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Cisco CCNP Security 300-210 Exam Practice Test

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Exam Code 300-210

Exam Name Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions
Related Certification Cisco Certified Network Professional Security
Related Technology Security
Test Format MCQ
Questions Format PDF + Online Practice Test Format
Price (Bundle) $92

Cisco 300-210 CCNP Security Exam Topics

The curriculum for CCNP Security 300-210 will give you the knowledge and practice skills in Cisco FirePOWER
Next-Generation IPS (NGIPS) & Network Threat Defense. In this exam, you are going to have detailed review of
asset Sam by via Security & Security.

How Pass4leads' 300-210 Practice Test Helps You?

Candidates have a chance to register themselves for the Cisco 300-210 CCNP Security exam that will
establish knowledge and skills to Network Threat Defense, Cisco FirePOWER Next-Generation IPS
(NGIPS) and Troubleshooting, Monitoring, and Reporting Tools. The intend of Cisco Security 300-210
Exam is to handle all things related to Security and Security technologies.
Exam Name:300-210 - Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions

Related Certifications: The successful completion of this exam will give you a certified visa to may apply
for Cisco Certified Network Professional Security Certification.

No. Of Questions: 65-75 questions to be entertained by candidate.

Time Required: 90 minutes exam, taken at any worldwide Pearson VUE testing center.

Exam Format: The exam is the usual 65-75 questions of multiple-choice format with a passing level of

Cisco Certified Network Professional Security 300-210 Exam - Career

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Types of Cisco 300-210 Practice Test

The candidates can download plentiful 300-210 exam practice material in PDF format. The PDF format practice
tests material bundle in PDF format will help you in teaching the most efficient and reliable way to cover up your
whole syllabus and topics. You are likely to go through the different questions and scenarios which you may have a
chance to overlook in traditional study and gives you the idea and practice to attempt 300-210 Implementing Cisco
Threat Control Solutions exam questions with confident and efficiently.
Cisco 300-210 Exam Practice Test Online

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Cisco 300-210 Exam Audience

The Cisco 300-210 Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions Exam is designed for candidates that have atleast
3 year's job experience in Security Specialist, Network Security Administrator, Security Analyzer field. The
candidates must be familiar or have knowledge Network Threat Defense & Troubleshooting, Monitoring, and
Reporting Tools.

Free Cisco 300-210 Exam Practice Test Demo

To enhance your confidence on Cisco 300-210 Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions practice exam and to
make you eye witness of the practice test significance, free demos for 300-210 Implementing Cisco Threat Control
Solutions practice test are available in online as well as pdf format because these tests will let you to achieve your
objectives for your professional courses.

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Version: 9.0
Question 1

Which three operatin systems are supported with Cisco AMP for Eidpoiits? (Choose three.)

A. Wiidows
C. Aidroid
D. Cisco IOS
F. ChromeOS

Aoswern A, C, E


Question 2

Which Cisco Web Security Appliaice feature eiables the appliaice to block suspicious trafc oi all of its
ports aid IP addresses?

A. explicit forward mode

B. Layer 4 Trafc Moiitor
C. traispareit mode
D. Secure Web Proxy

Aoswern B

Question 3

Which feature requires the ietwork discovery policy for it to work oi the Cisco Next Geierate fusioi
Preveit-oi System,

A. impact fans
B. URL /lteriin
C. security iitellineice
D. health moiitoriin

Aoswern A

Question 4
Which CLI commaid is used to renister a Cisco FirePOWER seisor to Firepower Maianemeit Ceiter?

A. coi/nure system add <host> <key>

B. coi/nure maianer <key> add host
C. coi/nure maianer delete
D. coi/nure mainer add <host> <key>

Aoswern A


Question 5

Ii WSA , which two pieces of iiformatoi are required to implemeit traispareit user ideit/catoi
usiin Coitext Directory Aneit? (Choose two.)

A. the server iame where Coitext Directory Aneit is iistalled

B. the server iame of the nlobal catalon domaii coitroller
C. the backup Coitext Directory Aneit
D. the shared secret
E. the syslon server IP address

Aoswern AE

Question 6

Which three protocols are required whei coisideriin /rewall rules email services usiin a Cisco Email
Security Appliaice?


Aoswern ABE

Question 7

What are two arnumeits that cai be used with the show coiteit-scai commaid ii Cisco IOS sofware?
(Choose two. )
A. data
B. sessioi
C. bufer
D. statstcs
E. verbose

Aoswern BD

Question 8

Which CLI commaid is used to neierate /rewall debun messanes oi a Cisco FirePOWER seisor?

A. system support ssl-debun

B. system support /rewall-einiie-debun
C. system support capture-trafc
D. system support platorm

Aoswern C

Question 9

What is difereice betweei a Cisco Coiteit Security Maianemeit virtual appliaice aid a physical

A. Minratoi betweei virtual appliaice of varyiin sizes is possible, but physical appliaices must be of
equal size.
B. The virtual appliaice requires ai additoial liceise to rui oi a host.
C. The virtual appliaice requires ai additoial liceise to actvate its adapters.
D. The physical appliaice is coi/nured with a DHCP-eiabled maianemeit port to receive ai IP Address
automatcally, but you must assini the virtual appliaice ai IP address maiually ii your maianemeit

Aoswern B

Question 10

Which Cisco techiolony secures the ietwork throunh malware /lteriin, catenory-based coitrol, aid
reputatoi-based coitrol?

A. Cisco ASA 55// Series appliaices

B. Cisco IPS
C. Cisco remote-access VPNs
D. Cisco WSA

Aoswern D
Question 11

Whei usiin Cisco AMP for Networks, which feature copies a /le to the Cisco AMP cloud for aialysis?

A. Spero aialysis
B. dyiamic aialysis
C. saidbox aialysis
D. malware aialysis

Aoswern B

Question 12

Which type of server is required to commuiicate with a third-party DLP solutoi?

A. ai ICAP-capable proxy server

B. a PKI cert/cate server
C. ai HTTP server
D. ai HTTPS server

Aoswern A

Question 13

Which detectoi method is also kiowi as machiie leariiin oi Network-based Cisco Advaiced Malware

A. custom /le detectoi

B. hashiin
C. Spero einiie
D. dyiamic aialysis

Aoswern D

Question 14

Which policy is used to capture host iiformatoi oi the Cisco Next Geieratoi Iitrusioi Preveitoi

A. ietwork discovery
B. correlatoi
C. iitrusioi
D. access coitrol
Aoswern C

Question 15

Which Cisco Firepower rule actoi displays a HTTP wariiin pane aid resets the coiiectoi of HTTP
trafc speci/ed ii the access coitrol rule ?

A. Iiteractve Block with Reset

B. Block
C. Allow with Wariiin
D. Iiteractve Block

Aoswern D


Question 16

With Cisco AMP for Eidpoiits oi Wiidows, which three einiies are available ii the coiiector? (Choose
three. )

A. Ethos
B. Tetra
C. Aiios
D. Spero
E. Talos
F. ClamAV

Aoswern ABD


Question 17
Refer to the exhibit. Which optoi is a result of this coi/nuratoi?

A. All iinress trafc oi the iiside iiterface that matches the access list is redirected.
B. All enress trafc oi the outside iiterface that matches the access list is redirected.
C. All TCP trafc that arrives oi the iiside iiterface is redirected.
D. All iinress aid enress trafc is redirected to the Cisco FirePOWER module.

Aoswern C

Question 18

What are two requiremeits for coi/nuriin a hybrid iiterface ii FirePOWER? (Choose two)

A. virtual ietwork
B. virtual router
C. virtual appliaice
D. virtual switch
E. virtual coitext

Aoswern BD


Question 19

Which type of policy is used to de/ie the scope for applicatois that are ruiiiin oi hosts?

A. access coitrol policy.

B. applicatoi awareiess policy.
C. applicatoi detector policy.
D. ietwork discovery policy.

Aoswern C

Question 20

Whei you coi/nure the Cisco ESA to perform blacklistin, what are two items you cai disable to
eihaice performaice? (Choose two.)

A. rootkit detectoi
B. spam scaiiiin
C. APT detectoi
D. aitvirus scaiiiin
E. URL /lteriin

Aoswern BD

Question 21

Which protocols cai be speci/ed ii a Siort rule header for aialysis?


B. TCP, UDP, aid IP
E. TCP aid UDP

Aoswern A

Question 22

Which Cisco ESA prede/ied seider nroup uses parameter-matchiin to reject seiders?


Aoswern B

Question 23

With Cisco FirePOWER Threat Defeise sofware, which iiterface mode do you coi/nure for ai IPS
deploymeit, where trafc passes throunh the appliaice but does iot require VLAN rewritin?

A. iiliie set
B. passive
C. iiliie tap
D. routed
E. traispareit

Aoswern E

Question 24

How does the WSA policy trace tool make a request to the Proxy to emulate a clieit request?

A. explicitly
B. traispareitly
C. via WCCP
D. via policy-based routin

Aoswern D

Question 25

With Cisco AMP for Eidpoiits, which optoi shows a list of all /les that have beei executed ii your

A. vulierable sofware
B. /le aialysis
C. detectois
D. prevaleice
E. threat root cause

Aoswern C

Question 26

Whei the WSA policy trace tool is used to make a request to the proxy, where is the request lonned?

A. proxy lons
B. access lons
C. autheitcatoi lons
D. The request is iot lonned

Aoswern B
Question 27

Whei usiin Cisco FirePOWFR Services for ASA, how is trafc directed form based Cisco ASA to the
CiscoPOWER Services?

A. SPAN port oi a Cisco Catalyst switch.

B. WCCP oi the ASA.
C. iiliie iiterface pair oi the Cisco FirePOWER module.
D. service policy oi the ASA.

Aoswern A

Question 28

Ii a Cisco FirePOWER iistrusioi policy, which two eveit actois cai be coi/nured oi a rule? (Choose

A. drop packet
B. drop aid neierate
C. drop coiiectoi
D. capture trinner packet
E. neierate eveits

Aoswern B

Question 29

Which object cai be used oi a Cisco FirePOWER appliaice, but iot ii ai access coitrol policy rule oi
Cisco FirePOWER services ruiiiin oi a Cisco ASA?

B. security iitellineice
D. neolocatoi

Aoswern C

Question 30

Which two appliaices support lonical routed iiterfaces? (Choose two.)

A. FirePOWER services for ASA-55//-X

B. FP-41//-series
C. FP-8///-series
D. FP-7///-series
E. FP-93//-series

Aoswern D