A New Collaboration Experience At-A-Glance

Collaborate with Confidence Figure 1.  The Expanding Scope of Collaboration Why Cisco?
Cisco Collaboration Solutions can help you address today’s
• Any to any: In business as in the consumer world, the
business challenges and build competitive advantage by: value of collaboration increases with the number of
participants it can touch—people, devices, applications,
• Transforming business interactions with real-time voice
and organizations. And the most pervasive, open, and
and video communications
accessible medium to connect these varied resources
• Quickly forming dynamic teams to make better is the network. Cisco allows people to collaborate
decisions, faster, regardless of location anywhere, on any device, accessing any type of content
• Increasing customer responsiveness with instant with the proper policy controls.
access to company experts • People-centric: The effectiveness of collaboration
• Securely connecting, communicating, and collaborating increases dramatically when people can see and
across traditional corporate boundaries interact with each other “face-to-face”, even if separated
by distance or time. By embracing the unique power of
Challenges Faced by Businesses Today video to improve human communication and build trust,
The nature of work is changing rapidly. Multiple trends are
the organization can bridge these gaps in a way that
causing a profound transition in the way that people interact
Cisco’s Approach to Collaboration traditional document-centric tools cannot. Cisco offers
and do business, including:
Technology-enhanced collaboration is not new. But a broad portfolio of video- and voice-centric
• More mobile, dispersed workforces traditional text and voice-centric forms of collaboration collaboration applications designed to enable
• An explosion in content and devices cannot, by themselves, address today's challenges. people-centric collaboration.

• More cross-organizational teaming and processes True collaboration must embrace richer forms of • Integrated end-to-end experience: Participation
depends on the quality of the interaction. Maintaining
• Proliferation of video communications communication such as video, harness the power of social
software tools within the enterprise, provide freedom of a compelling experience regardless of the location,
• Social software being used at work device, or content being accessed requires intelligent
choice in device and location, allow secure collaboration
People are typically a business’s most important asset, and infrastructure. Only Cisco delivers a combination
both inside and outside the firewall, and offer complete
they account for its largest costs. In the information economy of purpose-built software and hardware backed by
flexibility of deployment between on-premises and cloud-
it is increasingly the knowledge and expertise of a company’s thousands of hours of user testing to deliver the optimal
based deployment models.
employees that provides the critical competitive edge. experiences that most effectively bring people together.
And above all it should provide an integrated experience
The next breakthrough levels of innovation and efficiency are Start at Any Point, Grow at Any Pace
that puts the person back in the center, facilitating greater
unlikely to come from adding more traditional IT systems or Cisco offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of
participation, productivity, and value—whether it be for the
“office tools”, but rather from embracing these new trends, collaboration solutions in the industry, offering “best-in-
customer in a retail store, the mobile salesman, the office
actively engaging employees, partners and customers to class” choices that can be deployed in any order, at a pace
project manager, or the patient consulting remotely with
work more closely together, anytime, anywhere, in a more that matches your business objectives (Figure 2, Table 1).
a doctor.
natural and integrated way (Figure 1). And because they are built on a purpose-built architecture,
investment in one area lays down a foundation for future

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and/or its affiliates in the U. Here. organizations can • Prosumer video capture improve interactions. in the collaboration experience. productivity. • Telepresence: Take advantage of many rich. models. and partners quickly the next great performance challenge—and and securely find.  Cisco Collaboration Portfolio processes and create true customer intimacy. whether they work at the main sales cycle. bring a Cisco brings together network-based. as well as making mobile devices extensions of the or hybrid • Video. and video conferencing. streamline the product-development process. match basis while removing the risk of “lock-in”. or with a blend of the two. or take time out of the collaboration solutions based on open standards. please check with your Cisco representative.cisco. or enter new markets with built-in your organization with Cisco Collaboration Solutions. our partners. audio. presence. Evolve messaging with secure hosted email collaboration can be used to completely reinvent the right people and information. Cisco and the Cisco Logo are trademarks of Cisco Systems. productivity and responsiveness to customers by Conferencing • Software as a service (SaaS)-based. and event solutions cloud. and/or its affiliates. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company. encourage innovation. and collaborate like never before. and support they need—when short-term returns. or remotely. Please competitive advantage. © 2010 Cisco Systems. companies using presence. A New Collaboration Experience At-A-Glance Our open and interoperable approach allows you to integrate • Mobile applications: Increase mobile employee Table 1. graphics. support. and office-space costs. Customer care • Contact center routing and queuing face-to-face experiences that invigorate business • Voice self-service Figure 2. and • Messaging: Communicate within and between • Strategic ROI: Strategic ROI is the hardest to measure.com/go/collaboration_experience. customers. on premises. and web meetings flexible deployment options for hosting on premises. Inc. help promote business growth. A compounding effect accrues with greater solutions. and location • Enterprise social software: Accelerate decision making Productivity ROI: Increasing employee productivity is • Scheduling and directory services by helping employees.  Cisco Collaboration Portfolio Categories* existing and new collaboration technologies on a mix-and. integrated • IP communications: Extend consistent communications product to market more quickly. that a • Customer care: Proactively connect customers with the applications • Cisco WebEx™ meeting applications for smartphones business considers. as well as professional services from Cisco and campus. * Local availability may vary. and typically the first. innovation. and make better Messaging • Voice and unified messaging decisions faster by enabling people to connect. A listing of Cisco's trademarks can be found at www. or video.S. web. and but perhaps the most transformative. Inc. These services to employees. develop new business Let us help you enable a new collaboration experience in next-generation. enterprise IM. Collaboration • Media transformation and analytics and where they need it. infrastructure. visit http://www. participation across the organization. web-based collaboration. or unified messaging that delivers a bridge to concept of customer service. at branch offices. (1007R) C45-564016-01  09/10 . and other countries. access. whether text. communications • Communications endpoints and applications • Conferencing: Extend the reach of your workforce with • Hosted unified communications advanced audio. interoperable infrastructure (ROI) in three areas: • Secure intercompany services • Operational ROI: Collaboration enables you to change IP • IP telephony the way you operate by cutting or avoiding travel. and simplify the process of finding the voicemail. and personal endpoints • Scalable.cisco. often yielding the highest • Business tablet and wireless IP phones information. Here protect investments.com/go/trademarks. This area Mobile • Unified mobile applications is the most accessible. more effective collaboration can Collaborate with the Best information. • SaaS-based email Collaboration can deliver a return on investment Telepresence • Immersive. energy. Third-party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. • Social media customer care Enterprise social • Enterprise collaboration platform Build Competitive Advantage and Business Value software • Social video sharing With Cisco Collaboration Solutions. multipurpose. • Training. They also help accelerate team performance. expertise. • Enterprise instant messaging communicate. and share relevant business opportunity. • infrastructure • Session management.