DATE 11 - 03 - 2004 DOC.NO. QP.4.2.3 SHEET 1/2 VERSION 00

i. ISO Cell has established and maintained a procedure to
control all documents and data related to Quality Management System.
ii. All the documents are divided in three groups I, II & III as
described in chart QP 4.2.3-A depending upon the type of document.
iii. The documents of all these groups are identified by a
document numbering system as shown and described in charts QP 4.2.3-B & QP 4.2.3-C
iv. All the master drawings of parts /sub-assemblies are kept by
QA and are arranged in files in accordance with QA catalogue system.
v. A master list of document is available with QA under File No.
QP 4.2.1.A.
i. Documents are classified as controlled & uncontrolled
documents depending upon its use. All standards, drawings, system manual/procedural
manual-work instructions and test & review reports fall in controlled documents category
while general formats, dimensional & trouble reports & other fall in uncontrolled document
category. A summary master list of Controlled & uncontrolled documents are attached here
with. (Ref: QP 4.2.3-D) indicating type of Document and authorization to initiate, review
and approve for adequacy prior to issue.
ii. All the original documents are kept by ISO cell and
photocopies of controlled documents are issued to the concern shop/ department by AMR /
MR with stamp “Issued by ISO cell”.
iii. ISO CELL /PPC/ relevant functional heads are responsible to
ensure that the pertinent issues of controlled & uncontrolled documents are available at all
locations where operations essential to the effective functioning of the quality system are
performed. The record of issues of all documents is maintained by change history master
list QP 4.2.3.A.
iv. All departmental heads where controlled documents are
placed are responsible that unauthorized release or copy of controlled document is not

distributes and publishes all document changes to the concern locations. ii. v. v. Basic changes in product design/drawing information or work/operation instructions send by Honda Motor Company. C. a. Document & data changes are controlled by ISO CELL & PPC and are reviewed and approved by same authorities that performed the original review and approval Ref QP4. quality standards and local drawing change requisition form QA-GL-19 is initiated by Section incharge / departmental head and are examined by QA or Engg.4. iii. QUALITY PROCEDURAL MANUAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DATE 11 . ISO Cell issues the changed document along with change / amendment notice to PPC.A is attached “Change Notice Form” QA-GL-18 .NO. iv. and however any changes in basic formats or basic contents of these documents do require a formal documents change procedure. All controlled documents are identified by a mark “Controlled document”. QP.2004 DOC.3 E. Such preservations are suitably identified by “Obsolete/Not Valid” stamped with Red ink in order to avoid unauthorized use by ISO-CELL.03 . Deptt. DOCUMENT & DATA CHANGES: i. such documents are marked CD/PA. Permission of ISO CELL is required prior to the retention of any obsolete document for reference/Legal purpose. These documents can only be duplicated after the permission of ISO-CELL. For changes in standard operation procedures quality system procedures. Note: Copy of changed notice authorized by Q. which certainly controls.2. Japan and are received by PPC.2. Photocopies of certain documents/formats are allowed to be used for recording quality data. The control documents are marked with stamp CD indicating Control Documents b.3 SHEET 2/2 VERSION 00 made.