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Order No.: 2866776

DIN rail power supply unit 24 V DC/20 A, primary switched-mode, 1-
phase. The SFB technology (Selective Fuse Breaking Technology)
can now also be used to trigger standard power circuit breakers
reliably and quickly.

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WEEE/RoHS-compliant since:
Commercial data 19/03/2007
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Product description

QUINT POWER power supply units – Maximum system availability with SFB technology

Compact power supply units of the new QUINT POWER generation maximize the availability of your system. With the
SFB technology (Selective Fuse Breaking Technology), six times the nominal current for 12 ms, even the standard power
circuit-breakers can now also be triggered reliably and quickly. Faulty current paths are switched off selectively, the fault
is located and important system parts continue to operate. Comprehensive diagnostics are provided through constant
monitoring of output voltage and current. This preventive function monitoring visualizes critical operating modes and
reports them to the control unit before an error can occur.

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60° 2866776 18-Jan-2012 . 65 Hz DC frequency range 0 Hz Current consumption Approx.. 40°C permanently.recommended fuse Type of protection Transient surge protection Protective circuit/component Varistor Output data Nominal output voltage 24 V DC ±1% Setting range of the output voltage 18 V DC . 90%) < 0.. static 10% .QUINT-PS/ 1AC/24DC/20 Order 29.. 5.5%/K) Connection in parallel Yes. UOUT = 24 V DC) 120 A (SFB technology... 90%) < 2 % (change in load.3 A (230 V AC) Inrush surge current < 20 A (typical) Power failure bypass > 20 ms (120 V AC) > 20 ms (230 V AC) Input fuse 12 A (slow-blow.. -25°C ... for redundancy and increased capacity Connection in series Yes Control deviation < 1 % (change in Technical data Input data Nominal input voltage 100 V AC . 70 °C (2.1 A (120 V AC) Approx.. internal) Permissible backup fuse B10 B16 Additional text AC: 1 x circuit breaker ...1 % (change in input voltage ±10%) PHOENIX CONTACT Ltd Page 2 / 7 http://www. 240 V AC AC input voltage range 85 V AC .5 V DC (> 24 V constant capacity) Output current 20 A (-25°C .. 350 V DC Short-term input voltage 300 V AC AC frequency range 45 Hz . 264 V AC DC input voltage range 90 V DC ... dynamic 10% . 2. UOUT = 24 V DC) 26 A (with POWER BOOST.phoenixcontact.. 12 ms) 26 A (UIn ≥ 100 V AC) Magnetic fuse tripping B16 C6 Derating 60 °C

40 W General data Width 90 mm Height 130 mm Depth 125 mm Width with alternative assembly 122 mm Height with alternative assembly 130 mm 93 mm Net weight 1. DNV. SN 29500) > 500000 h (According to IEC 61709) Ambient temperature (operation) -25 °C . 15 mm next to active components. EN 60715 Assembly instructions Can be aligned: 5 mm horizontally. only with upstream filter). permissible relative humidity (operation) ≤ 95 % (at 25 °C. Residual ripple < 30 mVPP (with nominal values) Maximum power dissipation idling 8W Power loss nominal load of transformers IEC 61558-2-17 Standard no condensation) Mounting position horizontal DIN rail NS 18-Jan-2012 . ABS. 5 cm vertically Electromagnetic compatibility Conformance with EMC Directive 2004/108/EC Noise emission EN 50081-2 Noise immunity EN 61000-6-2:2005 Low Voltage Directive Conformance with LV directive 2006/95/EC Standard – Electrical equipment of machines EN 60204 Standard . NK. RINA.7 kg Efficiency > 93 % (for 230 V AC and nominal values) Insulation voltage input/output 4 kV AC (type test) 2 kV AC (routine test) Degree of protection IP20 Protection class I MTBF (IEC 61709.. BV Standard – Electronic equipment for use in EN 50178/VDE 0160 (PELV) electrical power installations and their assembly into electrical power installations Standard – Safety extra-low voltage IEC 60950-1 (SELV) and EN 60204 (PELV) PHOENIX CONTACT Ltd Page 3 / 7 http://www.. 85 °C Max.Electrical safety IEC 60950-1/VDE 0805 (SELV) Shipbuilding approval Germanischer Lloyd (EMC 1.: 2866776 70 °C (> 60 °C derating) Ambient temperature (storage/transport) -40 °C .QUINT-PS/ 1AC/24DC/20 Order No..phoenixcontact.

requirement of the semiconductor SEMI F47-0706 Compliance Certificate industry with regard to mains voltage dips Certificate CB Scheme UL approvals UL Listed UL 508 UL/C-UL Recognized UL 60950 UL listed ANSI/ISA-12. input Connection method Screw connection Conductor cross section solid output Connection method Screw connection Conductor cross section solid min. 0. 4 mm² Conductor cross section AWG/kcmil min. 4 mm² Conductor cross section AWG/kcmil C.phoenixcontact. 12 Conductor cross section AWG/kcmil max 10 Stripping length 7 mm PHOENIX CONTACT Ltd Page 4 / 7 1AC/24DC/20 Order No.Safe isolation DIN VDE 0100-410 DIN VDE 0106-1010 Standard – Protection against electric shock DIN 57100-410 Standard – Protection against shock currents.2 mm² Conductor cross section solid max.01 class Standard . division 2. 0. 6 mm² Conductor cross section stranded min. 6 mm² Conductor cross section stranded min. B.Approval for medical use IEC 60601 Approval .12. 18 Conductor cross section AWG/kcmil max 10 Stripping length 7 mm Screw thread M4 Connection data.phoenixcontact. 0. groups 18-Jan-2012 . DIN VDE 0106-101 basic requirements for protective separation in electrical equipment Standard – Limitation of mains harmonic currents EN 61000-3-2 Standard – Equipment safety GS (tested safety) Standard .2 mm² Conductor cross section stranded max.2 mm² Conductor cross section solid max.: 2866776 http://eshop. D Surge voltage category III Connection data.2 mm² Conductor cross section stranded max. 0.

0. UOUT > 0. 6 mm² Conductor cross section stranded min.phoenixcontact. 0.: 2866776 http://eshop.2 mm² Conductor cross section stranded max.9 x UN: Contact closed Maximum switching voltage ≤ 30 V AC/DC Maximum inrush current ≤1A Continuous load current ≤1A Status display UOUT > 0. min 0. active Output description IOUT < IN: High signal Output voltage + 24 V DC Maximum inrush current min. 20 mA (short-circuit resistant) Continuous load current ≤ 20 mA Status display UOUT > Signaling Output name DC OK active Output description UOUT > 0.9 x UN: Flashing "DC OK" LED Output name POWER BOOST.2 mm² Conductor cross section solid 18-Jan-2012 .9 x UN: High signal Maximum inrush current Nm Screw thread M4 Output name DC OK floating Output description Relay contact. 20 mA (short-circuit resistant) Continuous load current ≤ 20 mA Status display IOUT > IN: LED "BOOST" yellow Certificates PHOENIX CONTACT Ltd Page 5 / 7 http://www.phoenixcontact.9 x UN: Flashing "DC OK" LED IOUT < IN: LED ON Conductor cross section solid min.9 x UN: "DC OK" LED green Note on status display UOUT < 0.9 x UN: "DC OK" LED green Note on status display UOUT < 0.QUINT-PS/ 1AC/24DC/20 Order No.5 Nm Tightening torque max 0. 18 Conductor cross section AWG/kcmil max 10 Tightening torque. 4 mm² Conductor cross section AWG/kcmil min.

optimum cooling is ensured at high ambient temperatures or if the mounting position is rotated. CSA.phoenixcontact. Certification ABS. UL-EX LIS Accessories Item Designation Description General 2319919 ME-MAX-NEF/QUINT20A Filter for adherence to the EMC category EMC1 in shipbuilding for the QUINT-PS/1AC/24DC/20 power supply 2320076 QUINT-PS/FAN/4 The fan for QUINT-PS/1AC and .. 2853983 UTA 107 Universal DIN rail adapter. DNV. UL Listed Certification Ex: CUL-EX LIS. CUL.QUINT-PS/ 1AC/24DC/20 Order 2866776 http://eshop./3AC power supply units can be mounted without the need for tools or other accessories.phoenixcontact. GL. LR. By using the fan. NK.. GOST. for screwing on switchgear 2938235 UWA 182/52 Universal wall adapter Drawings Block diagram PHOENIX CONTACT Ltd Page 6 / 7 18-Jan-2012 .

England Phone 01952 681 700 Fax 01952 681 799 2866776 18-Jan-2012 .QUINT-PS/ 1AC/24DC/20 Order Address PHOENIX CONTACT Ltd Halesfield 13 Telford / Shropshire / TF7 Phoenix Contact Ltd. PHOENIX CONTACT Ltd Page 7 / 7 http://www. Technical modifications reserved.