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 VTP minimizes misconfigurations and configuration. such as duplicate VLAN names or incorrect VLAN-type specifications. VTP helps you simplify management of the VLAN data base across multiple switches  VTP allows for centralized changes that are communicated to all other switches in the network 2 .

the VLAN is distributed through all switches in the domain.wide basis  When you configure a new VLAN on VTP Switch(server). Cisco layer 2 protocol  Manages the addition .deletion and renaming of VLANs on a network.  Reduces the need to configure the same VLAN everywhere  Available on most of the Cisco Catalyst family Products 3 .

 VTP stores VLAN configurations in the VLAN database called vlan.dat 4 .

 Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) Trunk Protocol(VTP) reduces administration o a switched network  Minimizes the problems caused by incorrect configurations and configuration inconsistencies 5 .

so all switches in domain must be Cisco switches. 6 .  Each switch can belong to only one domain. Group of layer 2 switches sharing VLAN data.  Ends at router or layer 3 switch.  Domain is defined by its name.  Proprietary to Cisco.  Switch can be linked but not part of domain.

default mode. Client. Sends VLAN information to other switches.receives VLAN information and forward it to other switches.A switch can be configured in one of three modes Server.forward VTP traffic but do not originate or use it.not shared with other switches 7 . Transparent. They can have their own VLANs.

 Cannot create .  Synchronizes VLAN configuration with latest information received from other switches in the management domain  Does Not save VLAN configuration in non volatile RAM(NVRAM) 8 .change or delete VLANs on command-line interface (CLI)  Forwards advertisements to other switches.

modify.  Send and forwards advertisements to others switches  Synchronizes VLAN configuration with latest information received from other switches in the management port  Saves VLAN configuration in NVRAM(non volatile ram)  VTP servers can create.  VTP servers send VTP messages out to all trunk ports. and delete VLAN and VLAN configuration parameters for the entire domain. 9 . Create. modifies and delete VLANs.  VTP servers save VLAN configuration information in the switch NVRAM.

delete and modifies VLAN only on the local switch  Forwards VTP advertisements received from other switches in the same management domain. nor will the switch send out an update indicating a change in its VLAN status.  A transparent switch will not modify its database when updates are received. VTP is disabled on a transparent switch. Create .  Switches in VTP transparent mode forward VTP advertisements but ignore information contained in the message.  Does not synchronize its VLAN configuration with information received from other switches in management domain  Saves VLAN configuration in NVRAM. 10 .  Except for forwarding VTP advertisements.

 Switch(config)#vtp version <1/2>  Switch(config)#vtp mode <server/client/transparent>  Switch(config)#vtp domain <domain name>  Switch(config)#vtp password <WORD> 11 .

 server Set the device to server mode. one per line.  mode Configure VTP device mode  password Set the password for the VTP administrative domain  version Set the administrative domain to VTP version  Switch(config)#vtp mode ?  client Set the device to client mode. End with CNTL/Z. 12 .  Switch(config)#  Switch(config)#vtp ?  domain Set the name of the VTP administrative domain.  transparent Set the device to transparent mode. Switch>enable  Switch#conf t Enter configuration commands.

 Switch(config)#vtp domain IT Domain name already set to IT. Switch#conf t  Switch(config)#vtp mode server Setting device to VTP SERVER mode.  Switch(config)#vtp password abc Setting device VLAN database password to abc  Switch(config)#do show vtp status 13 .

 Switch(config)#vtp domain IT Domain name already set to IT.  Switch(config)#vtp password abc Setting device VLAN database password to abc Use the show vtp status command Switch(config)#do show vtp status 14 . Switch#conf t  Switch(config)#vtp mode client Setting device to VTP CLIENT mode.