the radio access network © 12 / 2017 ADVA Optical Networking. enabling you to upgrade legacy systems with IEEE 1588v2 PTP and Syn- chronous Ethernet functionality PTP grandmaster and GNSS receiver with a OSA 5405-I revolutionary dual GNSS antenna to deliver accurate small cell synchronization without the OSA 5405-O need for a clear sky view.811/Stratum 1 PRC specifications. For any advanced application in telecommunication networks Modular. with full FCAPS support Professional sync services To identify existing and potential problems. secure and user-friendly management and surveillance of ADVA FSP and OSA networks. Two variants for indoor and outdoor installations Advanced synchronization management FSP Sync Manager platform for reliable. helping you take control of your synchronization OSA Sync Survey performance and make major savings For more information please visit us at www. exceeding ITU-T G. boundary and slave clock designed for deployment deep in the OSA 5401 radio access network. .advaoptical. testing and assurance devices.OSA suite at a glance Product Major features and applications Cesium primary reference clock (PRC) with an accuracy better than ±1 x 10-12 during its entire OSA 3230B lifetime. high-performance IEEE 1588v2 PTP core grandmaster providing ultimate scalability. Also ideal for deployment in legacy networks SFP-based PTP grandmaster. OSA 5335 with a carrier-class design and highest availability Family of IEEE 1588v2 PTP synchronization OSA 5410 Series distribution. Product specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation. All rights reserved.