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Batch 2015-17

Subject: - Service Marketing Management

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Dr. Giribala Dewasthale
Keshav Ajmera 02
Ayush khandelwal 15

. Chetan Narkhede 24
Abhijeet Paul 26
Virendra Walimbe 38
Vishal Mishra 99
Divya Shroff

Sector: Retail Industry Organisation name: Crossword Bookstore Ltd. Plot no 207.411001 Maharashtra . F-11. Stationery and Toys. Music.  More than 50 stores across India  Widest book range for young. First Floor.Aundh. old and children. ITI Road .-Fi Music Pencils Novels Educational Colours Biographies Games Notebooks & pads Intellectual And Toys Bestsellers Branch Visited:  Phoenix Market city.  10 stores in Pune Products Educational DVDs Stationeries Spiritual Movie Pens Sci.  Magazines. Viman Nagar Nagar Road Pune . About Company  Wholly owned subsidiary Company of Shopper’s Stop Ltd.  More than 3 Lakh Loyal Customers. CD-ROMs. Pune .411014 Maharashtra  Ozone. 1A & 1B.

Families. ITI Road .  Hourly & monthly membership The membership card is provided to the customer who are willing to read the books in the store itself. 1st Floor. IT professionals. Location Target Customer Head office: Sohrab Hall.Aundh.411001.  Customer Retention  Customer Loyalty (via. students. Pune . Aundh. Families & Management Next to Bonsai. E . Service Enhancement that can be started by Crossword Bookstore Ltd. Ganesh Khind. Families and Foreigners staying in Pune – 411014. Families and Foreigners visiting Junction of RBM-Cannaught Road. Families & McDonald Crowd. Students. (Behind Pune from outside cities.  Cafeteria with reading space Toys section and playing area is replaced by Cafeteria and reading space. Students. Premier Plaza. Value to Organization  The main motive of service enhancement is to create new readers base and to generate revenue from the books on rental basis. Kalyani Nagar.Square University Road.Pune 411016. since station is Pune Railway Station). Pune . Multiplex Crowd. Maharashtra Students (Maximum).411001 Company Employees of Trade Tower. Kalyani Nagar and nearby area Supreme Centre. Ground Floor. ITI Road. Membership Card) Value to Customer . Pune . Students.411001. nearby Ozone. Pune . Chinchwad .411007. Gold Adlabs Multiplex. Koregaon Park. next to Mc Donald.

 Availability of employee for cafeteria and front end work.  The readers are provided with some beverages with a bit of snacks.  Proper knowledge should be given to the customers about their membership card services and hourly coupons.  Proper knowledge of every book shelf and other stuffs available in the bookstore for the customers. .  Delightful ambience What organization need to do for this service implementation  Atmosphere according to the customers need (soft skilled employees).  An opportunity for book readers to read books in the store at low cost rather than buying expensive one.

Blueprint of new service added Backstage Process: .

 Back stage process will come in to play when the customers visits the bookstore for buying the book.  Also the ambience of the store should be calm and the details of the book chart should be easily understood.  Delivery of service.  Maintain the existing customers by giving them satisfactory offers .  Maintaining the records of issued and retuned books. delightful ambience and satisfied customers. .  Make sure he will enjoy the service of cafeteria while reading the book.  Informing them about the new implementation of service with cafeteria and new schemes for book lovers. new arrivals and information about new authors. Physical Evidence and Service Scape:  Physical Evidence and Service scape elements in this new service would be. the way employee carry himself in his/her uniform with id card.  Make sure that employee will take book according to his/her interest without any inconvenience.  Maintain the customer relations with the new customers by giving them delightful service. Support Process:  Records update of employee available. hygiene maintained.  There should be a new display of best seller.

(membershipcards. Also the way in which waste is disposed after the service for example Compensation for unsatisfactory services. (Inventory management. Order taking: Organization should be fast in checking the availability of employee and conforming the booking my message alert and follow up call. small cafeteria. .It can the way SOP of each service procedure. genere segregation). Care taking/Safekeeping:-Baggage counter. suggestions. book list. stand up cards). (Suggestions.Core:-Book selling. Hospitality:-The way employee greet the customer and behave when customer enter in the store(Reading space. book reservation). membership packages. Consultation:-This is additional customized information provided to the potential customers by the service provider. current discounts/offers. Information:-A marketer needs to provide adequate information to his employees and his customers. Exceptions:-Exceptional service means service over and above customer’s expectations. soft skill front line employees). This information is general information provided through various communication channels. complaints.

 Employee not greeting properly because of bad mood. that’s why company is unable to sell their books with profit. 4] Failure due to organization  Late accepting the request of appointment.  When the company is giving monthly/hourly subscription to the readers. if discount given to the customer and is there any error from organization side. online billing. message billing. Service Recovery Process  Apologize or Acknowledge . Payment:-If the payment is done online the customer should receive immediate message for receiving the paymentcard billing.  Feedback from customer  Complaint handling procedure where customer can mail or call the organization also staff recovering the gap. novels.apps. cash.  To check .  Forget to inform customer about their validity period of membership card. BHIM Possible Service Failures and Service Recovery 1] Core service failures  Customers are coming and reading the books there for free of cost.. login account) 3] Failure Due to Employee Actions  Employee finds difficulty in searching books due to lack of knowledge about every shelf. Service Recovery  Most importantly helping the customer to take or finding out the book of his/her choice. product and others. they should also have enough accessibility of it (via.  Assurance of availability of resources like employee. 2] Customer Preferences and Errors  When a customer is going towards reading area there should be enough seats available for him/her according to his requirements.Billing:-Mail billing.  Organization is not in position to deliver the service because of non-availability of resources such as books.  Employee forgets to bring said book by the customer because of extra work or workload.

Empathise& Ask open questions  Offer a fair to fix to the problem  Offer some value added atonement for the Inconvenience or Injury  Keep your Promises  Follow up Guidelines to Handle Complaints  Act Quickly  Admit Mistakes. But don’t be defensive  Show that you understand the Customers point of View  Don’t Argue  Acknowledge the Feeling  Give the customers Benefit of Doubt  Clarify the Steps needed to solve  Keep the customers informed of Process  Consider Compensation  Preserve to regain customer goodwill .  Listen.

Quality measurement Customers don’t assess the quality of service on one dimension only.  The customer must develop a feeling that they can depend on that particular service provider for their queries. The service quality is pooled into five dimensions likely It is basically the five parts of the stars RELIABILITY ASSURANCE TANGIBILITY EMPATHY RESPONSIVENESS RELIABILITY  Reliability means the ability to perform the promised service dependable and accurately which means if they are providing the cafeteria for the customers. where they can read their favorite books and novels with enjoying their favorite taste of coffee. . they use multiple parameters to judge the quality of the service that they are being offered .

.  Standardize Service Delivery Mechanism  Fix Reasonable rates of the coffee and hourly rate book reading for the customers.  Service Information needs of customers like SOP for each procedure.  Resolve problems quickly and talk pleasantly as mention above about complaint handling.  which means the organization till now is having customers who visits scrossword because of quality of service if now the organization is adding this new service of cafeteria the experience and quality of service should be more attractive. courtesy and the accuracy of employees and their ability to develop trust and confidence among their customers that they would be provided with the best of services. ASSURANCE  Assurance is the knowledge. The things that a person can touch or see. RESPONSIVENESS  Responsiveness is the willingness to help the customer and provide him with immediate and fast service which means conformation of appointment. equipments. EMPATHY  Empathy is the ability to provide caring and if possible individualized attention to the customer the way in which employee interact with others. Effective Customer Service Programme  Place Right Person for the Right Job like employee which are ready for such field visit are only hired  Conduct Training Programme because there is difference in delivering the service in store and online services. personnel and communication materials. TANGIBLITY  Tangibles are appearances of physical facilities.

local television advertisements. Promotions: The new service should be promoted to existing as well as new customer so as to increase the customer base.  Pamphlets nearby area and other places where crossword is not established that is at far off areas and colleges.Pricing and Promotion Pricing: This is one of the trickiestthings as among all the competitors (E-book. local Radio channel as it can reach at far off places and is cheap too.  Through social networking siteslike on their Facebook page and on its own site.  Make them an offer : Give attractive discount till the people giving huge discounts on buying expensive books. employees and other facilities are already  Variable operating cost will be low too as only customer place visit and regular update cost will be there. Cost-Based Pricing  Fixed cost will be low only enhancement and implementation cost will be there as infrastructure. Kindle. Following are some ways in which organization can carry out its promotion of new service  Newspapers. Roadside bookstores) installation of new service like cafeteria for the welfare of the customers. we have to enhance the prices also. .  Word of Mouth: Get your customers to spread the word.

Services which are provided by the organization should be specific.  Tangible poka yoke- 1. Time to time reminders through mails and messages. 2. 4. Availability of books.  Encounter poka-yoke: 1.  Resolution of poka yoke: 1. Service facility – mainataining the customer base in a systematic manner.  From customer:  Preparation of poka yoke- 1. Need recognition of the customers. . Time to time reminders.Poka yoke: There are 2 types of service poka yoke:  Service provider  Customer  From service provider:  Task of poka yoke – 1. Allotment of membership 3. Information about the new arrivals of any books or services should be communicated to the customers. Short and quick feedbacks. 2. Tangible poka yoke maintaining the crossword café properly and fulfill the promising factors in one or the other way. 2. Reservation or booking in crossword office. Space management 2.  Treatment of poka yoke – 1.

Suggested Service Layout .