time to
Paper / Task Procedure Marking Scheme
spend in
the exam

P1 / T1 Provide the terms for 6 given definitions.  6 marks 5 min

Provide a definition + an example for each  2 marks (per definition)
P1 / T2
of 4 given terms.  1 mark (per correct ex.) = 12 marks
 2 marks (per each correct language
Provide 3 further language features Ls.
P1 / T3 need to complete the activity successfully
 2 marks per each correct example 
+ an example specific to each feature.
full sentence)! = 12 marks
Sample of a learner’s text (written /
 3 marks for each strength / weakness
transcript of spoken)
correctly identified.
 2 marks for each example from the
P1 / T4  Identify a total of 4 strengths and
text supporting each point.
weaknesses (must be a mixture of the two
/ minimum one strength and one
= 20 marks
P1 / T5 A. Authentic written text: Identify 5 5 marks (one for each correctly identified

form and/or pronunciation of language items.  Mention a total of 6 points.D Language analysis of short extracts from the text:  comment on meaning/use. P2 / T1 learner with certain learning needs.  1 mark for application to the learner. combine with A (= 12 marks) .  Evaluate the effectiveness of a test in a certain (given) situation for a certain  2 marks for each point made correctly. feature). 2 marks for each way the exercises combine and support the ones in A. a mix of + = 18 marks and – points. B . 2 marks for each purpose identified (= 12 marks) P2 / T2 B. Identify the purpose of a set of activities A.  (possibly) identify potential learner 45 marks! difficulties with one or more of these language items. A. Explain how a specified selection of exercises from the rest of the extract B. features that are typical of the text’s genre. starting with positive.

from certain ELT material e. 1 mark for each assumption ASSUMPTIONS about language learning 1 mark for the explanation underlying some/ all the exercises 1 mark for referring to the relevant discussed so far. .. explaining why each exercise (= 18 marks) assumption is valid i. discuss P2 / T3 to a total of 30 marks  i.g. the reason behind the belief. C.. 15 points.e. given for the depth of the overall response (or lack thereof)  This is then doubled out of 10 to give an overall mark out of 40. = 42 marks NB: No limit to the number of points  Answer questions around an extract you’re allowed to make.e.etc. the implications of this view of A Further mark out of 5 is (not) teaching. Identify / Explain a total of 6 C. 2 marks for each correct point (up interpret the teacher’s role.