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1/27/2018 Failed FE Civil... any recommendations?

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By Domestos_WC, January 4 in The FE Exam
fe civil arrogant who failed looking for advice

Domestos_WC Posted January 4 Report post 
Hello everyone,

Just a quick introduction, I am a Structural Engineer from Canada (originally
from Europe). I have 6 years of experience in structural engineering only (never
done any civils). 

Members I moved to Canada 2 years ago from Europe, I have my education from Poland
(BSc) and England (MSc) and I used to work in several European countries
0 before I came here. I had my foreign education assessed by Association of
3 posts
Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) and they said
that I need to pass FE Civil exam in order to get my ticket in Canada. OK, I
thought and I booked my exam in exam centres in Canada... 1/5

zoom-in and zoom-out didn't work (e.  Now. hydraulics and fluid mechanics I had like 8 years ago and they didn't really bothered me since then.  I am thinking about taking on-demand courses at school of PE or at Testmasters... but at other disciplines differential equations were distinguished from calculus).com/topic/29905-failed-fe-civil-any-recommendations/ 2/5 .. I thought it would be pure structural analysis and design (that is how it looks like in the UK. I regularly solve complex structural engineering problems and back in the UK I was in special engineering projects team. things like math. I always thought that differential equations were not covered within the scope of FE Civil exam (it's not mentioned there. Below is my diagnostics and you can see that my performance was really poor. Lots of time wasting just trying to navigate through the FE reference book. Surveying was on of the parts that I had to guess due to lack of time. Furthermore. any recommendations? . if I tried to zoom-on on the equation on pg let's say 5 it would zoom-in but on page 4 or 6).Engineer Boards It didn't really bother me as I thought I was good at what I was doing (at least that is what other engineers say). I panicked. every time I tried to scroll it would bounce back.. I have my results (I knew and I wouldn't pass right away) and I know I need to prepare much more than my first attempt. I was offered to join a partnership in Canada (and I did) and my partners encouraged me to get a ticket. iStructE chartered engineers must pass structural exam). many questions covering different aspects of engineering but less complicated. Stop being an arrogant and prepare like for every other exam. Scrolling was f* up.   I didn't really know much about the FE exam.1/27/2018 Failed FE Civil. I spent 3h on the first part and 2h on the second part..The FE Exam . overall I spent about 30h on the exam. good people?     http://engineerboards. I do not have any in-class prep courses since I am in Canada and this test is mostly US. solving irregular structural analysis and design issues. Any thoughts. I have my lesson. I realized I have had not enough time to pass. and obviously I run out of time on the second part so I had to quickly guess around 15-20 questions. I was wrong.. even though it's a scope of calculus. I didn't get any preparation on environmental engineering (environmental engineering is separated from civils degree in Europe) etc. I had 3 questions on differential equations :))  On the exam day I found the entire on-screen FE Reference book completely disappointing (I went through it before the exam and I purchased a hard copy so I knew what was there).g. Then I realized that the entire exam was more complex.

I have a spreadsheet that helps me see my percentages on the areas.Engineer Boards Domestos_WC Posted January 4 Report post  Intern any thoughts on ppi2? I watched SOPE. I been taking on demand videos on PPI and I like the packet they offer with quizzes and other things.Domestos WC    3/5 . TESTMASTERS AND PPI2 and ppi2 seems the best for what I need (I would like to focus more on exam questions and they offer about 1000 FE-like questions)... Here is yours  Members   Online .The FE Exam . I am taking it in few weeks and I will let you.1/27/2018 Failed FE Civil.  Members 0 3 posts DLD Posted 6 hours ago Report post  Intern Hi. I have lost the test several times in the pass very close to your results. and the questions on the exam were much more simple so I am looking for smth like that. any recommendations? . I feel like during my prep with Lindberg's FE review manual I did more complex questions. However.

93 Book1a.3%   2.0%   8.7%   2.0%   3. NY 3Computational Tools  4 15 7.23 6Statics 7 15 9 60.22 16Environmental Engineering 6 15 5.4 69.37 Gender:Female Location:Binghamton.7 58.1 47.86 15Transportation Engineering 9 15 8.0%   1.3%   3.1 54.0%   0.7%   3.1/27/2018 Failed FE Civil.3%   5.3 28.13 14Geotechnical Engineering 9 15 8.0%   5.0%   3. easy! Sign In Now Register a new account  Sign in with Facebook  Sign in with LinkedIn  http://engineerboards..16 13Structural Design 7 15 11 73.9 66.24 17Construction 5 15 9 60.5 43.00 9Materials 5 15 7.20 7Dynamics 5 15 4/5 .3%   2.30 8Mechanical of materials 8 15 15 100..2 48.1 40.7 64.29 Systems 12Structural Analysis 6 15 10.50 10Fluid Mechanics 5 15 6.0%   4.0%   4.7%   2.92 Discipline:Civil Ethics and Professional 4 4 15 15 100.0%   2.00 18Surveying 4 15 0 0. It's Already have an account? Sign in here.03 Hydraulics & Hydrologic 11 8 15 4.47 6 posts 2Probability and Statistics 5 15 7.3%   4.xlsx Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign in Sign up for a new account in our community.00     110      56%   61.00 Practice 5Engineering Economics 5 15 9.5 50.The FE Exam .6 37.Engineer Boards     QuestionsScale Score       0 1Mathematics 8 15 6.0%   4. any recommendations? .

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