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1. Introduction
1.1. PCN examinations should, wherever possible, be internationalised in order to promote
the uptake of PCN certification outside of the United Kingdom. To this end, PCN
examinations may be conducted in languages other than English provided sufficient
controls are implemented to preserve the integrity and technical level of the examination
1.2. PCN examinations may be conducted in a foreign language only on the written authority
of the PCN Scheme Manager after a documented review and when satisfied that the
arrangements proposed by the BINDT Authorised Qualifying Body concerned are

2. Scope
2.1. This procedure is intended for use by BINDT Authorised Qualifying Bodies conducting
PCN level 1 and level 2 examinations in languages other than English for candidates
having insufficient command of the English language to attempt the examination in that
language, and who are ordinarily resident outside of the United Kingdom.
2.2. PCN level 3 examinations shall be conducted only in the English language except with
the express consent of the Certification Advisory Board.

3. Definitions
An Examination Translator is a person acceptable to BINDT (the certification body) and to the
relevant BINDT Authorised Qualifying Body co-ordinator, and who satisfies the following
q Demonstrates to a PCN examiner the ability to understand sufficient technical
terminology, associated with the material to be translated, to ensure accurate
technical translation.
q Demonstrates to the satisfaction of the examiner a competence to accurately
translate from English into the language concerned and vice versa.
q Gives a signed undertaking to respect the confidentiality of PCN examination

4. Examination eligibility
4.1. Training
4.1.1. Examination candidates shall have completed a B Inst NDT validated course of
training covering the published examination syllabus, and which is of sufficient duration to
satisfy the criteria detailed in the current edition of the PCN general requirements for
certification of NDT personnel.

The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing is an accredited certification
body offering personnel and quality management systems assessment and
certification against criteria set out in international and European standards
through the PCN Certification Scheme.

3. 4. PCN practical examination instructions (to candidates) shall be translated into the native language of the candidate from the original English version.2. 8. and may be extended if considered necessary. The PSL/57 application for examination shall be translated into the native language of the candidate concerned. shall be by the PCN examiner (who shall use the services of the examination translator where necessary) in the English language. Experience 4.doc 2 of 2 Issue 1 rev A dated 8th February 2001 . Where applicable. Both shall be available to the candidate and the examiner. CP_26. Records Original examination records. The position shall be reviewed at the end of this period. shall complete the application in the native language.1.3.2. Vision requirements 4. and both the original and the translation shall bear the same unique identification code to enable the correlation of the original paper with the translation. 6. 7. Examination marking The marking of examination papers.3. Where EN473 or ISO9712 certification is not generally available in the country in which the candidate is normally resident.3. Conduct of examinations 6.1. a code system may be devised to enable the candidate to report the defects identified in practical examination parts. Both the original and the translation shall bear the same unique identification code to enable the correlation of the original with the translation. his employer. 5.2. PCN written examination papers shall be translated into the native language of the candidate. BINDT will accept that supervision during the prescribed period of experience may be provided by persons certified for a minimum of three years as competent in the application of the relevant NDT method by a scheme acceptable to BINDT. 6. 4.3. This provision shall apply in the country concerned for a period of 12 calendar months from the availability of PCN examinations in the country concerned. 6. where applicable.2. 4. shall be retained by the BINDT Authorised Qualifying Body in the same file.1. The BINDT Authorised Qualifying Body shall arrange for translation into English of the information entered on the application form in order to satisfy themselves and BINDT of the eligibility of the candidate. The requirements for acuity of near distance vision and for colour perception shall be implemented in full.4. 5. 6. 4. 5. and examiners comments. The candidate NDT report sheets and the NDT instruction writing paper shall allow space for translation into English of the candidate’s narrative answer. in both languages. The candidate and.2.2.1. Application for examination 5.2.