IBM Global Delivery Center (IBM GDC) Vietnam

Project Name TriViet company PMO for IBM France - "Cofinoga" & "Galeries La
Fayette" accounts

Role Project Manager for PRIOS account Project Coordinator

- Support PM to gather requirements from
- Support PM to analyze scope, make schedule &
human management plans
- Communicate with Line Managers to acquire project
Deliverables From 01-Mar-2008 to 15-Nov-2008
- Coordinate to arrange resources for project
- Quality Control: Coordinate to perform UAT tests &
health checks
- Seek formal acceptance from customers for the
- Document lesson learned

Proj Start 5/10/2012

Proj Finish 6/30/2013

Duration Months - 13.87

Duration Days - 305.07

Duration Hours - 2,440.53

Actual Hour - 2,440.53

- 293
- 21
- 29
- 132
- 35
- 76
- 293
- 342
- 34
- 120
- 51
- 17
- 68
- 51
- 342
- 976
- 68
- 390
- 49
- 29
- 68
- 176
- 78

635 . 127 . 29 . 39 . 117 . 59 . 190 . 195 . 635 . 20 . 16 . 190 . 195 . 976 . 14 . 127 . 20 ..

M & C project works to make sure to meet quality .3-ML3.73 167.Prepare acceptance procedure .Lesson learnt and best practice with project team 8/15/2013 7/15/2014 3/31/2014 8/31/2015 7.Identify risks and plan risk responds .60 13.Identify potential Risks. Identify project stakeholders .60 2.337.07 161 290 11 20 16 29 72 131 19 35 42 75 161 290 187 338 19 34 66 118 28 51 9 17 37 68 28 51 187 338 535 967 37 68 214 387 27 48 16 29 37 68 96 174 43 77 .Prepare user acceptance procedure .13 1.Prepare project closure documentation .07 1.ISO/IEC 27001:2005) .Weekly report to Customer & Management .ISO 9001:2008. PM .Meeting with PM for updating project progress in . assessment & make Plan Resources Estimating Risk Responses .Support PM to create WBS. .Togather PM for meeting with Customer requirements. customer .417. develop Project Schedule resource plan .Perform quality control to verify deliverables verify deliverables . Schedule & . 2014 .Coordinate with PM to arrange resources for project .Phase 1 Project Coordinator Project Manager . develop project charter.CMMI Dev V1. 2013 .Quality CAP Gemini Vietnam Manager : Get new certificates for Management PMO Leader for AXA France's project Systems (2012 .20 302. and on schedule . activity list.Collect requirements.Knowledge sharing with project team. create WBS. Robert Bosch Engineering Vietnam .337.Work with project team for Cost.417.60 2.Working with procurement manager for procurement weekly plan .Support PM to M & C quality proposal test cases to .Review contract.Conduct team weekly meeting.

64 116 535 967 348 628 70 126 104 189 70 126 104 189 348 628 107 193 9 15 21 39 32 58 11 19 16 29 11 19 7 14 107 193 .

Analyze & collect requirements from Stakeholders .Develop Project Charter & identify project stakeholders .20 8.00 70 7. 2013 .00 122 35.Develop & manage performane project team .Quality Manager : Get new certificates for Management Systems (2012 .20 49.00 52 15.499.Robert Bosch Engineering Vietnam .40 %contribution 300 (12%) 21 7.00 17 5.80 2. .00 52 15.CMMI Dev V1.00 1.Phase 2 Project Manager .00 78 26.Create WBS.694.00 80 8. and report to BoD .00 70 20.499.086.00 36 12.3-ML3.00 30 10.20 8.00 300 100.694. knowledge sharing 10/1/2015 11/30/2016 14. and the plan risk responds .ISO 9001:2008. and on schedule .00 . develop project schedule with resources assignment.00 350 100.Monitor and control project works to make sure to meet quality requirements.00 30 3.Define quality standard and make quality plan .00 135 45.40 1.000 40% 70 7.Close Project: document lesson learned. 2014 .Weekly meeting with Customer.00 50 5.Identify risks of project.40 312.ISO/IEC 27001:2005) .00 400 40.40 2.Prepare user acceptance procedure .00 350 14% 35 10.00 180 18. estimate project cost.

00 20 10.00 195 30.00 200 100.00 130 20.00 60 30. 120 12.00 14 7.00 650 26% 130 20.00 20 10.000 100.00 40 20.00 30 15.00 1.00 650 100.00 195 30.00 .00 200 8% 16 8.

Sau do lay ket qua ben duoi nhap vao ho so. Ensure a common understanding and set expectations through communication to align the stakeholders and team mem Improve team performance by building team cohesiveness. Define and record detail project requirements. Executing Process Manage proactively the resource allocation by ensuring that appropriate resources and tools are assigned to the tasks Execute the tasks defined in the project plan in order to achieve the project goals.Chi can nhap thong tin phan nay. cac phan sau tu dong tinh theo cong thuc. leading. mentoring.<-. Implement approved changes according to the Change Management Plan. Define the scope of the project based on the organization need to meet the customer project expectations. . assumptions and constraints using historical data and expert judgment. Obtain project resources in accordance with a procurement plan. Planning Process Identify key project team members and define roles and responsibilities to create a project organization structure to dev Create the work breakdown structure with the team to develop the cost. issues. constraints and assumptions with the stakeholders to establish the proje Develop the change management plan to define how changes will be handled to manage the triple constraints. Develop the project charter and review it with key stakeholders to confirm project scope. Thinh Initiating Process Conduct project Identify key selection and stakeholders methods to evaluate perform analysis the feasibility to gain buy-inof new and products or for requirements services the success of the project. schedule. resource. quality and procurement p Identify project risks to define risk strategies and develop the risk management plan. risks. Obtain project plan approval from the customer and conduct a kick off meeting with all key stakeholders. and motivating in order to facil Implement a quality management plan to ensure that work is being performed according to required quality standards. training. assumptions and Identify and document high level risks.

Closing Process Formalize and obtain final acceptance for the project. historical information and documents (e. final payments. legal and administrative project closure (e. Implement the approved actions and workarounds required to minimize the impact of project risks. document and communicate lessons learned. warranties.g. Measure customer satisfaction at the end of the project. identify any new risks. Identify. . take corrective actions and update the risk response plan Ensure the project deliverables conform to quality standards established in the project quality plan. project schedule and project costs as defined in the change managem Monitor the status of all identified risks.g. lessons le Obtain financial. Monitoring and Controlling Measure project performance using appropriate tools and techniques... Create and distribute final project report. contract signoff). project schedule. Verify and manage changes to the project scope. Release all project resources and provide performance feedback. Archive and retain project records. project plan.


ects and internal/external audits. .

employees. and complete responses to questions in th 3) I agree to notify the PMI Certification Department in a timely manner of changes concerning the information I have p 4) I have reported to the PMI Certification Department. or 7) I agree that certification as a PMP does not imply licensure. its directors. or government authorization to practice pro 8) I agree that all materials that I submit to the PMI Certification Department become the property of the PMI Certificati 9) I agree that upon certification. discharge. and indemnify PMI. registration. By signing in the space provid 1) I agree to satisfy and conduct myself in accordance with all PMI certification and professional development policies 2) I agree that any intentional or unintentional failure to provide true. or professional develo 12) I release and indemnify PMI and the PMI Certification Department from all liability and claims that may arise out of. all professional biographical data concerning me will be considered public information 10) I agree that information related to my participation in the PMP certification process may be used in an anonymous m 11) I agree that all disputes relating in any way to my application for the certification examination. officers. members. r . and will report to the PMI Certification Department within sixty ( 5) I agree that if my compliance with any of the terms of this agreement requires or includes an explanation and suppo 6) I agree that the PMI Certification Department has the right to communicate with any person. timely. attorneys.PMP Certificant and Candidate Agreement and Release I hereby certify that the information I have provided in this application is accurate and complete. government agency. examiners. 13) I hereby release.

and the PMI Certification Department from any actions. employees. including the PMP Code of Conduct. damages . and all oth ete responses to questions in this application or renewal form. ication Department within sixty (60) days. proceedings. government agency. may lead to further investigation. he property of the PMI Certification Department. and releases related to Project Managem ofessional development policies and requirements. including my current address and telephone number. or be related to my project management and related activities. I will provide a complete and accurate explanation and true copies of the materials to the person. agents. obligations. or professional development will be resolved solely and exclusively by means of PMI Certification Department policies.e. administrative agency actio ludes an explanation and supporting documents. suits. procedure nd claims that may arise out of. professional development requirements. any legal or professional/occupational matters. I represent and agree to the following terms. conditions. may be used in an anonymous manner for research purposes only. and that the PMI Certification Department is not required to return any of these materials to be considered public information and may be available to the public upon request. and/or sanctions by the PMI Certification C ncerning the information I have provided. or organization to review or confirm the information in this application or any other information related to my a ment authorization to practice project management or to engage in related activities. attorneys. amination. representatives. aminers. By signing in the space provided below. lawsuits.

suits. Further. n Department policies. this application.ases related to Project Management Professional (PMP) certification: opment requirements. ions. including the Certification Appeals Process. and maintain conf ctions by the PMI Certification Committee. other information related to my application for PMI certification. or organizational actions relating to me. and all other PMI Certification Program Policies and Procedures. claims. the scores given with respect to . procedures and rules. suits. obligations. or demands arising out of. administrative agency actions. including all complaints relating t ue copies of the materials to the PMI Certification Department with this application. damages. in their current or amended form. I agree to and authorize the release of any information requested b o return any of these materials to me. settlements and agreements. or in connection with.

and matters or proceedings involving. including all complaints relating to my professional activities as a project manager. but not limited to.mended form. and maintain confidentiality of examination questions and content. and professional dev . or any other action taken by PMI with regard to certification. testing. the scores given with respect to the examination. e of any information requested by the PMI Certification Department for such review and confirmation.

including. criminal charges. and professional development. lesser offenses. I understand and agr .ngs involving. on. but not limited to. disciplinary ethics. but not limited to. all actions related to ethics matters and cases. or similar matter(s). testing. malpractice. credentialing.

as well as any decisions regarding my . or similar matter(s). and cases. I understand and agree that any decision concerning my qualification for any certification.hics.

ell as any decisions regarding my continuing qualification for any certification and my compliance with the PMP Code of Ethics. rest within th .

. rest within the sole and exclusive discretion of PMI and that these decisions are final.MP Code of Ethics.

6 PM Experience years 2.5 PM Experience months 25.1 .PM Experience hours 4500 PM Experience days 562.