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Data sheet

HPE StoreOnce single node System Installation
and Startup Service
Support Services

HPE StoreOnce single node System Installation and Startup Service provides planning, service deployment, installation verification testing (IVT),
and an orientation session to help you deploy the features and functionality of the HPE StoreOnce Systems in your network environment.

This service covers the installation and configuration of the HPE StoreOnce 2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 51xx and 55xx single node systems.

Service benefits
• Installation and startup by a Hewlett Packard Enterprise technical specialist
• Availability of a Hewlett Packard Enterprise service specialist to answer basic questions during the delivery of this service
• Delivery of the service at a mutually scheduled time convenient to your organization
• Verification prior to installation that all service prerequisites are met
• Allows your IT resources to stay focused on their core tasks and priorities
• Expedited installation, provided all service prerequisites are met prior to commencement of service
• Improved system uptime

Service feature highlights
• Service planning
• Service deployment
• Installation verification tests (IVT)
• Customer orientation session

This data sheet is governed by the Hewlett Packard Enterprise current standard sales terms, which include the supplemental data sheet, or, if applicable, the Customer’s purchase agreement with Hewlett
Packard Enterprise.

if it is present. Customer orientation session After completing the installation. this software is installed on the host's system. or. . of the information needed to plan the deployment. the Customer’s purchase agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise. if applicable. the HPE service specialist will conduct an orientation session of up to one (1) hour on product usage and HPE support. which include the supplemental data sheet. not on the HPE StoreOnce System • Installation and/or configuration of HPE StoreOnce Catalyst software and HPE StoreOnce Data Replication software. these devices have their own separate hardware installation services (if required) • Application integration or integration of third-party products or peripherals not included with the system This data sheet is governed by the Hewlett Packard Enterprise current standard sales terms. Service features Feature Delivery specifications Service planning An HPE service specialist will contact the Customer to review expectations and validate that all pre-delivery requirements have been or will be met before installation of the service. or configuration of backup jobs • Configuration of backups to tape autoloaders. or network attached storage (NAS) and VTL devices across networks or by direct connection using supported backup applications • Installation or configuration of network switches. The service planning activities will include: • Communication and verification of the hardware and environmental prerequisites for the installation of the HPE StoreOnce System • Collection. and installation of any required licensing (including capacity expansion licenses) • SAN integration. Service limitations The following activities are excluded from this service: • Development and/or implementation of a backup/replication strategy across the HPE StoreOnce System environment • Installation and/or configuration of backup software to support the HPE StoreOnce System. including: – A check for the backup software that will be used (the software’s installation or configuration is not included. • Setting up new tape libraries. using a pre-delivery checklist. in which the StoreOnce System may require some additional configuration onto the SAN via its fiber connections • Setup and demonstration of the configuration of one host • Provision of configuration documentation to the Customer Installation verification tests (IVT) HPE will run the appropriate installation verification testing (IVT) required to verify operation of the configuration. tape libraries.Data sheet Page 2 Table 1. routers. validation of library operation. including any capacity expansion kits and network cards • Connection of Customer-supplied and pre-run network cabling to the hardware • Validation of the StoreOnce System operation. however. it can be used for verification) – Confirmation that the host to be used for the host setup demonstration meets the required specification • Agreement on the proposed configuration and review of the service completion criteria • Creation of a written installation plan. Subject areas for the orientation session may include: • An overview of and expectations for the deduplication technology • Information about how to set up email alerts • Further information about network-attached libraries and tape drives • Advice on backup strategies The orientation session is informal and is not intended as a classroom activity or a substitute for formal product training. which will serve as the project plan for this service • Scheduling of the service delivery at a time that both HPE and the Customer mutually agree on Service deployment The deployment activities will include the following: • Installation of the hardware into a Customer-supplied rack. or hubs. population of such libraries with media.

• A supported Ethernet/IP infrastructure must be installed. ensure that all hardware. • The Customer must provide a supported host on the correct subnet to demonstrate the host setup process. and otherwise be available to assist HPE in facilitating the delivery of this service • Adhere to licensing terms and conditions regarding the use of any Hewlett Packard Enterprise service tools used to facilitate the delivery of this service. which include the supplemental data sheet. • The Customer must provide a suitable physical operating environment. and any network connections required • Assign a designated person from the Customer's staff who. and software that the Hewlett Packard Enterprise service specialist will need in order to deliver this service are available and that software products are properly licensed. or. or install other software. power. will grant all approvals. work with the Customer to verify that all pre-delivery requirements are met. through additional Customer-purchased services. on behalf of the Customer. . the Customer’s purchase agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise. and operating normally. gateways must be operating between locations. HPE will provide information about what is required to bring this host to the required specification. HPE can. including implementation of any HPE-recommended environmental recommendations. troubleshoot or configure the network. but will not install or configure backup applications. • Suitable installed and configured backup software must be in place for any verification steps involving the backup of data. or additional tests requested or required by the Customer • Service deployment on hardware covered by a third-party maintenance contract • Any services not clearly specified in this document or an associated Statement of Work • Generation 3 firmware code upgrade for previous-generation D2D platforms Service eligibility Note: If the prerequisites below are not initially satisfied. including access to an outside telephone line.Data sheet Page 3 • Operational testing of applications. • An existing. • Wherever remote sites are being configured. if applicable. • All cabling must be supplied and pre-run. and configured tape library/drive must be already installed for direct connection. operating. where required. Customer responsibilities The Customer will: • Contact a Hewlett Packard Enterprise service specialist within 90 days of date of purchase to schedule the delivery of the service • Meet all service prerequisites as identified in the "Service eligibility" section • Meet all service prerequisites identified during the "Service planning" activity • Uncrate products and place the boxes in the immediate location where the installation service will take place • Make certain that all equipment to be de-installed is located in a safe working environment • Provide a suitable work area for delivery of the service. provide information. firmware. Customers are eligible for the delivery of this service if they meet the following prerequisites: • The Customer must provide suitable rack(s) with enough space to mount the hardware. configured. if applicable This data sheet is governed by the Hewlett Packard Enterprise current standard sales terms. • The Customer must have applied for and obtained the required licensing.

The only warranties for Hewlett Packard Enterprise products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Please contact a local HPE representative for details. as applicable for this service • Be responsible for all data backup and restore operations • Allow Hewlett Packard Enterprise full and unrestricted access to all locations where the service is to be performed • Allow Hewlett Packard Enterprise personnel full and unconditional access to all software products to be supported. the following are excluded from this service: • Service deployment on hardware not covered by a Hewlett Packard Enterprise warranty or service maintenance contract • Service deployment on hardware covered by a third-party maintenance contract • Services that. contact a local HPE sales © Copyright 2010-2013. Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s ability to deliver this service is dependent upon the Customer’s full and timely cooperation with HPE. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. contact any of our worldwide sales offices or visit the following website: www. and subscription service registration information. firmware. maintain. and provide to Hewlett Packard Enterprise upon request.hpe. repair. 6 . for any additional work over and above the service package pricing that may result from work required to address service prerequisites or other requirements that are not met by the Customer. on a time and materials basis. Hewlett Packard Enterprise reserves the right to re-price this service if the Customer does not schedule and provide for subsequent delivery within 90 days of purchase. March 2016. or. Travel charges may apply in some geographic locations. Any services provided outside of HPE standard business hours may be subject to additional charges. in the opinion of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. or software • Service required due to causes external to the Hewlett Packard Enterprise maintained hardware or software • Any services not clearly specified in this document Ordering information To obtain further information or to order HPE Installation and Startup Service for StoreOnce Systems. but not limited to. For more information For more information on Hewlett Packard Enterprise support services. This data sheet is governed by the Hewlett Packard Enterprise current standard sales terms. as well as the accuracy and completeness of any information and data the Customer provides to HPE. license agreements. 2015-2016 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP. if applicable. if security restrictions apply to any supported systems. are required due to unauthorized attempts by non-HPE personnel to install. all original software licenses. the Customer may be required to assume additional responsibilities for maintaining the system and software • Coordinate service deployment on third-party-maintained products (if applicable) with Hewlett Packard Enterprise General provisions/Other exclusions Hewlett Packard Enterprise reserves the right to charge. or modify hardware. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. Hewlett Packard Enterprise shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. the Customer’s purchase agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Activities such as. license keys. which include the supplemental data sheet. 4AA2-9557ENW.Data sheet • Retain. Rev.