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Infoblox, is a leading actionable network intelligence provider. Infoblox provides its
customers, both public and private, with protection from malware and cyber-attacks by
creating one focal point, or source, for control and security. Headquartered in Santa Clara,
California, Infoblox has over 600 employees and provides its services to over 75 major
companies and countless private customers and organizations around the world. It has
offices located in the Silicon Valley, Singapore, Amsterdam, India, and Canada.

Infoblox Hiring Process and Assessment Tests

The Infoblox hiring process begins with a Jobvite applicant tracking system (ATS). Jobvite is
used to screen your application/questionnaire, resume, CV, and cover letter. This applicant
tracking system assesses your answers and documents for keyword-specific phrases.
Therefore, to ensure your paperwork successfully moves forward in the hiring process, you
must make certain your answers and documents properly align with the job description.

Once your application is complete, depending on the job position, you may encounter
the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test and an Infoblox personality test.
(These tests are explained, in detail, further down the page.) Be sure to review and prepare
for these tests as they can be the difference in moving forward with a job offer or not.

Once you pass the assessments, you may be called for one, or several, telephone interviews.
If you are deemed a promising candidate, in-person interviews will be coordinated.

What Is the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT)
Inflobox utilizes the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) as one of its pre-employment
aptitude tests. The CCAT measures your problem-solving abilities, skill learning
capabilities, and critical thinking.

It consists of 50 questions, has a 22-minute time limit, and is comprised of three question
categories—math and logic, verbal ability, and spatial reasoning. It's important to note that
very few people manage to finish the entire test within the time limit.

It's also important to note that each job position has its own suggested range of raw .CCAT scores are determined by a raw score (the number of questions answered correctly).aspx %3fReturnURL%3d. https://www.%2fcriteria-ccat-sample- test&itemCode=tpo_freeTest02&testTitle=Criteria+Cognitive+Aptitude+Sample+Test&layoutype =0 2. There are no right or wrong answers to the personality assessment 4) Don’t skip any questions .aspx?Skinid=9&localeSetting=en- CA&sLanguage=en- CA&test_id=tpo_freeTest02&mode=timed&template=FreeTestTemplate&endURL=signout. so try to figure out what your company and job position require.scribd. %3fReturnURL%3d. Overview/tips for the Assessment Test: 1) The CCAT is 50 questions long and you are allocated a time to finish as many questions as possible 2) Hardly anyone will get to all 50 questions.%2fcriteria-ccat-sample- test+&endURLName=Practice+More&cancelURLName=Practice+More&cancelURL=signout.. which is by design 3) The EPP assessment is not timed. but generally takes 10-20 minutes.guess if you need to and then move on to the next question 5) Do not spend a lot of time on any one question 6) Calculators are not allowed 7) Using the internet is not allowed 8) Be sure you are in a quiet place and won’t be disturbed as once the clock starts it doesn’t stop until the time expires Practice Test: 1. This score can be converted into a percentile in order to indicate the examinee's results compared to other applicants.jobtestprep.

Additionally. . Highlight your strengths and work-positive characteristics. Be sure to answer every question honestly.Infoblox Personality Test Utilized as part of the hiring process. it assesses your approach to work scenarios and colleagues. Preparation helps to ensure your application and assessments make it through to the interview stage. Infoblox’ s personality test is a brief assessment that measures your compatibility to the company and the position for which you are applying. but strategically.