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American Government

Tralane Bowen
Room 216

American Government
The government course provides students with a background in the philosophy, functions, and structure of
the United States government. Students examine the philosophical foundations of the United States
government and how that philosophy developed over time. Students will also examine the structure and
function of the United States government and its relationship to states and citizens. This course is
developed around the Georgia Standards of Excellence, which are developed and mandated by the state.

1. Students will come to class prepared and ready for engagement.
2. Students understand that independent study is required on their part.
3. Students will meet deadlines for assignments.
4. Students will seek extra help when needed.
5. Students will approach coursework with open minds and positive attitude.
6. Students will have quizzes over the topics that are studied in class. Exams will be a combination of multiple
choice and essay questions.
7. Students will read primary sources and supplemental readings throughout the course.

90 - 100 = A
80 - 89 = B
70 79 = C
0 69 = F

Grading Policy
Daily work=30%
Final Exam=20%
***Zeros will bring down your average quickly. Please make sure all daily work, projects, and tests are done and
turned in.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ask about and make-up all missed assignments, quizzes, and tests. Failure to complete
make-up work will result in a failing grade. There are exceptional circumstances under which allowances may be made.
They will be dealt with on an individual basis. Make- up work will be in an assigned folder, at the front of the room, with
your name and the date that was missed. Students will have 3 days to complete any make-up work, quizzes, or tests.

Assignments that are late will always be accepted, however 10 points will be subtracted for each day an assignment is
late. The highest grade you can receive after an assignment is 4 or more days late is a 60. Exceptional circumstances will
be dealt with on an individual basis. I do not accept any missing or make up work 1 week prior to the start of Finals
Week. Plan accordingly. This is a college prep class, with that being said, students must be responsible enough to meet

Students are expected to be on time to all classes. Students who arrive late to class will be expected to have a tardy pass, a
late pass, or a pass from a teacher or administrator. Without a pass, we will follow the schools tardy policy. Students
must be in the room when the tardy bell rings.
Classroom Procedures = EXCELLENCE
Excellence to each other
In our classroom, we RESPECT:
Others opinions.
Others when they are talking
Others personal boundaries.
Others property.
Excellence in our work
In our classroom, we are RESPONSIBLE. We:
Are on time.
Have class materials with us at all times.
Stay on task.
Complete readings prior to classroom discussion and activities.
Participate in classroom activities.
Prepare for and take all quizzes and exams.

Cell phones

Cell phones should be put up and away by the time the tardy bell rings. There is designated area for student phones in
the classroom. If a student is found to have a phone out during class, it will be collected for that class period. Phones will
be used throughout the semester, but only when directed by the teacher. STUDENTS SHOULD BE PAYING ATTENTION,

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Student Signature: _________________________________________________

Parent/guardian signature: __________________________________________