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Oracle OPN 1Z0-479 Exam Practice Test

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Exam Code 1Z0-479
Exam Name Oracle Access Management Suite Plus 11g Essentials
Related Certification OPN Certified Specialist
Related Technology Netwroking
Test Format MCQ
Questions Format PDF + Online Practice Test Format
Price (Bundle) $92

Oracle 1Z0-479 OPN Exam Topics
The curriculum for OPN 1Z0-479 will give you the knowledge and practice skills in & Describe challenges faced
by customers in area of Access Management. In this exam, you are going to have detailed review of asset Sam by
via Netwroking & Netwroking.

How Pass4leads' 1Z0-479 Practice Test Helps You?
Candidates have a chance to register themselves for the Oracle 1Z0-479 OPN exam that will establish
knowledge and skills to Describe challenges faced by customers in area of Access Management, and . The
intend of Oracle Netwroking 1Z0-479 Exam is to handle all things related to Netwroking and Netwroking
Exam Name:1Z0-479 - Oracle Access Management Suite Plus 11g Essentials

Related Certifications: The successful completion of this exam will give you a certified visa to may apply
for OPN Certified Specialist Certification.

No. Of Questions: 60 questions to be entertained by candidate.

Time Required: 150 minutes exam, taken at any worldwide Pearson VUE testing center.

Exam Format: The exam is the usual 60 questions of multiple-choice format with a passing level of 70%.

OPN Certified Specialist 1Z0-479 Exam - Career Goals
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Types of Oracle 1Z0-479 Practice Test

The candidates can download plentiful 1Z0-479 exam practice material in PDF format. The PDF format practice
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Oracle 1Z0-479 Exam Practice Test Online

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Oracle 1Z0-479 Exam Audience

The Oracle 1Z0-479 Oracle Access Management Suite Plus 11g Essentials Exam is designed for candidates that
have atleast 3 year's job experience in Network Specialist, Netowrk Administrator, Network Support Engineer
field. The candidates must be familiar or have knowledge Describe challenges faced by customers in area of
Access Management & .

Free Oracle 1Z0-479 Exam Practice Test Demo

To enhance your confidence on Oracle 1Z0-479 Oracle Access Management Suite Plus 11g Essentials practice
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Version: 9.0
Question 1

Identif iour data stores or repositories used bf Oracle Identtf Federaton (OIF) 11g. (Choose iour.)

A. Federaton data store
B. User data store
C. Audit data store
D. Session and Message data store
E. Reportsdata store
F. Confguraton data store
G. Role data store

Aoswern A,B,D,F


Question 2

Which authentcaton scheoe is the preierred opton ior integratng OAM with OAAM in 11gRE?

A. OAAMBasic authentcaton scheoe
B. TAPScheoe authentcaton scheoe
C. OAAMAdvanced authentcaton scheoe
D. LDAPScheoe authentcaton scheoe

Aoswern C


Question 3

Which protocol does WebGate use to cooounicate with the Access Manager server? (choose the best

D. Oracle AccessProtocol (OAP)
E. Policf Adoinistraton Protocol (PAP)

Aoswern C

Question 4

In Securitf To/en Service, what is the prerequisite when oanaging a To/en Issuance Teoplate? (Choose
the best answer.)

A. Confro whether the desired LDAP Identtf Store is registered with and confgured as the Deiault
B. A WebGateoust be registered with Oracle Identtf Federaton.
C. The WSS Validaton Teoplate oust be confgured to accept onlf X.1_3 certfcates.
D. SAML to/ens oust be present in the SOAP header.

Aoswern D

Explanatonn servers
and oracle securitf to/en service)

Question 5

In an enterprise deplofoent, where are the binarf and librarf fles that are required ior Oracle Access
Manageoent located? (Choose the best answer.)


Aoswern D


Question 6

How would fou add support ior additonal Internet Identtf Providers ior Oracle Access Manageoent
Mobile and Social, other than the preconfgured ones such as Faceboo/ and Lin/edIn? (Choose the best

A. You do this bf iopleoentng theoracle.securitf.idaas.rp.spi.ServiceproviderJava interiace.
B. Support ior Internet Identtf Providers is lioited to the ones that are available out oi the box iroo
Oracle Access Manageoent.
C. Support ior Internet Identtf Providers is enabled through the connectors built on the Identtf
Connector Fraoewor/ (ICF).
D. You do this bf iopleoentng theoracle.securitf.idaas.rp.spi.IdenttfProviderJava interiace.

Aoswern D


Question 7

Identif two protocols that the Oracle Access Manageoent Social oodule supports ior Authentcaton
and Authorizaton using Internet Identtf services. (Choose two.)

A. OpenID
B. WebID
C. BrowserID
D. Windows Live ID
E. OAuth

Aoswern A,E


Question 8

Which two earlier technologies does Oracle Access Manager 11g replace and provide a converged
platoro ior? (Choose two.)

A. Oracle Access Manager 1_g
B. Oracle Identtf Manager 1_g
C. Oracle Applicaton Server SSO (OSSO) 1_g
D. Oracle WebCenter 1_g
E. Oracle Enterprise Single Sing-On

Aoswern A,C