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John Crane

Dry Gas Seal Training
Course Title: 4-Day Dry Gas Seals.
Course Overview

 Introductions – Smiths Group and John Crane

 Seal Design and Operating Principles
 Wet seal operation revision
 Outline of the operation of a centrifugal gas compressor
 The spiral groove operating mechanism
 Seal configurations
 Auxiliary seals and operating requirements
 Seal installation drawings
 Control & Monitoring System
 Operating philosophy
 Instrumentation, alarm and trip settings
 Filtration
 Seal Operation
 Operating parameters and design envelope
 Leakage rates and what they indicate
 How to analyse performance
 Records to be kept
 Dirt avoidance
 Oil contamination and prevention
 Problem solving, seal failure analysis
 Seal Transportation and Storage
 Spare seals storage requirements
 Transportation and packaging
 Exercising the seal
 Storage life
 Seal Refurbishment
 When to refurbish the dry gas seal
 Procedures
 Typical refurbishment schedule and activity
 Replacement parts
 Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
 Introduction to manual and contents

. and assessment during hands-on sessions)  Remedial action  Certification for successful delegates Around a 1/4 of the delegate’s time on the course will be spent working in a hand on environment.The optimum group size is 10.  Course Assessment  Assessment of delegates (written tests. on site at any customer location in your region / country provided we have a minimum of 10 fee paying delegates. globally. Seal cartridges can only be tested at a John Crane Gas Seal Group authorised Facility). If a Seal cartridge is disassembled it should be retested. Practical real time installation training is provided during the course. (Only available in Manchester/Aberdeen/Singapore/Perth). the maximum number of delegates for any course is12. Note: .  Fitting Procedures  Compressor and seal preparation  Installing seals into compressor  Removing seals from compressor  Fitting tools  Installation spares  Fitting “do’s and don’ts”  Commissioning  Start-up checks and procedures  Static tests The course can be presented. John Crane does not recommend the operation/use of un-tested Dry Gas Seal Cartridges in rotating Equipment. working with decommissioned seals.  Assembling and dismantling the seal cartridge. from compressor. (UK Training centre only).  Practical (The hands-on sections take up approximately 25% of the total course)  Installing and removing seal cartridge. Dates and costs can be provided on request. (Important Note.

Scotland. John Crane Western Australia Training Centre. Dubai. Operations Supervisors. Delegates must bring safety shoes/boots. UAE. Technicians/Fitters. involved in fitting and removing Dry Gas Seals from Gas Compressors Timing: Days 1. We can recommend suitable local hotels. transport to/from local Airport if required. breakfast and evening meals. and assist with booking. 3 & 4: 09:00 to 16:30 Dress: Smart Casual. Course Fee: Course only terms. Grampian House. Airfare. Canning Vale. T-shirt and jeans are quite acceptable). (Not available in Perth or Aberdeen. Travel. plus: up to 4 x nights’ hotel accommodation. please contact me directly or your local John Crane representative. Maintenance Supervisors. Fully inclusive Further Information If you require any further information at this stage. Dates: See John Crane Course Calendar Who Should Attend: Plant Engineers.bolton@johncrane.). . As refreshments and buffet lunches during course days. Course Administration Training Locations: John Crane Training Centre Headquarters. Keith Bolton John Crane Global Customer Training Manager. Maintenance Managers. Jebel Ali Free Zone PO Box 61040. Airfare not included in the option above. Operations Managers. 1/17 Baile Road. Mugiemoss Road. Singapore. Includes: training. course manual. 15 Tuas View Place. transport to/from Training Centre each day. John Crane Middle East Training Centre. course materials. if required. accommodation and other meals are not included. Accommodation: Course only terms. Contact: Keith Bolton Customer Training Manager Telephone: +44 (0)1344 775210 Mobile: +44 (0)7803 613698 Email: keith. AB21 9NP. 637432. Aberdeen. Perth WA. John Crane AP Singapore Pte Ltd Training Centre. 2. Coveralls and safety equipment provided. 6155. 31 Nash Road Trafford Park Manchester M17 1SS John Crane UK Ltd Training Centre.

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