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for TEM-Evo Engine Controllers

With the TEM-Evo software package your specialist maintenance personnel can analyze the condition of the engine and initiate appropriate measures. FUTURE PROOF REMOTE MAINTENANCE FUTURE PROOF REMOTE MAINTENANCE FOR TEM-EVO ENGINE CONTROLLERS Operators of power plants require high availability Remote maintenance from the TEM-Evo specialists For over 20 years AVAT has been a competent partner to the from their engines. zz Data analysis and fault detection zz Alarm acknowledging and parameterization zz Implementation of maintenance measures zz Recommendations for plant optimizations Modern remote maintenance solutions use Internet technology 2 . innovative companies are turning to interfaces and device drivers IP technology. engine controller which is in use on over 1000 engines. zz Permanent remote control and visualization of the engine controller with the TEM-Evo PC software package (JView) zz Other industrial controllers connectable to the VPN Router Fast and competent remote diagnostics The direct VPN connection to the on-site engine controller enables quick and thorough diagnosis of alarms and mal- functions as they occur. zz IP-based remote maintenance solutions adaptable to all types of plant zz Easy installation or conversion via TEM-Evo compatible For this reason. and as well as comprehensive gas engine industry and is the manufacturer of the TEM-Evo service. which forms a basis for use with TEM-Evo. they need rapid response when faults arise. AVAT’s remote maintenance solutions are based on current The foundation of a successful service concept is Internet technology and have been specially conceived for reliable remote service. securing existing service business and for building new and sustainable service offerings. They enable safe and direct remote access to the MWM engines under your supervision.

management and control of your engine-pool For more information visit: Make a direct connection to the TEM-Evo controller via remote access. to remotely located service personnel VPN router and TEM-Evo connection zz Quick access to service-related engine data zz Central service planning. convert from conventional telephone technology This is the ideal way to coordinate your service needs quickly to Internet-based communications. Avoid unnecessary If you want to continue to use your existing site visits when problems can be solved remotely.Efficient coordination of service work Analogue telephony is on the way out With the Virtual Service Center (VSC) – a central rendezvous. precisely targeted service measures. zz Comprehensive overview of all monitored systems and authorized employees zz Make your installation future-proof now zz Secure implementation of VPN connections from the plant zz Use a turnkey modular system with VSC. As a result. or call: +49 7071 9735-69 www. analogue connection modules such as modems will become obsolete and inoperative. Deutsche Telekom and other server on the Internet – you can manage your complete telecommunications providers are planning to engine-pool and all your service staff from a single location. By the end of 2018.avat. convert to a modern Internet router in good time. modem-based remote maintenance 3 . and efficiently. Increase your service efficiency through the early planning of fast.

Direct access to the engine controller via VPN remote access with TEM-Evo PC Software 4 . VSC acts as a platform (rendezvous-server) on which registered users can carry out remote maintenance tasks at their globally located plants. If you are still using old analogue modems and want to upgrade or convert to future-proof remote maintenance. telephone connection availability and data protection. An one or more local TEM-Evo engine controllers to VPN routers and register yourself at AVAT’s Virtual Service Center (VSC). you get a reliable solution that zz Establish an Internet connection via broadband using the plant operator’s network or use a direct mobile meets your needs in terms of access security. REMOTE MAINTENANCE SECURE AND RELIABLE A RELIABLE CONNECTION WITH INDUSTRIAL ROUTERS FROM AVAT An essential element in a successful service Switch to secure remote maintenance Do you want to readily access the engines you are responsible concept is a reliable remote connection to control for. important pre-condition is secure data exchange protected from external threats. at any time and from anywhere in the world? Connect systems and engines at remote locations. the router establishes a secure VPN connection. zz Connect the VPN router to the TEM-Evo controller zz Register the router in the VSC zz Setup Internet access at the remote workstation zz Implement Remote Maintenance using the TEM Evo PC software package (JView) After successful authentication with the VSC. then carry out the following steps: With the Virtual Service Center (VSC) and industrial routers from AVAT.

or modems. for linking networks zz Secure connection via OpenVPN and for the secure connection of Web-portals via VPN. 5 . Rendezvous-Server: Is a central Internet platform where all the systems and all the different users can connect via a secure VPN access. and compliance with data regulations are challenges Analogue connection: for companies in all areas. Routers are used as a replacement for analogue zz Industrial routers with integrated firewall dial-up modems for Internet access. Your plant and your services will be te via the Internet or mobile telephony. Firewalls usually prevent any external access to the system. zz Password-protected access to the VSC VPN (Virtual Private Network): zz Network availability of over 99% Serves to create an Internet connection between partici- pants in one self-contained network and those in another zz High performance computer center in Germany with a self-contained network (VPN tunnel). Router: Communicates digital data within networks and into the Internet. VSC offers reliable technology with secure connection and high availability www. modern systems communica- and computing power. faxes With the Virtual Service Center (VSC) you get a stable. A router‘s firewall monitors the throughput of data and restricts network access according to a set of configurable rules stored in its memory.Comprehensive safety management Remote maintenance terminology Today. Data are transmitted redundant link in encoded form via the potentially insecure Internet so that they cannot be intercepted or manipulated. data security. Firewall: Protects a computer or a network against unauthorized access. This technology is increasingly being replaced secure Internet connection and extensive server capacity by digital technology. The rendezvous server provides connections between users and systems and allows secure data exchange. protected from external threats by constantly updated safety measures. Refers to a telephone connection used to operate analogue telecommunications equipment such as telephones. protection against viruses and manipu- lation.avat.

replace the existing To upgrade the TEM-Evo controller modem with a VPN router from AVAT. Connect the VPN Router to the ModemKon and establish a connection to the VSC TEM-Evo with remote maintenance via analogue modem TEM-Evo with remote maintenance via secure VPN access 6 . you need a VPN router and an to equip existing installations with future-proof interface converter (ModemKon) from AVAT. access to remote maintenance? First you connect the ModemKon to the function selection unit (FAE) in the TEM-Evo cabinet. carry out the following steps: 1. Upgrade to remote maintenance To convert existing analogue connections. REMOTE MAINTENANCE MODERNIZED MODERNIZED REMOTE ACCESS ON TEM-EVO ENGINE CONTROLLERS Are you still using analogue modems and planning Upgrading and converting of TEM-Evo controllers If you want to upgrade existing TEM-Evo controllers with a to convert to Internet-based services? Do you want remote maintenance function. Connect the ModemKon to FAE terminals in the TEM-Evo 2. you can execute In multi-engine installations. you connect the router directly the changeover in a few easy steps. Then you connect the ModemKon With VPN routers from AVAT that are preconfigured to the VPN router and establish the network connection. to the intelligent selection unit (IAE) which you will find in the auxiliary equipment cabinet (HAS). for use with TEM-Evo controllers. Connect the VPN router to the ModemKon and establish a connection to the VSC TEM-Evo without remote maintenance Convert to remote maintenance To convert the TEM-Evo controller carry out the following steps: 1. Replace the eServ IP-Modem with the VPN Router 2.

Operating voltage 10 . Storage temp. 0 ° to 50 °C needed.30 VDC Current rating 7 . you can connect to the Virtual Service Center (VSC).avat.3 A The VPN routers are connected to the Internet via the plant-side broadband connection or via a mobile telephone. Contact us on or by telephone on +49 7071 9735-69. VPN router MDH 814 with LAN interfaces and mobile telephone antenna www. Installation Follow a few simple steps to install the VPN router: Weight appr. -20 ° to +60 °C Humidity 0 to 95% non-cond. zz Check the connection by means of the Check-Software zz Start VSC and install the router via the Dial-Up Software zz Transfer the communication data from VSC to the router using the USB zz Remote access becomes functional after system restart Do you have questions about configuration? We’ll be glad to help. 1. Protection class IP 20 The existing analogue telephone connection is no longer Operating temp. Installation is implemented using the USB flash drive included in the scope-of-supply. 650g Dimensions (HxBxT) 124 x 48 x 124 (in mm) zz Install Router in the auxiliary equipment cabinet Fixation Top hat rail zz Connecting to the company network or prepare for mobile telephone via SIM card zz Connect the power supply and earth (ground) connection Commissioning without specialist IT knowledge In a few steps.Simple installation and commissioning Technical data VPN router Pre-configured connection cables are supplied for connecting the ModemKon or IAE to the VPN router.

1 x USB port (host 2. For use with plant-side Internet connection (DSL) VPN-Router MDH 810 3200 101 zz WAN interface to broadband connection (DSL) zz 2x RS-232/485 seriell interface pre-set for use with TEM zz Remote access via virtual COM-port For use with Internet connection via mobile telephony VPN-Router MDH 814 3200 102 zz UMTS modem for connection via mobile telephony zz 2 SIM card slots with Failover* functionality zz WAN interface to broadband connection (DSL) zz 2x RS-232/485 seriell interface pre-set for use with TEM zz Remote access via virtual COM-port Interface overview of all available routers Internal External Serial LAN Analogue GSM/UMTS WAN MDH 810 MDH 814 MDH 816 MDH 819 available not available *If one of the mobile networks fails. the system switches to the network of the second SIM card. 12V / 100mA. 8 . 2 x digital outputs (50mA. high 8-30V DC).0) usable for configuration and as an external data storage. preconfigured for up to 2 TEM-Evo controllers Order No. 24V) for use in case of alarm messages.2V. 4 x digital inputs (low 0-3. The plant still remains available. VPN ROUTERS FEATURES VPN-ROUTERS FOR REMOTE MAINTENANCE OPTIMIZED FOR TEM-EVO CONTROLLERS All routers feature: 4 x LAN ports (Ethernet).

DIALUP and CHECK-Software * The function selection unit (FAE) allows manual switching between local control of the TEM-Evo system and remote access. ModemKon 4500 091 zz Converts from RS 232 to TTY interface zz Required for cable length over 5m Connecting cable FAE/ModemKon-VPN-Router 3200 120 zz Serial connecting cable zz Connects VPN-Router (in the auxiliary equipment cabinet) via ModemKon to the functions selection unit FAE* in the TEM cabinet Connecting cable IAE-VPN-Router 3200 125 zz Serial connecting cable zz For connection between VPN Router und IAE** in the auxiliary equipment cabinet 9 . www. Declaration of Conformity.Accessories For fast and simple router installation you will receive the following accessories: Bestell-Nr. 4GB 3200 111 zz Used for router configuration and as a data storage device zz Contents: VPN Router manual.avat. ** The intelligent selection unit (IAE) automatically switches the connection from the router and/or modem to one of the connected TEM-Evo systems.

AVAT now offers an zz On-call status selectable for each e-mail recipient expanded range of engine monitoring functions. zz Connection Status zz Operating Status zz Power and rpm zz Operating hours with planning recommendations for main- tenance work according to predetermined service intervals zz Configuration. either continuously or on demand. analysis and reporting via Internet browser zz Automatic data communication every 5 seconds In the case of a malfunction an e-mail containing the most important data will be sent to the smartphone 10 . zz Configuration/storage of alarm profiles at the VSC You receive constantly updated status and alarm zz List of alarm messages with acknowledgment status messages from connected gas engines equipped with TEM-Evo engine controllers.AND ALARM MESSAGES IN THE VIRTUAL SERVICE CENTER (VSC) To ensure the economic viability of energy Qualified alarm management In addition to active remote monitoring an efficient alarm production plants it is essential to guarantee management is crucial in order to minimize engine down- high availability. malfunctions and status changes. CENTRAL DATA MANAGEMENT QUALIFIED STATUS. important indicator of this. Current machine status is an time. The VSC informs you on the current status of your system. Automatic status notification In addition to the alarm messages operating and status data are continuously reported to the Virtual Service Center and visualized there. zz Automated e-mail notification of warnings. With the Virtual Service Center.

engines grouped by plant and operator temperatures. leading to the early recognition of critical conditions. zz Permanent condition monitoring of your entire engine pool zz Systematic early fault recognition and engine optimization zz Predictive maintenance and replacement planning zz Continuous forecast of availability and profitability zz Long-term storage of operating logs. at your PC workstation and via your smartphone or high quantity of data available in the plant and tablet. By means of automated analysis processes. fluid levels zz Fault Monitor: alarm list with current status and and the status of actuators and valves. patterns are quickly identified and interpreted. Values for power. number of starts. its controls. speed. pressures.avat. are responsible employees continuously monitored. These operating data are stored and already partly evaluated by the zz Configuration of signalling profiles in the VSC control system. voltages. zz Service Monitor: Operating hour meter with indication of service intervals and forecasts Allow these data to be acquired by on-site control systems and transmitted to the data center.Web-oriented visualization Data management of the future Monitor task-specific screen displays direct in your web A success factor for future service models is the browser. zz Cockpit: major performance and status 11 . Via the visualization of the temporal sequences of different engines and equipment. you obtain an efficient tool for optimising running time and maintenance. history and parameters The VSC Cockpit is the control center for all additional monitor views www.

vention. zz Site visits are reduced. predictive maintenance and rapid fault corrections. economic schedule. in advance and according to a well. zz Fast reaction to outages via direct alarms zz Smaller faults corrected remotely from the control center zz Targeted planning of site visits via qualified alarm messages zz Reliable and secure data connections via high system availability at the VSC (Virtual Service Center) Efficient engine control in combination with professional remote maintenance guarantees long-term earnings 12 . Trained staff at the control center decide on earnings by guaranteeing high plant availability the basis of received status messages if a site visit is necessary or if the fault can be corrected by remote inter- and keeping down operating and service costs. By reducing travel time you reduce your service costs and ensure the economic viability of the plants you Engine controllers and remote service tools from manage. travel costs minimized zz Management of all systems and users from the VSC (Virtual Service Center) Increase plant availability AVAT remote services provide targeted engine control. Pro-actively prevent engine downtimes shutdowns by quickly identifying and eliminating potential malfunctions. REMOTE MAINTENANCE CUSTOMER-ORIENTED CUSTOMER-ORIENTED REMOTE MAINTENANCE WITH THE VIRTUAL SERVICE CENTER Investing in large gas engines for energy production Efficient coordination With AVAT remote services you can plan your work even carries considerable risks. zz Rapid remote diagnosis planned. AVAT enable you to organize engine operation and zz Central overview of all managed systems servicing. Protect the operator’s more precisely.

de/vsc maintenance directly from the manufacturer of TEM-Evo or call: +49 7071 9735-69 zz A range of router variants for every application case zz Commissioning without special IT knowledge zz DIN top-hat rail mounting in the auxiliary equipment cabinet zz Ready-made cables available for connection of the VPN router to TEM-Evo Simple updating of a VPN router via mounting on a top-hat rail www.avat.Simple modernization Future-proof remote maintenance Easily replace your installed analog modems with Internet- based VPN routers from AVAT.avat. For more information visit: zz Updating and conversion solutions for remote www. Plants which are equipped with via VPN Router and the TEM-Evo gas engine control systems and do not presently have Virtual Service Centre (VSC) remote access can be updated simply by adding suitable 13 .

AVAT AVAT is a long-term development partner of leading interna- tional manufacturers of gas engines. control system to the on-site equipment. from the process global leader in this area of technology. As a partner of municipal and private energy Engine management systems for cogeneration gas engines producers and plant engineering companies. 14 . An holistic approach to the gas engine and close collabora- tion with research institutions and engine developers have led to interdisciplinary expertise in engine technology and AVAT’s overriding aim is always to use our growing in-depth knowledge of combustion processes. thought-out concepts and sustainable solutions in supply and process engineering. to maximize the benefit to our customers. consisting of well from the idea to the concept and on to series production. leader in highly efficient engine management systems. whom we accompany pursues an holistic approach. AVAT’s offering encompasses consultation and the implementation More than 25 years of experience in the development of gas engine controls of product objectives right up to the commissioning stage flows into every new project. PATH TO SUCCESS TWO BUSINESS AREAS – ONE GOAL AVAT stands for competence in automation and Automation and control systems AVAT implements and manages sophisticated automation process control technology. with AVAT as a partner you are dealing with a You benefit from a comprehensive offering. fund of know-how to make the most recent project This all-round proficiency has made AVAT today’s technology the best. specification of project objectives to equipment commissioning. from the highly complex control software to a completely assembled control cabinet. In the field of engine projects through all their phases. Involvement ranges from management systems for cogeneration plants.

biomass power plants. logging.highly efficient distributed power and process engineering generation zz Technology leader in control systems for zz Tools for the liberalized energy market (electricity/gas) large gas engines zz Renewable energy: biogas plants.Our products and services Our Expertise . control and regulation technology zz Remote control systems. electricity. alarms. electrical assembly and commissioning zz Service. observation.500 engine controllers syngas production in use worldwide zz Over 7. support and remote maintenance www.Your Benefits As a partner of municipal and private utilities and equipment manufacturers. data and communications technology zz Process control in visualization. closely using AVAT technology adapted to different customer requirements and plant sizes in zz About 80 highly qualified employees in the following areas: interdisciplinary engineering teams zz Measuring. archiving zz Concepts for increasing efficiency and reducing emissions zz Solutions for energy and load management (Smart Grids / virtual power plants / virtual power storage) Expertise and systems solutions competence At AVAT you get automation solutions resulting from extensive expertise in several disciplines: zz Engineering / CAD zz S  oftware development at control and plant management levels zz System integration of hardware/software/peripherals zz C  ontrol cabinet construction. we develop innovative concepts in automation zz Over 25 years’ experience in the development and control technology: of gas engine control systems zz Sector-specific solutions for heat.avat. zz More than AVAT 6. gas and water zz Innovative automation solutions for supply zz CHP Automation . monitoring.000 MW of installed electrical power A highly flexible approach results in tailored 15 . Web: www.AVAT Automation GmbH Derendinger Straße 40 D-72072 Tübingen Tel +49 7071 9735-0 Fax +49 7071 9735-55 E-Mail: Presented by: © 2015 AVAT Automation GmbH Subject to technical changes at any time PB_VSC_E_1509 .