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FALL 2009

Instructor: Prof. Wei Xie
 Office: Room: 246, Physics Building
 Phone: 765-494-8743
 Email:
 Office Hours: by appointment

Lecture Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10:30-11:45am.
Lecture Room: Room 110, Physics Building

Teaching Assistant: Ms. Xiao-Ting Zhou
 Office: Room 267, Physics Building
 Phone: 765-494-5539
 Email:
 Office Hours: by appointment

 Classical Dynamics of Particles & Systems (5th ed), by Thornton & Marion
 Introduction to Electrodynamics (3rd ed), by David J. Griffiths
 Reference:
o Introduction to Classical Mechanics With Problems and Solutions by
David Morin

Course Web:

 This course is intended for first-year graduate students in the Department of Physics. It
provides a survey of major topics in classical mechanics and electromagnetism. The
primary objective is to prepare beginning students for upper-level graduate courses.

 There will be a problem set every week.
 It will always be due on Thursdays before the lecture unless noticed otherwise.
 No late homework will be accepted but it can be waived for valid reasons for that week.
 You are encouraged to discuss home problems with other students but are not allowed to
copy others’ work.

 There will be two exams. The mid-term exam will cover Mechanics and will be held on
10/15/2009. The final exam will cover E&M and will be held during the final exam
week between 12/14/2008 and 12/19/2008.

Subject to changes:
 Homework 30%
 90-100% A+
 Attendance 10%
 85-90% A
 Mid-Term Exam 30%
 80-85% A-
 Final Exam 30%
 75-80% B+
 65-75% B
 60-65%B-

edu/emergency_preparedness/pdf/Pan_Flu_Plan _v2_-FINAL_15%20Dec%2008. In such RESPONSE  In the event of a major campus emergency.pdf.cdc.itap.htm .purdue. o http://www. deadlines and grading percentages are subject to changes that may be necessitated by a revised semester calendar or other o http://www. student will be contacted by e-mail and an announcement will be made on the course website.  Purdue's resource for Campus Emergency as well as pandemic influenza plan is located at the following urls: o http://www. course requirements.purdue.