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Oracle 1Z0­899 Exam Questions

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1Z0-899 Exam
Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Certified Expert Exam

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Question: 1
Giveo the eoeueot friu the web attoisatio .etoiyueot .essrittirs
<jst – triterty – griut>
<uro – tatero>:uaio:tage1wjst<:uro – tatero>
<ssrittog – iovaoi.>true<:ssrittog – iovaoi.>
Ao. giveo that :uaio:tage1wjst siotaioss
<% iot i = 12; %>
<b> <%= i %> <:b>
What is the resuot?

Aw <b> <b>
Bw <b> o2 <:b>
Cw The JSP faios ti exesutew
Dw <% iot i = 12 %>
<b> <%= i % > < b>

Answer: C

Question: 2
A web attoisatio aooiws the HTML ttoe baooer ti be set usiog a siotext ioitaoiiatio taraueter
saooe. ttoestrw Whish twi triteroy set the ttoe io the sseoarii? (Chiise twi)

Aw <ttoe> $ {ttoestrr <:ttoe>
Bw <ttoe> $ {ioittarauwttoestrr<:ttoe>
Cw <ttoe> $ {tarau [0]w ttoestrr <:ttoe>
Dw <ttoe> $ {tarauVaoueswttoeStrr <:ttoe>
Ew <ttoe> $ {ioitParau [‘ttoeStrr] r <:ttoe>
Fw <ttoe> $ {servoetParauswttoeStrr <:ttoe>
Gw <ttoe> $ {requestwget (“ttoeStrr) r <:ttoe>

Answer: B, E

Question: 3
11w <%
12w requestwsetAtribute (“vaosr, oew Striog[] {“1r, “2r, “3r, “4rr);
13w requestwsetAtribute (“io.exr, “2r);
14w %>
15w <% - - iosert si.e here - - %>
Whish three EL extressiios, ioserte. at oioe 15, are vaoi. ao. evaouate ti “3r? (Chiise three)

Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 3

Aw ${vaosw2r
Bw ${vaos [“2r] r
Cw ${vaoswio.exr
Dw ${vaos[io.ex] r
Ew ${vaosr [io.ex]
Fw ${vaosw (vaoswio.ex) r
Gw ${vaos [vaos[io.ex-1]] r

Answer: B, D, G

Question: 4

Whish three EL extressiios, ioserte. at oioe 16, are vaoi. ao. evaouate ti “.r? (Chiise three)

Aw ${uatwsr
Bw ${uatw[s]r
Cw ${uatw[“sr]r
Dw ${uatwuatwbr
Ew ${uatw[uatwb]r
Fw ${uatw (uatwb)r

Answer: A, C, E

Question: 5
Yiu are buio.iog a .atog servise web sitew Part if the firu ti subuit a soieot's trifoe is a griut if
ra.ii butios fir the tersio's hibbiess
20w <iotut tyte = ‘ra.iir oaue = ‘hibbyEouur vaoue = ‘HIKINGr> Hikiog <br>
21w <iotut tyte = ‘ra.iir oaue = ‘hibbyEouur vaoue = ‘SKINGr> Skiog <br>
22w <iotut tyte = ‘ra.iir oaue = ‘hibbyEouur vaoue = ‘SCUBAr> SCUBA <br>
23w <! - - ao. uire ittios - - >>
Afer the user subuits this firu, a siofruatio ssreeo is .istoaye. with these hibbies oiste.w
Assuue that ao attoisatio-ssite. hibbies, hio.s a uat betweeo the hibby eouuerate. tyte ao.
the .istoay oauew Whish EL si.e soittet wioo .istoay Nth eoeueot if the user's seoeste. hibboes?

Aw ${hibbies [hibbyEouu[N]r
Bw ${hibbies [tarauVaoueswhibbyEouu[N]]r
Cw ${hibbies [tarauVaoues @ ‘hibbyEouur @N]
Dw ${hibbieswget(tarauVaoueswhibbyEouu[N]) r

Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 4

Ew ${hibbies [tarauVaoueswhibbyEouuwget(N)] r

Answer: B

Question: 6
1w <% iot[] ouus = {42,420,4200r;
2w requestwsetAtribute((fii(, ouus); %>
3w ${5 + 3 It 6r
4w S(requestSsite['fii'][0] oe 10 .iv0>
5w ${10 .iv 0r
What is the resuot?

Aw true true
Bw faose true
Cw faose true 0
Dw true true Iofoity
Ew faose true Iofoity
Fw Ao exsettio is thriwo
Gw Ciutioatio ir traosoatio faios

Answer: E

Question: 7
Yiu are buio.iog a web attoisatio with a sshe.uoiog siutioeotw Oo the JSP, yiu oee. ti shiw the
surreot .ate, the .ate if the treviius week, ao. the .ate if the oext weekw Ti heot yiu treseot this
iofiruatio, yiu have sreate. the fiooiwiog EL fuostios io the ‘.r oauestases
• Naue s surData; sigoatures javawutowutoDate CurreotDate()
• Naue s surData; sigoatures javawutowutoDate a..week (javawutowDate, iot)
• Naues .ateStriog; sigoatures javawutowStriog getDataStriog (javewutowData)
Whish EL si.e soittet wioo geoerate the striog fir the treviius week?

Aw ${.s.ateStriog(afWeek(surDate(), -1)) r
Bw ${.s.ateStriog [a..Week[surDate[], - ]] r
Cw ${.s.ateStriog [.sa..Week[.ssurDate[], - 1]] r
Dw ${.s.ateStriog (.sa..Week(.ssurDate(), -1)) r

Answer: D

Question: 8
Giveo a io ao HI IP requests
X-Retriess 4
A Whish twi retrieve the vaoue if the friu a giveo HttServoetRequest request? (Chiise

Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 5

Dw requestwgetHea.ers{(X-Retries()wget(0)
Ew requestwgetRequestHea.ers((X-Retries()wget(0)

Answer: A, B

Question: 9
Giveo ao HttServoetRequestrequest ao. HttRestioserestiose, whish sets a siikie “useroauer
with the vaoue “jier io a servoet?

Aw requestwa..Ciikie((useroaue(, (jie()
Bw requestwsetCiikie((useroaue(, (jie()
Cw restiosewa..Ciikie((useroaue(, (jie()
Dw Ciikie((useroaue(, (jie())
Ew requestwa..Ciikie(oew Ciikie((useroaue(, (jie())
Fw restiosewa..Ciikie(oew Ciikie((useroaue(, (jie())
Gw Ciikie((useroaue(, (jie())

Answer: F

Question: 10
Whish aooitatio eoaboes a servoet ti efsieotoy trisess requests if tyti uuottart:firu-.ata that
ioviove oarge foes beiog utoia.e. by the soieot?

Aw @AssettMuottart
Bw @MuotPartCiofg
Cw @MuotPartFiruData
Dw @WebServoet (uuottart = true)

Answer: B
htts::wwwwssrib.wsiu:ioiosheo2008:.:38864289-Servoet3-0-Stess (tage 22, oast taragrath)

Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 6

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