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1/27/2018 Failed FE Civil... any recommendations?

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By Domestos_WC, January 4 in The FE Exam
fe civil arrogant who failed looking for advice

Domestos_WC Posted January 4 Report post 
Hello everyone,

Just a quick introduction, I am a Structural Engineer from Canada (originally
from Europe). I have 6 years of experience in structural engineering only (never
done any civils). 

Members I moved to Canada 2 years ago from Europe, I have my education from Poland
(BSc) and England (MSc) and I used to work in several European countries
0 before I came here. I had my foreign education assessed by Association of
3 posts
Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) and they said
that I need to pass FE Civil exam in order to get my ticket in Canada. OK, I
thought and I booked my exam in exam centres in Canada... 1/5

every time I tried to scroll it would bounce back. Below is my diagnostics and you can see that my performance was really poor. I spent 3h on the first part and 2h on the second part.. I had 3 questions on differential equations :))  On the exam day I found the entire on-screen FE Reference book completely disappointing (I went through it before the exam and I purchased a hard copy so I knew what was there). Lots of time wasting just trying to navigate through the FE reference book.g. Then I realized that the entire exam was more complex. I always thought that differential equations were not covered within the scope of FE Civil exam (it's not mentioned there. even though it's a scope of calculus. but at other disciplines differential equations were distinguished from calculus). I have my results (I knew and I wouldn't pass right away) and I know I need to prepare much more than my first attempt. hydraulics and fluid mechanics I had like 8 years ago and they didn't really bothered me since then. many questions covering different aspects of engineering but less complicated.. any recommendations? . I regularly solve complex structural engineering problems and back in the UK I was in special engineering projects team.Engineer Boards It didn't really bother me as I thought I was good at what I was doing (at least that is what other engineers say).. Surveying was on of the parts that I had to guess due to lack of time. I was offered to join a partnership in Canada (and I did) and my partners encouraged me to get a ticket. I thought it would be pure structural analysis and design (that is how it looks like in the UK.The FE Exam . good people?     http://engineerboards. I didn't get any preparation on environmental engineering (environmental engineering is separated from civils degree in Europe) etc. Any thoughts. I have my lesson.   I didn't really know much about the FE exam. things like math. I do not have any in-class prep courses since I am in Canada and this test is mostly US. I panicked. Scrolling was f* up. Furthermore. I was wrong. and obviously I run out of time on the second part so I had to quickly guess around 15-20 questions. overall I spent about 30h on the exam. iStructE chartered engineers must pass structural exam). I realized I have had not enough time to pass.  Now.. if I tried to zoom-on on the equation on pg let's say 5 it would zoom-in but on page 4 or 6).1/27/2018 Failed FE Civil. zoom-in and zoom-out didn't work (e. Stop being an arrogant and prepare like for every other exam. solving irregular structural analysis and design 2/5 .  I am thinking about taking on-demand courses at school of PE or at Testmasters.

com/topic/29905-failed-fe-civil-any-recommendations/ 3/5 .  Members 0 3 posts DLD Posted 6 hours ago Report post  Intern Hi... I feel like during my prep with Lindberg's FE review manual I did more complex questions. Here is yours  Members   Online . I have lost the test several times in the pass very close to your results.The FE Exam .Domestos WC             http://engineerboards. I have a spreadsheet that helps me see my percentages on the areas. TESTMASTERS AND PPI2 and ppi2 seems the best for what I need (I would like to focus more on exam questions and they offer about 1000 FE-like questions). However. any recommendations? . and the questions on the exam were much more simple so I am looking for smth like that.1/27/2018 Failed FE Civil. I am taking it in few weeks and I will let you. I been taking on demand videos on PPI and I like the packet they offer with quizzes and other things.Engineer Boards Domestos_WC Posted January 4 Report post  Intern any thoughts on ppi2? I watched SOPE.

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