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Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies

Dove hair oil: marketing in India
Sanjeev Prashar, Harvinder Singh, Kumar Saurabh, Virinchi Acharlu Madanapalli,
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Sanjeev Prashar, Harvinder Singh, Kumar Saurabh, Virinchi Acharlu Madanapalli, (2014) "Dove hair oil: marketing in India",
Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, Vol. 4 Issue: 3, pp.1-12,
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HUL created market leadership position and owned most of India’s top ranking consumer Disclaimer. products in this category. solely for educational purposes and is not intended to represent successful or unsuccessful managerial The product portfolio decision making. the largest player in the segment.192. Raipur.V.5 per cent over the previous five years and had net revenue of INR2. Kumar extended its premium category brand Dove by launching Dove Elixir Hair Oil in November Saurabh is a Student and 2012.41) for 90 ml(News and Features. ISSN 2045-0621 EMERALD EMERGING MARKETS CASE STUDIES PAGE 1 . Lever Brothers India Limited was incorporated as a company in 1933. Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacturing Company and United Traders Limited – Hindustan Lever Limited was constituted in 1956.36 billion (US$64.33 billion) hair oil market (Bajaj Corp Downloaded by 58. personal care. but their prices were one-fifth the price of Dove’s hair oil. 2008). in Rotterdam (Annual Report and Accounts.211. 2013). It had a presence in ⬎ 100 countries and had global annual sales of INR3. 2011/2012a). making its brands a part of everyday life (Hindustan Unilever Limited.29 billion). Kumar Saurabh and Virinchi Acharlu Madanapalli Sanjeev Prashar is a India’s fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market has witnessed tremendous growth Professor.1 billion (US$5. By 2011-2012.6 trillion) by 2020 (Confederation of Singh is an Associate Indian Industry. Table I reflects various products and protect confidentiality.64 billion (US$1.302. 2012). with the merger of three companies – Lever Brothers. DOI 10. Dove hair oil: marketing in India Sanjeev Prashar. 2012). 4 NO. Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL). The major competitors such as Dabur India Limited and Bajaj Corp Ltd. HUL’s net sales were growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13. and two out of three Indians used HUL products.34 At 03:09 24 July 2017 (PT) Madanapalli is a Student Limited. 1-21. 2011/2012b). HUL rolled out 35 brands across 20 diverse product categories. With the price of INR185 (US$3. Unilever had roughly a 52 per cent shareholding in HUL(Annual Report and Accounts.2 billion (US$5.09 billion) and net profit of INR269. and the company was renamed in June 2007 as Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) (Chronology of Key Events. Harvinder Singh. This case is written brands (Hindustan Unilever Limited. and India. The portfolio of HUL comprised soaps and detergents. the company posted profit after tax of INR259. Further. The author/s may have disguised names. had based at Indian Institute of Management. brands of HUL. Hindustan Unilever Limited After 45 years of operations in India. 2012) and was listed as Unilever PLC in London and Unilever N. pp.6 billion (US$43. With domestic consumer business growing at 18 per cent. many industry experts speculated as to whether there was a substantial market at the higher end of the scale for Dove to be able to expect sales at that price. 2013). 2008) and 400⫹ brands and was the world’s leading FMCG company. Professor.47 billion) in 2011-2012 (Somvanshi. food and financial and other recognizable information to beverage and chemicals and agricultural inputs. Harvinder and is expected to reach INR165.62 trillion (US$3. In India. the Virinchi Acharlu company took plunge into the INR66. This was a subsidiary of Anglo-Dutch multinational giant Unilever(Introduction to HUL.1108/EEMCS-06-2013-0104 VOL.27. © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.91 billion) in 2011 (Annual Report and Accounts. 2008). 2013). 3 2014.

Sunsilk. Axe Cosmetics Lakme. respectively (Malviya. The detergent market in India was of INR1. Dabur and CavinKare (Arora. Clinic Plus. Nirma and Ghadi. Table I HUL product portfolio Category Product Brand Personal care Soap Dove. Wheel. Liril.28 billion) Indian toothpaste market (The Hindu Business Line. Breeze Shampoo Dove. Major players in this segment were⬃brand/pr?sid⫽t06%2Cxrp (accessed 29 March 2013)  Soaps. Elle 18. Aviance Deodorants Axe. Liril 2000. Sunsilk. Rin and Wheel. 2012). Lifebuoy. TRESemmé. Wipro Consumer Care and ITC were its major competitors (Malviya and Jacob. Reckitt Benckiser. 2012). Colgate Palmolive. The personal care segment included personal wash products. HUL’s home care products strongly contributed to the overall growth of the company by recording double-digit volume growth during 2011-2012. Rin. deodorants and colour cosmetics.27. Sure. Rexona. Lux. 4 NO.79 billion) (Bhupta.  Detergents. Godrej Soaps. and Clinic Plus continued to be the biggest selling shampoo in the category (NSE India. Prominent competing brands were Ariel and Tide (from Proctor & Gamble). TRESemmé. Pears. HUL had 45 per cent of the market share. Dove. Clinic Plus. With reckoned brands such as Lifebouy and Lux. Pepsodent Food and drink Tea Red Label. Sunlight Dishwash bar & liquid Vim Downloaded by 58. Lifebuoy. Cif Water purifier Home appliance Pureit Source: Compiled by authors from www.400 billion (US$25.34 At 03:09 24 July 2017 (PT) Fabric conditioner Comfort Sanitary products Domex. Godrej. 2012). Clear. 3 Roses. In the body lotions segment. Rin. Lux. 2010). Sunlight Detergent bar Surf. of which HUL brands. Lipton Coffee Bru Ready to cook Knorr Soup Knorr Salt Annapurna Jam Kissan Squash Kissan Ketchup Kissan Bread & cake Modern Frozen desserts Kwality Walls Home care Detergent powder Surf.000 billion (US$17. Vaseline. 3 2014 . Taj Mahal. Axe. In skin care. 2010). 2011). 2011).92 billion) soap market (Pinto. 2011/2012c).9 and 6 per cent market shares. including Surf. Ponds. the company had a market share of 49 per cent with strong brands such as Fair & Lovely. Taaza. Similarly. with major brands including Clinic Plus. Aviance Shower gel Pears Face wash Pears.  Personal products.flipkart. HUL dominated India that had an INR1. Hamam. hair care products. oral care products. Aviance Conditioner Dove. The toothpaste category had strong brands including Pepsodent and CloseUp which dominated with 23 per cent of market share of the INR320 billion (US$7. Dove Toothpaste CloseUp. Sunsilk and Dove. had 36 per cent of the market share and Wheel and Rin had 16. Breeze. Pond’s and Vaseline market share growing at a double-digit rate (Hindustan Unilever Limited. Dove Body wash Dove. PAGE 2 EMERALD EMERGING MARKETS CASE STUDIES VOL. Aviance Creams Fair & Lovely. in the shampoo segment. Hamam.192. Gillette India. HUL had 55 per cent share and had even a much higher share in petroleum jelly category (Balakrishnan and Banerje. Wheel. Pears and Ponds together garnered 45 per cent of the Indian soap market.  Home care products. 2012).

908. The company has roughly two million outlets serviced by its sales force which has pushed HUL ahead of its nearest competitors Colgate and Dabur. In all.69 billion (US$38. Frito-Lay India. 2012). HUL aggressively took to modernising each of its brands and stock keeping unit. It also has enrolled nearly one million outlets in their “perfect stores” programme.000 billion (US$39. are the major competitors in the market (Market Research on Food and Beverages.000. the company has retained only those products in its portfolio that qualified its criterion of being leaders in the market (Edelweiss. HUL. foods and ice cream businesses contributed 18 per cent of the total revenues of the company(Vijayraghavan.27. Lizol and Harpic (Hindustan Unilever Limited. 2012). better stores” programme. The company has supported six million indirectly serviced outlets and has also designed special programmes. INR2. beverages. 2011/2012d). was in second place behind Nestle’s Maggi (Pani. 2013). with 41 per cent of the market share. With the ardent philosophy of bigger.62 million) ketchup category. Under its “more stores. Hypermart and Tesco. with BRU Downloaded by 58. the company developed proactive research and development plans and was identified as the sixth most innovative company in the world (Forbes. HUL also had a strong position in the coffee segment.13 billion) home and personal care industry in India is expected to grow 15 per cent year-on-year during 2011-2016 (Jha.54 billion) by 2016 (Market Research on Food and Beverages. HUL has formulated joint marketing plans with some of their established customers such as Walmart.45 million) ice cream market. 2011/2012b). 2013). Similarly. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd. The company’s strategic frame With the underlying philosophy of not having “me-too” products in any of its product categories. 2010) and had a 14 per cent share of the Indian INR12 billion (US$250. Britannia Industries Limited. Domex. 2011). 2011). who each had 1. 4 NO. which focusses on better availability and visibility of key brands in retail stores (Hindustan Unilever Limited. to penetrate into the many far-flung rural Indian villages with populations ⬍ 5. better and faster innovations. Vim Liquid also flourished. continued its growth providing germ-free toilets to Indian households and posed tough competition to its rivals. Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation. Usage of alternate bio-fuels in production systems and continued reduction of on-hand inventory were some of the actions taken by HUL to build a low-cost VOL. MTR Foods and Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Ltd.34 At 03:09 24 July 2017 (PT) having 42 per cent of the market share (Pani. The company’s disinfectant. Besides FMCG products. 2011/2012e).  Packaged foods. It won six awards at the famous EMVIES awards and People’s Choice and Special Targeted Advertising & Marketing awards for TV innovations (Hindustan Unilever Limited. 3 2014 EMERALD EMERGING MARKETS CASE STUDIES PAGE 3 . Metro. and is the second largest player after Amul (Agarwal. 2011/2012).. The packaged food industry in India is expected to grow INR1. HUL has further plans for expanding this category coverage to make their products available to even the remotest corners of India. bakery and oils and fats segments. a popular drinking water purifier (Hindustan Unilever Limited. as the liquid segment of dishwash grew at 40 per cent per annum (Bhushan and Malviya.192. Nestlé India Limited. HUL also ventured into the home appliance category with Pureit. The company has focussed on profit through sustainable means by following the asset-light model to pre-empt competitors. Besides launching new products from its parent group and getting into new markets. 2012). 2012). including Operation Bharat and Project Shakti. 2012). both in direct retail coverage and in indirectly served sale points. 2009). the company increased its distribution outlets. This includes the dairy. In the INR10 billion (US$180.2 million outlets (Credit Suisse. To plan for their expansion into modern trade channels. Excellent quality and strong advertising led Vim to the leadership position with 48 per cent of the market share (Euromonitor. For HUL. HUL’s Kissan. 2013).

The deodorant PAGE 4 EMERALD EMERGING MARKETS CASE STUDIES VOL.58 for 180 ml. Intense Repair Therapy. Head and Shoulders (INR135/US$2. with 70 per cent of its population falling into that category.94 for 169 ml). By the end of 2004. 2006). although it had aggressively re-launched some of its other popular brands including Lifebuoy. 2009).27. HUL did not undertake any re-launches for this brand in India. Liril and Lux. Dove has been one of the global leading brands of Unilever. Other brands available were Lux at INR70 (US$1. 2011/2012a). 2009). HUL believed this targeted market had more potential than many of its European markets (Iyer.68 for 200 ml) (Collected by authors from www. Dove First launched in the USA in 1957.brand%255B%255D%3DDabur&sid⫽t06%2Cb7e %2Cmz1&layout⫽grid). Sunsilk (INR110/US$2. Nourishing Oil Care and Colour Reserve (Dove. It also fascinated a part of the price-sensitive market. Dove immediately captured the niche market that looked for Downloaded by 58. Priced at (INR120/US$2. Ashok Venkatramani said: We launched Dove Body Wash as we believe that Indian consumers have evolved and are ready to experience superior bathing formats such as liquids (Sangameshwaran. targeting urban upper middle class. Dryness Care. The subsequent improved margins were shared either with customers or traders such as wholesalers and retailers (Hindustan Unilever Limited. body washes and face creams. This tracker measured a living standard of the market on which a higher score indicated a higher living standard.78 for 180 ml).39-2. 4 NO. 2011/2012f) in three different fragrances with a price tag of INR160/US$2. the company’s Vice President-Skin Range. HUL had introduced a single variant Dove body wash in metropolitan areas and a few select cities.71 for 250 ml). The bar was promoted as superior and gentle-on-skin and targeted upper middle-class Indian households (Sangameshwaran. With products including soap bars..flipkart.21 for 180 ml).03) (Rai et al. business model.02 for 180 ml) and Sunsilk Advanced (INR200/ US$3. the company pursued further brand extension and ventured into the hair care range in 2007 by launching Dove shampoo and developed numerous variants including Daily Shine. 2009).48 for 180 ml).82 for 200 ml). lotions. Once established as a well-known brand. Other brands available in the market were Clinic Plus (INR97/US$1. This value-for-money market also comprised consumers who only used the product for special occasions. Although the body wash category accounted for ⬍ 1 per cent of personal wash market. The soap was priced at INR30 (US$. Traditionally.192. 2012). Dove was present in 80 countries worldwide care/hair-care/shampoos/pr?p[]⫽facets. Instead of focussing on the whole of India.34 At 03:09 24 July 2017 (PT) global premium brands (Sangameshwaran. while using a less costly soap for the rest of the body (Sangameshwaran. L’oreal Paris Smooth (INR135/US$2.2 for 180 ml). India scored a 3. once it was globally positioned as a premium category brand. Pantene Anti-Dandruff (INR120/ US$2.48 for 170 ml). Dove Go-Fresh deodorant was launched in 2010(Hindustan Unilever Limited. 3 2014 . To manage consistency for the brand. This sizeable market comprised population who used the bar for washing only the face. 2009).64) a bar. deodorants. Dandruff Care.58) and Palmolive at INR90 (US$2. 2009). 2012). Garnier (INR120/US$2. Dabur Vatika (INR99/US$1. this imported premium brand extension was positioned as “ultra-moisturising” body wash. Dove’s shampoos Dandruff Care and Intense Repair were priced in the range of INR130-140/ US$2. Unilever launched products such as Dove in markets that scored 6 or higher on an internally developed tracker known as the “Living Standard Measure” (LSM). which was twice as expensive as any other popular toilet soap brand available in India at that time. HUL selectively targeted major metropolitan areas and the top 30 cities with a strong 100 million-plus population that qualified on its LSM scale benchmark. Hair Fall Reserve. Dove was brought to India in 1993 (Dove.

flipkart.36) for 90 ml with three variants.18 Dove Daily Shine Conditioner 180 128 2. Nourished Shine and Dryness Care. 2013).94 Dove GO Fresh Deo-Spray 169 160 2. 2013).34 At 03:09 24 July 2017 (PT) Table II Price of different products from Dove (as on 9 March 2013) Package Price Price Dove product size (in ml) (INR) (US$) Dove soap set of 3 3 ⫻ 100 gm 138 2. which was the largest deodorant brand in India.30 Dove Deep Pure Face Wash 100 125 2. Dove Elixir was priced at INR185 (US$3.30 Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash 100 125 2.30 Dove Body Wash Gentle 200 125 2.27 and INR150/US$2. such as Downloaded by 58. HUL used ordinary women who used the product to promote Dove and a testimonial of their experience with the product was a common theme of all advertisements. In line with its global norm.94 Dove Intense Repair Conditioner 180 128 2.30 Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment Mask 200 215 3. HUL entered the market with Dove Elixir in 2012.52 Dove Hair Therapy Damage Solution 180 128 2. Hairfall Rescue.72 for 150 ml). HUL had a range of body sprays.26 Dove Dandruff Care Shampoo 180 139 2. 3 2014 EMERALD EMERGING MARKETS CASE STUDIES PAGE 5 .42 Dove Indulgent Nourishment Body Lotion 250 200 3.05 Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Shampoo 200 123 2. It had competition from mass market brands already established by Marico. Realising that the internet savvy young population was its core market.71) for 100 ml. About 90 per cent of the market was concentrated in the mass segment (with deodorants priced between INR125/US$2. 2011). print and online media to promote Dove as the “real beauty” brand for common people (Clinic Plus.30 Dove Beauty Moisture Body Wash 200 125 2.36 Dove Intense Repair Shampoo with Conditioner 340 220 4.42 Dove Go Fresh Nourishment Body Lotion 400 240 4. Dabur and Bajaj Corp (Dove.36 Source: Compiled by authors from www.36 Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion 400 240 4.94 Dove Go Fresh Face Wash 100 125 2.05 Dove Daily Shine Conditioner 90 64 1. Under the brand Denim. namely. the company had Axe. Marico’s brand Clinic Plus already had a full portfolio of hair care products and its Clinic Plus hair oil was priced at INR39 (US$. 4 dove⬃brand/pr?sid⫽t06%2Cxrp (accessed 29 March 2013) VOL. Prices of different hair oil brands are available in Table III.18 Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo 675 349 6.05 Dove Intense Repair Shampoo 180 128 2. a nourishing hair oil under the brand Clinic Plus (Clinic Plus.56 Dove Dryness Care Shampoo 360 220 4.36 Dove Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner 180 160 2.05 Dove Dandruff Care Conditioner 180 139 2. In the male fragrance deodorant market. Table II presents the price of different Dove products. 2013) and Daily Care.68 Dove Clear Touch Deo-Spray 169 160 2.30 Dove Body Wash Fresh Moisture 200 125 2.192.56 Dove Dryness Care Conditioner 180 128 2. This entry into hair oil came six years after the sale of the company’s oil brand Nihar to its rival Marico Ltd. The company used TV.96 Dove Oil Care Repair Mask 200 300 5.05 Dove Damage Therapy Daily Shine Shampoo 340 220 4.36 Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo 360 220 4. market in India was estimated at INR9 billion (US$203 million) in 2011 and was expected to grow by 25 per cent annually (Business Standard. Acting on the growing market for hair oil.27. Positioning it as super-premium brand. the company intensively used social media. They were costlier than successful rival brands such as Marico’s Parachute Scalp Therapy and Bajaj Almond Drops.42 Dove Intense Repair Shampoo 360 220 4.54 Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo 80 64 1.

heavy amla hair oil (amla is a popular Indian name for the Indian gooseberry).22 Parachute Advanced Aftershower Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil 200 64 1. India recorded sales of INR34. 2011).44 Parachute Advanced Cooling Hair Oil 190 90 1. allowing users to experience the products (Balaganesh.06 Parachute Coconut Hair Oil 1000 225 4.35 HUL Clinic Plus Hair Oil 200 72 1. This hair oil category was segmented into coconut-based oil. 3 2014 . Dove hair conditioner had total sales of around INR400 million (US$8. thus contributing 27 and 25 per cent.83 million).46 Bajaj Amla Shikakai 100 19 0. Owing to a fast-changing lifestyle.64 billion (US$1.02 Downloaded by 58.37 Parachute Advanced Scalp Therapie 100 112⫽t06%2Cb7e%2Ck78 (accessed March 29 2013) Facebook.670. cooling oils and other various small variants.583 million) and 19 per cent of the market share in 2012 (Balaganesh. 4 NO. this market was growing at 14 per cent (Balaganesh.46 Dabur Vatika Enriched Almond Hair Oil 200 85 1.04 billion (US$640 million) for coconut oil. 2011). Various blogging contests. Table IV presents share of various hair care categories (by value). The coconut-based oil led the hair oil category with 48 per cent of the total PAGE 6 EMERALD EMERGING MARKETS CASE STUDIES VOL.66 Parachute Advanced Jasmine Hair Oil 300 99 1. 2011). and sampling counters were used. the INR128.82 Parachute Advanced Jasmine Perfumed Non-Sticky Coconut Hair Oil 40 12 0. respectively.6 billion) hair care market made up 8 per cent of the total INR1.38 Baja Corp Bajaj Brahmi Amla 300 110 2. were organised. It posted sales of INR4 billion (US$85. By 2012.02 Nihar Naturals Jasmine Hair Oil 100 28 0.88 Bajaj Jasmine 100 25 0. light hair oil.01 Marico Hair and Care Hair Oil 300 110 2.33 billion) for 2011. and collaborated with Yahoo! organising online forums where users could discuss their hair problems. 2011).6 billion (US$692 million) for perfumed oil category and INR32.4 billion) Indian FMCG market (Balaganesh. Dove had emerged as a solid brand within the HUL portfolio and a strong player in each of product categories.02 Dabur Vatika Hair Oil 300 120 2. hair oil alone contributed to 52 per cent of the total hair care market.10 Dabur Amla Hair Oil 300 110 2. 2011).64 billion (US$33.59 Parachute Advanced Ayurvedic Deep Conditioning Hot Hair Oil 190 78 1. and shampoo. Table III Price of different hair oil brands (as on 9 March 2013) Company Brand Package size (ml) Price (INR) Price (US$) Dabur Dabur Anmol Coconut Hair Oil 500 114 2.32 Source: Compiled by authors from www. With aggregate sales of INR66.flipkart. The hair oil market In 2011.14 Parachute Advanced Coconut Hair Oil 80 32 0. to the overall hair care industry (Balaganesh. hair conditioners and colours were key categories in demand.34 At 03:09 24 July 2017 (PT) Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil 300 125 2. The photographs of such sessions were showcased in the Dove gallery.21 Dabur Amla Light Hair Oil 100 44 0.56 Emami Limited Himani Navaratna Hair Oil 100 55 1. hair oil. 2011).15 billion (US$2.52 Nihar Shanti Badam Amla Kesh Tel 90 20 0. with soap alone accounting for 50 per cent of total revenue (Balaganesh.18 Parachute Advanced Ayurvedic Hair Oil 190 75 1.81 Dabur Almond Hair Oil 50 25 0.27. such as the “Real Beauty” campaign.192. and every promotional effort made by Dove endeavoured to keep the company ahead of its competitors in all categories.30 Bajaj Kailash Parbat Cooling Oil 100 48 0.

Sachets also emerged in the market and captured 2 per cent of the volume (Bajaj.5 per cent in terms of value and volume. while the urban market constituted 66 per cent of the total segment.644 million) and INR7. All the major players were aggressively launching a gamut of new products and variants. 2012) the competition was growing fierce. Bajaj Almond Drops was the leader and had captured 54 per cent of the light hair oil market (Balaganesh. Traditionally. com/xml-data/corpfiling/AttachHis/Bajaj_Corp_Ltd_251012. Nihar. Other players included Marico’s Shanti Amla Badam. “Investor Presentation”. The coconut oil segment was growing.2 per cent and 200 ml constituting 22 per cent of total sales. 2011). light hair and cooling oils (Balaganesh. With HUL acquiring Cococare and Marico acquiring Oil of Malabar. 2011).pdf (accessed 29 March 2013) market. 2011). www. Hair & Care. Growth was more or less flat in the heavy amla oil category. Recording annual sales of INR10. respectively (Balaganesh.27. 4 NO. “Investor Presentation”.1 million) in 2011-2012. FMCG major had popular oil brands like Parachute. Marico’s Parachute had been market leader in the coconut oil category with 80 per cent market share (Balaganesh. followed by heavy amla.bseindia. 3 2014 EMERALD EMERGING MARKETS CASE STUDIES PAGE 7 . as all major players had thrust on converting non-users into users. North India alone accounted for 49 per cent of the light hair oil sales volume. Oil of Malabar. 2010).34 At 03:09 24 July 2017 (PT) accounted for the bulk of sales.36 billion (US$1. Given the dominance of urban markets. Table IV Share of hair care categories by value (March 2012) Category Share (%) Shampoo 31 Perfumed oil 27 Coconut oil 25 Hair conditioners 2 Hair dyes 15 Source: Compiled by Authors: Bajaj Corp Limited (2012). larger units Downloaded by 58. Shanti.5 and 14. (Gurtoo. Bajaj Corp and Marico had been pillars in the market. Emami.pdf (accessed 29 March 2013) VOL. but Western India was the fastest growing region with 23 per cent of the sales volume.192. 2011). Key players in India Marico Established in 1971. Heavy amla and cooling oil categories recorded annual sales of INR8.8 per cent by volume.56 billion (US$191. the light hair oil category was growing at CAGR of 25. and products in other categories including Revive (instant Table V Share of hair oil categories by value (March 2012) Oil Share (%) Coconut based 48 Heavy amla 15 Light hair oils 15 Cooling oils 12 Others 10 Source: Compiled by authors: Bajaj Corp Limited (2012). with 100 ml constituting 35. Cooling Hair Oil was growing at CAGR of 16. Dabur Sarson Amla and Bajaj Brahmi Amla (Balaganesh. respectively. com/xml-data/corpfiling/AttachHis/Bajaj_Corp_Ltd_251012. www. Indian companies such as Dabur. in 2011-2012. 2011).66 billion (US$139 million).bseindia. Share of different hair oil categories is available in Table V. and Dabur Amla was a clear leader with roughly 70 per cent market share.

2011/2012b). Brahmi Amla Shikakai. 2013b).5 per cent volume share in 2010 (Chatterjee. had 24.3 per cent by volume and 29. 3 2014 . Mediker (anti-lice shampoo).Marico Limited. that had been recognised at public forums also (Dabur India Limited. covering ⬎ 5. Parachute had continued its market expansion strategy to convert loose oil users into packed branded coconut oil users (Marico Limited. Hair care contributed 30 per cent to consumer care sales for Dabur. 2010) and was further growing into the double digits (Dabur Limited. Parachute Advanced Body Lotion had achieved a market share of 7 per cent within one year of its launch. Dabur was ranked second in hair oil and fourth in the shampoo market in India (Dabur India Limited. Dabur Amla Hair oil had been the flagship hair oil for Dabur. 2013b). 2011/2012d). Brahmi Amla. Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil. 2011/2012d). This INR50 billion (US$1 billion) company had a wide distribution network in both urban and rural markets. 2011/2012). its presence in the coconut oil-consuming south India was negligible (Bajaj Corporation Ltd. In the light hair oil category. The only company selling oil in a glass bottle. Nihar Shanti Amla Oil had a volume market share of 18.1 per cent of the market share by volume in the total hair oil market. 2013). Positioned as the premium brand. starch powder).34 At 03:09 24 July 2017 (PT) With a consumer base of ⬎ 35 million users. its flagship brand (Marico Limited. Eighty per cent of the company’s sales were from “mom and pop” stores.6 per cent in 2012 in the amla hair oil category.8 million retail outlets (Dabur India Limited.5 per cent by value (Bajaj Corporation Ltd. Bajaj Corp Limited had 8 per cent of its sales realisation from sachets. Bajaj Jasmine and Bajaj Kailash Parbat Cooling Oil (Bajaj Corporation Ltd. Dabur India Limited Downloaded by 58. Manjal (herbal soap) and Saffola (refined edible oil) (Marico Homepage. This made it the second largest player in the segment (Marico Limited. 2011/2012c). The company had 14 per cent of the market share in the light hair oil segment with its Parachute Beliphool and Parachute Advanced Cooling Oil (Marico Limited. Having been voted Indian Power Brand 2011-2012. Parachute had 80 per cent of the market share in the branded coconut oil market (Marico Limited. thus becoming the third largest player in all Indian urban markets (Marico Limited. 2013a. and North India attributed 50 per cent of the company’s total sales. Bajaj Brahmi Amla Hair oil had been one of the top three brands in the amla hair oil market (Bajaj Corporation Ltd. 2011/2012a). The company was also aggressively working to get into related categories such as hair dyes and skin-care products (Mahalingam. 2011/2012c). 2011/2012b). Marico’s hair oils. Dabur aggressively pursued the strategy of expansion through innovation and acquisition (Dabur Limited.192. 2011/2012e). Bajaj Almond Hair Oil had ⬎ 54 per cent market share in the light hair oil category and grew at 21. 2013). However. The company also had a premium coconut hair oil.27. 4 NO. Dabur Almond Hair Oil had been an established player (Dabur Limited. PAGE 8 EMERALD EMERGING MARKETS CASE STUDIES VOL. It was the market leader in amla hair oil category with 69. Bajaj Corp Limited The third largest player in the hair oil market Bajaj Corp Limited was renowned for its products such as Bajaj Almond. 2013a). One out of every three Indians used Marico products (Marico Homepage. 2011/2012a). 2013). led by Parachute and Nihar. 2011/2012b). The company had an extensive distribution network for Parachute. 2013). 2011/2012c). Its premium personal care brand Dabur Vatika was the leader in the category (Dabur Limited. 2012).

and most of its brands recognised names in their Dove elixir. 2011/2012).000 retailers (Emami Limited.770-cr hair oil market”. The Economic Times.pdf (accessed 16 January 2012) Bajaj Corporation Limited (2011/2012). (2010).-K ushagra-Bajaj-Vice-Chairman-of-Bajaj-Corp-Ltd. Afaqs. Navratna Oil had 54 per cent of the market share (Emami Limited. The company had a direct reach across oil. The industry experts were divided on chances of its success.34 At 03:09 24 July 2017 (PT) business-standard. and Malviya.html. S. Bajaj Corp Ltd. “India Infoline”. (2010).afaqs. HUL had HUL. available at: www. “Light segment nourishes Rs 5. G. HUL was a household name in the FMCG category. 2011/2012b) and had been ranked number three in the hair oil category(Emami Limited. (2012). The Economic Times.pdf (accessed 5 March 2013) Bajaj Corporation Limited (2013).com/2010-04-28/news/27584551_1_skin-care- moisturising-brand (accessed 16 January 2013) Bhupta. Boroplus Antiseptic Cream./19310291 (accessed 5 March 2013) Balaganesh. “Annual report 2011-2012”. In the cooling oil category. Business Standard. 3 2014 EMERALD EMERGING MARKETS CASE STUDIES PAGE 9 . Emami had prominent brands such as Fair & Handsome (men’s fairness cream). References Agarwal. Business available at: www.htm (accessed 9 March 2013) VOL. available at: www. 2011/2012d). available at: www. K.iseindia.html Chatterjee.indiatimes. (2013). available at: www. R. available at: (accessed 22 December 2012) Balakrishnan. respective product categories. B. 2011/2012c) of “Brand Equity Most Trusted Brand 2011”. taken a bold step of launching high-priced Dove Elixir in a market traditionally ruled by Premium hair oil mass market 1. (2009). and Banerje. “Can Kwality Walls beat the heat?”.thehindubusinessline.bajajcorp. “Investor presentation.com available at: http://articles. P. “Unilever Limited”. The Hindu Business (accessed 16 January 2013) Annual Report and Accounts (2008). “Yahoo and Dove launch India’s biggest blogger contest with IndiBlogger. Zandu Balm and Himani Navratna Oil. of three Indians using its products. Keywords: Conclusion Brand extension. indiatimes. “HUL’s Vaseline getting a makeover”. R.com 08_annual-report_tcm13-163124. available at: www. “Ad war: Dettol’s campaign on kitchen cleaning product shows rival HUL’s Vim dishwash liquid”. 37. For nearly five standard. (2012).com/news/company_briefs/index. Bajaj Corp Limited”.pdf (accessed 23 December 2012) Arora. Emami Limited An established player in personal and healthcare industry in India. available at: http://articles. 4 NO. R. Downloaded by 58. With a history of successful product (accessed 5 March 2013) Bajaj. These four brands accounted for 60 per cent of the company’s revenues in 2011-2012 (Emami Limited. with two out (accessed 9 March 2013) Business Standard (2011).com/india/news/soapsdetergents-market-sees-plentyaction/495154/ (accessed 28 January 2013) Bhushan. “ISE India research”.in”.html?id⫽49439_Yahoo⫹and⫹D ove⫹launch⫹Indias⫹biggest⫹blogger⫹contest⫹with⫹IndiBlogger.indiainfoline. available at: www. (2010). 12.27.S. (2011). “Soaps and detergents market sees plenty of action”. “KIT: the men’s deodorant market in India”. p. p. available at: www. available at: www. Bajaj Corporation Limited (2013).economictimes. S.economictimes. Navratna Oil was one of the most advertised brands in the segment. M.

Dabur India Limited (2013b). com/docView?language⫽ENG&source⫽ulg&format⫽PDF&document_id⫽997125241&serialid⫽4qc KWrd16pbMHzfYwIHUOatH0o8sVcHWjjvUxSILAKY%3D. “Annual Report 2011-12. “Hindustan Unilever Limited”. “India consumer sector”. “A black shiny market”.com/a/iimraipur. Forbes. p.contenttype⫽view%20brands (accessed 11 March 2013) Confederation of Indian Industry (2012).com/en/investors1/DIL-Inv-Present-Merrill-Feb-13. p. 14. 23. Hindustan Unilever Limited (2011/2012a). Chennai. available at: www. huge consumption growth opportunity for FMCG and retail”.in/aboutus/ ourhistory/Chronology. “Dabur investor presentation – Merrill Lynch India Investor Conference”. Hindustan Unilever Limited (2011/2012b). Chennai. 12.pdf. p.contenttype⫽view%20brands (accessed 22 December 2012) Dove (2013). 9. 18.pdf (accessed 9 March 2013) Dabur India Limited (2013a). Dove (2012). dabur. Emami Limited. 4 (accessed 23 December 2012) Clinic Plus (2013). Emami Limited (2011/2012b). available at: www.pdf p. 13.hul. p. p. Downloaded by 58. “Annual Report 2011-2012”. Hindustan Unilever Limited (2011/2012c).com/ business-news/Markets/A-black-shiny-market/Article1-889575. 33. “Dabur India Limited-safe and sustainability report”. available at: www. “Annual report 2011-12a”. Emami Limited (2011/2012d).in/brands-in-action/detail/Dove/3 03749/?WT. 8. Emami Limited (2011/2012c).com/ special-features/innovative-companies-list.hul. available at: www. Management Discussion and Analysis”. 3 2014 . “Annual Report 2011-2012”. p.cii. “Edelweiss Report on Hindustan Unilever – May 2011”. “Annual report 2011-12a”. p. “The world’s most innovative companies”. “Hindustan Unilever Limited” At 03:09 24 July 2017 (PT) Dabur Limited (2011/2012c).⫽v&q⫽cache:dhkIiA_b3tIJ:www. available at: Hindustan Unilever p.192. “Annual Report 2011-2012”. available at: www. 7. dishwashing-in-india/report (accessed 9 March 2013) Forbes (2013).ac. “Annual report 2011-2012”. p.euromonitor. Emami Limited. Emami available at: https://doc. fmcg/doc_download/151-hul-edelweiss-may-2011. p. Hindustan Unilever Limited. available at: https://docs. 24. available at: www. Euromonitor (2013). “Hindustan Unilever Limited”.forbes.csfb. “Annual report 2011-12a”.html (accessed 8 March 2013) Gurtoo.equityresearchreports.research-and-analytics. Chronology of Key Events (2012). 8. Dabur Limited (2011/2012b).com/en/investors1/DIL-Inv-Present-Merrill-Feb-13. Chennai. Dabur Limited (2011/2012a). Dabur India Limited (2013).co. “Annual report 2011-2012”. (2012). Hindustan Times. “Euromonitor report on Dishwash in India”. available at: www. “Annual report 2011-2012”. available at: www. linic-Plus/305753/?WT. Hindustan Unilever Limited. available at: www. “Dabur investor presentation – Merrill Lynch India Investor Conference”. google.aspx (accessed 8 March 2013) Edelweiss (2011). “Annual report 2011-2012”. 33. Emami Limited.aspx?enc⫽Moe/mip1algA7CrO⫹mi3F ETqTNyhNTX415NVN8JJa3GxOICfvfFHieRH7Xw4jygf (accessed 18 March 2013) Credit Suisse (2012). “Dove launches a premium hair oil range – Dove Elixir”. “Indian Tiger Roars.C.aspx (accessed 10 March 2013) Hindustan Unilever Limited (2011/2012). Hindustan Unilever Limited. PAGE 10 EMERALD EMERGING MARKETS CASE STUDIES VOL. 27.html⫹&hl⫽en&gl⫽in&pid⫽bl&srcid⫽ADGEESiTJ qwju8KIKrDiT1aTjo4ipVNA5ZQ4mWNZl9GPYnAwJeJc_PQzKriIUkaGkIm9IxARRS-zQuKT2IN8LhJjW hpWaA-7qBC223-60Pmxe86CZlGG0-DdlXiBA81A9E1zXbKH5hDI&sig⫽AHIEtbRY_8svjPVdEoy–U5b RI94D8rOfQ (accessed 22 December 2012) Emami Limited (2011/2012a). available at: www.

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