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Risk assessment template for building and infrastructure works

Use this template to assist in deciding whether:
 an existing building or infrastructure asset should be brought into total or partial
conformity with relevant standards when undergoing alterations and additions
 infrastructure works with a capital value less than $200,000 warrant certification
using the Construction Assessment Procedures.
Project title


Project manager

Risk assessment

Step 1: Identify the risks





When will risk occur?

Briefly summarise the risk. For example: the {hazard} could lead to an {event}
resulting in {consequences}.

and medium-rated projects will not require certification in accordance with the Construction Assessment Procedures. Sydney PO Box A290. Sydney South 1232 Phone: (02) 9995 5000 (switchboard) 131 555 (environment information and publications requests) 1300 361 967 (national parks.nsw.nsw. low medium high extreme Result OEH 2011/0937 November 2011 . Department of Premier and Cabinet 59–61 Goulburn Street. High and extreme rated projects will require certification in accordance with the Construction Assessment Website: climate change and energy efficiency information and publications requests) Fax: (02) 9995 5999 TTY: (02) 9211 4723 Report pollution and environmental incidents: Environment Line: 131 555 (NSW only) or email info@environment. Risk assessment completed by: Name: Position: Signature: Date: Published by: Office of Environment and Heritage.environment.Step 2: Determine the likely probability of risk probable possible unlikely rare Step 3: Determine the insignificant consequence of risk minor moderate major catastrophic Step 4: Rate the overall Match the probability (step 2) with the consequence project risk (step 3) and refer to the risk matrix in Table 7. but must still be undertaken in accordance with the BCA and Australian