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Which memory DIMM technology combines DRAM memory with flash memory to allow data to be
retained in the event of power loss?
Answer: D
Which HPE cloud-based portal provides the ability to easily track service events and support cases and
view device configurations?
A. HPE Insight Diagnostic
B. HPE insight Online
C. HPE Active Health System
D. HPE Agentiess Management Service
Answer: B

Click and drag the business challenge on the left to match it with competitive advantage provided by
implementing a hybrid infrastructure on the right

A. Answer

Which solution provides the lowest latency and highest bandwidth for network connectMty for UPC
A. InfiniBand FOR
B. 40Gb Ethernet
C. 16Gb Fibre Channel
D. InfiniBand QDR

3 year proactive Care with call to repair with DMR B. SNMPV3 B. fully-populated Storage ModuIe. port mirroring Answer: AB Explanation/Reference: QUESTION 48 A customer is considering the DL330 Gen9 as the platform standard tor Its VSAN cluster. Click the menu option that will help the administrator find additional details in the shortest amount of time. HPE Smart Array P840 controller C. The configuration will use 24 drives. and extend service beyond the standard warranty period. isolated VLAN E.) A. 4 year Foundation care with call to repair with DME D. HPE SAS Expander . community strings C. Answer: Firmware bundle Answer: FIRMWAREBUNDLE QUESTION 46 A customer purchased 74x7 foundation Care HPE Care Packs to extend the length of service coverage. 4 year Foundation Care 24x7 with DMR C. Which product should the architect recommend to meet the customers need? A. Winch array controller should the architect recommend for this configuration? A.Answer: A Explanation/Reference: QUESTION 42 An architect designs a Synergy solution that will have five Compute Modules. each accessing a single. HPE Dynamic Smart Array B3140i controller B. The customer purchased several DL560 Gen9 servers and needs to know which product to purchase to reduce parts issues. How many P542D controllers are needed to complete this solution? QUESTION 45 A server administrator needs to find more information about a hardware issue on a server blade. The administrator is not sure which sewer blade is involved. Each 8-drive cage will contain 1 SSD and 7 SATA drives. A. minimize down time. 5 year Foundation Care with call to repair Answer: B QUESTION 47 Which methods can an administrator implement to provide higher security within a management network? (Select two. NTP D.

D. install a redundant power supply to optimize load balancing Answer: B QUESTION 56 Click and drag the HPE configuration tool on the left to its matching description on the right A. Answer: Answer: . What should the administrator do to separate traffic? A. HPE Flexible Smart Array P440ar controller Answer: D Explanation/Reference: QUESTION 49 A system administrator is concerned about a high number of visitors connecting to a company's network in addition to the production network traffic. Split the traffic using me Virtual Local Area Networks (VI AN) C. Answer: D Explanation/Reference: QUESTION 50 A customers database is slow to respond. implement dynamic routing using the Open Shortest Path First (OSPL) protocol B. Create multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (SIP) instances to carry different types of traffic D. Use IPv6 protocol instead of IPv4 D. Which solution should the architect recommend to achieve this result? A. the network infrastructure is used for the systems management traffic to the company's servers. and the customer needs response times to of dramatically increased. Change the priority of the traffic using the Quality of Service (QoS) feature. install a workload accelerator C. install a new disk drive and make it a hot spare B.