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SB40S Credit Value: 1

Teacher: Mr. Connolly Room: 111

You will develop a variety of skills and knowledge necessary for

a successful business career. This course involves a short-term
placement in a local business or organization. Topics include
ethics and etiquette, resume preparation, applications, and
Report Cards:
interview skills, office organization, meetings, research skills,
November 17, 2017
telephone techniques, interpersonal skills, stress management,
February 9, 2018
and oral and written communications

Textbook: Success in the Workplace, Brand, Olney & Sparkes Late work will have 10%
Handouts provided by the teacher deducted from the grade
for the first week.
There is a 20%
Assignments This would include resume, cover deduction after the first
letters, and worksheets from the week.
workbook and summarizing and
given your opinion to newspaper If you have difficulty
with the course, you are
encouraged to speak with
Practicum This would include 1 employer your teacher as soon as
evaluation, reflection of possible.
evaluation, and completed weekly
Assignments that have
not been handed in will
Project After covering a chapter or unit, be completed in Study
a project may be given. This Hall
would replace the test for the Monday to Friday
At lunch time or after
Final Exam There is no final exam
Contact Information:
You can reach Mr.
Connolly at 888-4867
TOTAL 100% ext. 4911 (voice mail is

You can email him at