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By icon, January 18 in The FE Exam
fe civil eit failed diagnostic california

icon Posted January 18 Report post 
Hi all,

I took the Civil FE for the first time last week and was pretty confident about it. I studied
only for about 3 weeks (during my winter break) about 5-6 hours a day. I created a solid
study plan and focused my time on my stronger subjects (Transpo, Hydraulics,
Geotech, Env, Mathematics, Ethics and Construction). I mainly used the videos from
Marshall University and my FE prep book (FE Civil Review - Michael Lindeburg) to brush
up on old subjects.
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I was also pretty familiar with the cheat sheet thats given on the test, I used it during
my studying and knew where everything was during the test. Since I'm a pretty fast test
taker, I finished my exam about an hour early and only guessed on about a total of 10-
15 questions for the entire exam. I was very shocked and disappointed when I got my
results back this morning and unfortunately did not pass. Attached is my diagnostic
and as you can see, I did poorly in majority of the subjects. I think my failure could be
due to the fact that I didn't do enough practice problems? Although I felt confident
about my knowledge. 1/4

1/27/2018 Failed the Civil FE .The FE Exam . But I'm not sure if there is a time constraint between my first exam and my retake. not sure why the number of questions is 100 and not 110. Also if any of you have any study tips/advice I would really appreciate it. work and studying for a huge exam like the FE. I am in the state of California so if any of you have any idea that would be really helpful! I know you can only take 3 exams during a 12 month period but not sure for the time between each tests.  Thank you!      MIPE Posted January 18 Report post  Intern Based on the report. I've looked everywhere online and can't seem to find a solid 2/4 . Any clue? Members  http://engineerboards.Engineer Boards I want to take the test ASAP since the semester will start to pick up again and you all know how difficult it is to manage engineering classes.

43 Location:Binghamton.80 17Construction 5 15 10.74 15Transportation Engineering 9 15 9.87 10Fluid Mechanics 5 15 7.7%   3.6262.0%   3.87 5Engineering Economics 5 15 8.  0 2 posts DLD Posted 6 hours ago Report post  Intern Hi Icon.37 4Ethics and Professional Practice4 15 7 0.87 7Dynamics 5 15 9. Any clue? Members I didn't notice that until now but I think those 10 questions were the pretest items that NCEES places to possibly use for future exams.3 3/4 .0%   5.5 0.4948.9 0. I am taking again in a few weeks. Members   0   Online               6 posts     QuestionsScale Score         Gender:Female 1Mathematics 8 15 8. I have lost the test before.3%   2.88 13Structural Design 7 15 7. not sure why the number of questions is 100 and not 110.8 0.6262.00 Discipline:Civil 3Computational Tools  4 15 8.0%   2.5 0.48 Systems 12Structural Analysis 6 15 7.0%   3. MIPE said:  Based on the report.5050.6968. NY 2Probability and Statistics 5 15 0 0.5656. I hope it will help.10 8Mechanical of materials 8 15 7.Engineer Boards 1 40 posts Discipline:Civil icon Posted January 18 Report post  Intern  On 1/18/2018 at 5:46 PM.43 http://engineerboards.5555.6363.3%   2.5555.3%   3.2 0.3 0.50 14Geotechnical Engineering 9 15 7.7%   1.3 0.5959.7%   4.3 0.0%   0.4848.5252.77 6Statics 7 15 8.5757.1/27/2018 Failed the Civil FE .58 16Environmental Engineering 6 15 9.3 0.5555.60 Hydraulics & Hydrologic 11 8 15 8.The FE Exam .4 0.4746. However I come up with a spreadsheet that helps me to improve the areas that need most of the work.9 0.000.3%   4.0%   2.3%   3.3%   2.7%   3.3 0.6 0.5352.89 9Materials 5 15 8.3 0.0%   4.

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