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Step by step guide to becoming a Cisco Registered Partner

Welcome Letter

Step 1. Become a Cisco Registered Partner

Step 2. Associate People with your Company

I encourage you to register. Step 2.Welcome Dear Linksys partners. Contents Linksys partners now have an opportunity to strengthen their competitive advantage with Welcome Letter the addition of new tools and resources to serve small and medium-sized (SMB) customers. The recent integration of the Linksys Partner Connection with the Cisco Channel Partner Step 1. Regards. and all Linksys partners can easily take advantage of this transition. including: • Partner-level access to the Cisco Partner Central website. where you will find many Cisco SMB partner resources • Access to Cisco SMB marketing programs and tools • An expanded portfolio of solutions and resources to help you better serve your SMB customers and address a wide variety of SMB needs • Access to the SMB University for training courses designed specifically for partners serving the SMB customer segment • Uninterrupted access to Linksys Business Series online resources and product information To take advantage of these benefits. Associate People with your Company By becoming a Cisco Registered Partner. Worldwide Small Business Sales . Become a Cisco Registered Partner Program has opened a wealth of new opportunities to serve this growing market. Andrew Sage VP. Linksys partners will gain a variety of benefits along with continued access to Linksys tools and resources. you must become a Cisco Registered Partner. you can begin now by following the easy steps outlined in this step-by-step guide created especially for you.

com/web/partners/pr11/pr193/index. ii. Provide or verify company and contact information After the partner completes the registration form and clicks to accept the ICPA. Become a Cisco Registered Partner Become a Cisco Registered Partner Contents . Associate People with your Company i. Submit the application http://tools.Step 1. Status as a registered partner is valid for 12 months and must be renewed annually.html Step Step 2. Review the terms of the Indirect Channel Partner Agreement (ICPA) and click on the check box to indicate you are a transitioning Linksys LPC partner and then click to accept the agreement. and be eligible to participate in the Cisco Channel Partner Program. Review the Partner Registration User Guide Welcome Letter http://www.html iv. Become a Cisco Registered Partner 2. http://www. the partner will receive notification of their acceptance as a Registered Partner within 24 user ID – CCO ID (only if you do not already have one) After apply in for the CCO ID. you will receive an automated response with the assigned ID. Apply for a Cisco. you will be granted partner-level access to Apply to the Registered Partner Program http://tools. As a Registered Partner.

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