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Increasing productivity and
protecting lives through strata
management and ground control

40% + productivity increases where a full strata monitoring system is deployed 40 % Reduce your injury and incident reports by up to 65% 65 % An average of 25% up-time improvements across your mine 25 % .

Whichever way you look at it the RRTX System is good for your people and good for your business - and comes with the Trolex 2 year warranty and a lifetime of support from a company that has been protecting lives and improving efficiency in the mining industry for over 50 years. but also through the more intelligent distribution of costly support collateral and the subsequent reduction in handling and usage of heavy machinery and inventory. from an investment of less than 10% of that figure. Typical savings and productivity improvements of around $1.RRTX REMOTE READING TELLTALE SYSTEM The RMT Trolex Remote-reading Telltale System can deliver outstanding safety improvements alongside huge. with injury and health-related reports reduced by up to 65%.trolex. For more information on our full range of strata monitoring and control equipment please go to www. Savings and reduced incidents occur not only through a safer and more stable environment. quantifiable efficiency savings to virtually any underground mining operation.75m USD per annum can be .

The units are simply strung together along a series of up to 4 ‘daisy chains’ using a standard twin-core connection cable. Once installed the multi-height instruments require no on-going maintenance and a simple annual system check is all that’s required to maintain a fully functioning solution. .SIMPLE TO INSTALL. EASY TO OPERATE AND VIRTUALLY MAINTENANCE FREE The RRTX system employs a series of multi-height instruments to monitor strata movements in key areas of the mine.

up to 100 units linking into a local The system auto-performs diagnostic controller or a surface PC as required. Appropriate personnel can potential critical incidents of ground be automatically informed by e-mail and fall and collapse. will determine their location and function providing exceptional longevity and through a simple question and answer reliability. written to provide a simple user-friendly interface. displaying the current status Substantial safety improvements of the strata movements in real-time and cost reductions are achieved by as well as an historical trend analysis producing real-time information which of all installed telltales. and cleary demonstrable financial and personnel benefits often result in a return on investment within 2 months of the installation of the system. set-up SMS when these pre-set levels have and maintenance is incredibly easy been reached. Installation.The instruments used in the system The software is designed to are highly accurate monitoring devices automatically detect when telltales are (+/-0. RRT Modem . informing the operator appropriately when actions need The surface PC software has been to be taken. Each ‘daisy-chain’ can have session with the surface operator. and through providing unit .both as absolute levels.5mm) which have no moving removed or added to the system and parts and are unaffected by water . or as rates early warning of movement trends and of change. checks. Individual warning facilitates the intelligent distribution of and action levels can be set for each support collateral.

000 USD per investment often within annum from a mine. 2 months of installation. NUMBERS THAT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES A series of independent user studies in operational mines have demonstrated the value of installing Remote Reading Tellltale Solutions into the critical areas of the mine such as face installations and belt transfer chambers. wide remote system with information relayed direct to ROI the mine SCADA $1. 49% cost-savings on Average of 25% standing supports up-time improvements through increased on longwall operations spacing leading to an increase of 40% and more on production rates 49 % 25 % Up to 65% reduction in injury/incident related reports through better hazard warning and reduced usage of heavy equipment 65 % Typical savings of Quantifiable return-on- $1.750.75m .


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