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Career as CCIE

Here’s your chance to become

Highest Paid
IT Professional in World

Carrere as CCIE
CCIE’s are Highest Paid IT Professionals in World
CCIE [Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert] is the highest level certification offered by Cisco
Systems. CCIE is the most prestigious IT Certification offered by Cisco Systems, from last 15
years. Certainly CCIE Security Version 4 and CCIE Voice Certified Engineers are among the
best career options for young Engineers of India.

Network Bulls offers hot career options with enormous growth opportunities for young engineers
through CCIE R&S, CCIE Security and CCIE Voice Integrated programs. These programs are
designed in such a way that Placements are automatically guaranteed after successful completion
of the program. CCIE Engineers are hired by corporate giants like Cisco, TCS, Orange, HCL,
Tech Mahindra, HP, Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, Aricent, Array Networks, 3i-infotech, Proactive Data
Systems, Dimension Data, Singtel, IBM, Cable & Wireless to name a few. Network Bulls offers CCIE
Certification Training with 100% Job Placement Guarantee with starting packages of 5-18 Lakhs per
annum, depending upon the program and experience. Average packages grabbed by fresher CCIE
Security and CCIE voice engineers are in between 6 to 9 Lakhs per annum. ||
Placement Portal: || || || .665 – INR 11. Noida and Delhi)  Bangalore.854 Network Security engineer INR 2.networkbulls. Karnataka  Mumbai.782 Network Administrator (IT) INR 1.facebook. Maharashtra  Chennai (Madras).882 Security Consultant (Information Technology/Networking/ Computing) INR 2.32.226 – INR Network engineer INR 2. Delhi (including || www.200 – INR 8. Tamil Nadu || www. Maharashtra  Placement Portal: www.614 – INR 15.989 Cities that offer the highest salaries to Cisco Certified Engineers in India:  New Delhi.699 – INR 21. Network Engineer  Security Consultant (Computing /Information Technology/Networking)  Network Administrator (IT)  Systems Engineer (Computer Networking/IT)  Network Security Engineer  Senior Systems Engineer (Computer Networking/IT)  Network Analyst Median Salary Range as per Designations for a Cisco Certified (CCNA to CCIE) Employee: Designations Median Salary Range in India Network engineer INR 1.524 Sr.Popular Job Designations for CCIE Certified Employees: The most popular job designations for CCIE certified employees are listed below:  Network Engineer  Sr.

com/networkbullsindia || www.15.000. www.53.Median Salary Range for CCIE Certified/Non Certified Engineers as per cities in India: City Salary Range Bangalore INR .96. CCIE salary in India for a fresher starts from INR 2 lakhs (Non Certified) to INR 8 lakhs [Certified] per annum.101 New Delhi INR – INR 13.networkbulls. varying from one company to the other. Growth Opportunity for CCIE Certified/Non Certified Employee: A CCIE certified employee gets a senior level designation in the top-rated companies in India.672 – INR 15. CCIE certified professionals are in high demand both in India as well as || Placement Portal: www.712 Mumbai INR || info@networkbulls.419 – INR 27.256 Note: Salaries given above depends upon Certification status and track(R&S/Security/Voice) chosen by Engineers.61.368 Pune INR 2.14. the average pay scale for a CCIE certified employee is $100. In the US.networkbulls.222 – INR 19. Experienced CCIE certified professionals draw up to INR 30 lakhs per annum.