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Scheme for

Voluntary Certification of Yoga Professionals

The Scheme Mentored by Ministry of AYUSH

Owned by QCI



as the Scheme owner. For the purpose of this Scheme. the Scheme owner. The Certification Criteria against which the competence is to be evaluated includes the competence standard and the evaluation criteria for Yoga Professionals.Yoga Teacher Certification b) Level 2 .0. the Yoga Professionals seeking certification. and QCI. 3. 3.1.employed or as an employee of a Yoga teaching/training institution. the national accreditation body. For the purpose of assessment under this Scheme. INTRODUCTION The Scheme for Voluntary Certification of Yoga Professionals has been developed by the Quality Council of India at the behest and with the support of the Ministry of AYUSH. a) Level 1 . The Ministry of AYUSH is not involved in the certification and QCI. individual persons are certified as Yoga professionals for teaching Yoga either as a self.Yoga Master Certification c) Level 3 . 2 . 1. 2.2. It envisages certification by independent third party personnel certification bodies duly accredited as per international standard ISO 17024 by NABCB. the National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB).Yoga Guru Certification However the current certification process is applicable only to Level 1 – Yoga Teacher certification and the requirements for other levels will be added whenever the other levels of certification are launched.3. 3. SCOPE OF CERTIFICATION SCHEME 3. may undertake certification directly pending approval of personnel certification bodies under the Scheme. OBJECTIVE The objective of this document is to define the process of certification of Yoga Professionals under the Scheme for Voluntary Certification of Yoga Professionals to promote uniformity in its implementation among the Personnel Certification Bodies (from now on PrCBs). SCOPE This document explains the process of certification under the Scheme for Voluntary Certification of Yoga Professionals (hereinafter referred to as the Scheme) and the requirements that should be followed in order to obtain and maintain the certification. scope of certification is being categorized as follows.

a n d any pending proceedings by any regulatory body.1.1. and application from such an applicant shall not be entertained.1 The approved PrCB shall respond to all enquiries received from prospective applicants for certification as Yoga Professionals with complete information on the certification process. as scheme owner.1. Records of review shall be maintained.3 The applicant shall declare whether he has been an applicant or certified under this Scheme by any other PrCB. if any.1. details of education. However. shall be registered within 7 days of receipt of application/additional information. and rejected after a due notice of 15 days. 4. 3 .4. The applicant shall also declare basic medical fitness in a standard format.5 All applications for certification shall be reviewed by the PrCB for completeness and adequacy and deficiencies observed. 4.2 The applicant shall apply to the approved PrCB on the Application format prescribed by the PrCB. CERTIFICATION PROCESS 4. Registration of Application 4. then shall provide details of status of application/certification.6 All applications. appropriate to each certification scheme (including fee structure). 4. The applicant shall also declare any instances of discomfort /disability caused to any of his students in the past 2 years. in order of receipt with a unique identification number.1. 4. and the duties of a certified person which includes a code of conduct. if found complete. acknowledged and records maintained. declare any pending judicial proceedings relating to his conduct. may directly evaluate applicants and/or approve certification bodies on the basis of a provisional criteria. a list of documents containing the requirements for certification. the applicants' obligations and rights. within 7 days of receipt of the query.7 Applications from applicants found to be violating the terms and conditions of the Scheme while their application is being processed for grant of certificate. until such time the market develops. The PrCB may verify the information provided by contacting the earlier PrCB.1. and provide as a minimum information on the name and address of applicant with contact details. the QCI. shall not be processed any further. 4. The certification under this Scheme shall be carried out by the PrCBs duly accredited for the certification scheme as per ISO/IEC 17024:2012 by NABCB.1. scope and period of certification. along with the application.1.4 The applicant shall. 4. Registration shall be done. training and work experience supported with evidence and the desired scope for which certification is being sought along with the language in which he wishes to be evaluated. The individual certifications directly done by QCI shall be transferred to any of the approved PrCBs as soon as possible. and if yes. shall be informed to applicant within 7 days of receipt of application. found complete. 4.3.

Table 1: Evaluation Criteria for Level 1 .11 In the event of a closure/rejection of an Application.1. 4 . b) If the applicant does not take the evaluation within 3 months of registration of application. The Scheme has developed evaluation criteria for evaluating the competence of Yoga Professionals as given in Table 1.1.7 and 4. Psychology & Diet 10 Communication 10 SKILL Yogic Sukshma Vyayama and Shat Kriya 10 Surya Namaskar and Yogaasana 20 Pranayama and Meditation 10 Teaching .1.Yoga Teacher KNOWLEDGE Weightage Principles and Fundamental of Yoga 20 Introduction to Yoga Texts 10 Application of Yoga – Anatomy. the application fee submitted with the application may be refunded as per the policy of the certification body.2. Physiology. The Evaluation Method shall be a combination of Written Examination.1.1.9 Requests for certification from ex applicants shall be processed like a fresh applicant and the entire procedure for grant of certification be adhered to subject to Cl 4. and e) Voluntary withdrawal of application 4. Competence Evaluation Process 4. 4. d) Evidence of malpractice. delivery 10 Total 100 4. Oral Interview an Demonstration.8 above. and Oral Interview which shall include knowledge and skill with marks is shown in Table 2 below. c) Misuse of certification mark.4. 4. 4. Topic wise number of Demonstration and marks per Demonstration. if any. techniques.10 PrCB shall reject or close all Application under the following conditions: a) If deficiencies observed in the application are not completed within one month.8 Applications from applicants who have earlier misused the earlier certification or whose earlier certification was cancelled/application rejected because of violation of terms & conditions shall not be registered within one year of cancellation of the certificate/rejection of applicant by any PrCB.2.1.1. Topic wise number of written questions and marks per question.2.practice.2.

2. The certification body shall not repeat any question.2. 4.4. TABLE 2: S. 4. The certification body shall prepare and maintain a pool of test questions and constantly keep updating the same.4. 4. 4. The question test papers shall be set by competent persons. The certification body shall make provisions for providing additional blank sheets to applicant Yoga Professionals on request.3.4.4. The written examination shall consist of objective type questions to the extent of 60% and subjective type questions to the extent of 40 %. other than fundamentals.2.4. The applicant shall identify all such additional sheets with the applicants name. ensure the proficiency of its examiners in the language concerned and mention the language on the certificate issued to successful applicants. date and location of the written examination.2. and sheet number as x/y. 4. Written Examination: The PrCB shall develop a question paper and an answer paper for the written examination. The duration of the written examination shall not exceed 3 hours. Written Written Demon Oral No KNOWLEDGE Objective Subjective stration Interview Principles and Fundamentals of 1 Yoga 24*1 4*4 2 Introduction to Yoga Texts 12*1 2*4 3 Application of Yoga 12*1 2*4 4 Communication 12*1 2*4 Total marks for Knowledge 60 40 SKILL 1 Yogic Sukshma Vyamam & Shat Kriya 4*4 2 Surya Namaskar & Yogasana 5*8 3 Pranayama & Meditation 4*4 4 Teaching Practice 2*8 Total marks for Skill 88 1 Interview of knowledge & Skill 12 Grand Total Marks 60 40 88 12 4. Setting of Test Papers – 4.5. The PrCB shall ask the applicant to declare the language in which he/she wishes to be evaluated. in any written examination within a period of one year. demonstration shall not exceed 2 hours and that of oral evaluation (interview) shall not exceed 1/2 hour.4.2. 5 .1.2. Written Examination – The examination paper for a written exam shall be structured to provide for adequate space for answering the questions.3.4. The evaluation may be conducted in any language.2.2.

4. 4. demonstration and oral interview) as and when the number of applicants totals 10 as a minimum. and /or sitting and writing the evaluation paper. No other mechanism of answering the test paper shall be allowed. Note: The entire evaluation process should take into account the fact that there will be variations among different schools of Yoga and the evaluation should provide for accommodating such variation. including those appearing for a re-evaluation and the means of evaluation at least 15 days prior to the evaluation. 6 .9. One of the examiners shall be designated the Lead Examiner and the panel shall produce a final score after considering individual scores. The PrCB shall schedule the evaluations (written.2.2.4. 4.4.10. The PrCB shall inform all applicants who meet the eligibility criteria of the dates of evaluation.2. Demonstrations: The PrCB shall have a guidelines document for the examiner(s) and a structured evaluation record for evaluation of each demonstration.8. The certification shall make the publicly available through its website the dates for the written examination and the names of the candidates. The written examination test papers and additional blank answer sheets shall be available at the evaluation site in exact numbers required. There shall be a minimum of 3 examiners.7.4. across time zones and across examiners. Oral (Interview): The PrCB shall prepare questions and guidelines for the oral (Interview) and a structured evaluation record for the same. The certification body shall conduct the evaluation in a conducive and comfortable noise controlled environment with adequate lighting and ventilation. 4. The evaluation of the applicants – oral. valid and reliable across test centers.5.2. There shall be a minimum of 3 examiners who shall individually evaluate the candidates and provide a final score.7. who shall individually evaluate the candidates but provide a single final score. necessary infrastructure for the demonstration and suitable facilities for interviewing persons. 4. 4. The PrCB shall ensure that the questions for written and oral evaluation and the guidelines for demonstration are such that they are fair.8. with one of them being the Lead Examiner. The applicant shall hand write the answers to the written examination test paper. The PrCB shall ensure that the certification process is completed within 15 days from the date of the actual evaluation. 4.2. The PrCB at its discretion may evaluate with less number of candidates. written or demonstration or a combination thereof – shall be conducted within 3 month of registration of application failing which the application fee shall be refunded. where applicable.2.

The representative of the PrCB shall at the end of the oral evaluation (interview) collect all the evaluation results from each of the team members. If the applicant candidate has any conflict of interest and voluntarily decides not to undertake the demonstration.4.1. The assessment of the demonstration and interview shall be by a competent 3 member team as already specified. 4.2. seal immediately and forward them to the PrCB's office within one working day of completion of the evaluation.11.2.2. The names of the applicants shall be communicated well in advance to the Evaluation team for identification of conflict of interest.2. Oral – Each member of the team of Examiners shall record their results for each of the questions on structured evaluation sheet f or each applicant interviewed. 4. Written – The Examiner shall check the written answer sheets and consolidate the results within a week of the evaluation. The certification body shall inform applicant of the name of the evaluation centre where the demonstration is being planned for identification of conflict of interest. The individual evaluation result for each applicant shall be discussed by the Team. If the applicant candidate has any conflict of interest and voluntarily decides not to undergo the oral evaluation. The written examination shall be conducted under the supervision of an invigilator. Any conflicts identified with respect to the applicants shall be suitably addressed by the certification body. 4.2.2. demonstration and oral evaluation. 4. The certification body shall inform all applicants of the team of independent Examiners for identification of conflict of interest. The certification body shall identify and nominate invigilators for the purpose.13. The certification body shall make publicly available through its website the dates for the written. 4. 4.2. 4. The invigilator shall at the end of every written examination collect all the Question and Answer sheets from each of the applicants that took the written examination.2. the PrCB shall provide them the option for another demonstration or reimburse the applicable application fee.13. if any.1.3. Checking of Evaluation Papers and Demonstration Report 4.13. if any. The demonstration and oral evaluation (interview) shall be conducted by a team (minimum of 3) of independent Examiners and representative of the certification body.1.13. the PrCB shall provide them the option for another evaluation or reimburse the applicable application fee.2. if any. Any conflicts identified with respect to the applicants shall be suitably addressed by the certification body. collate the results and calculate the average 7 . if any. The names of the applicants shall be communicated well in advance to the evaluation centre where demonstration is planned to be carried for identification of conflict of interest. The evaluation of written test answer sheets shall be carried out by a competent examiner.

uniquely identified. the Certification body shall issue a Certificate. the PrCB shall inform them. 4. scope of certification. seal and thereafter shall submit the same to the PrCB's office within one working day of completion of the evaluation. 4. by a competent person(s) independent of evaluation(s). 8 . demonstration and oral (interview) of the evaluations for qualifying as Yoga Professionals.3. Applicant shall score a minimum of 70% each in the written. 4. The certification shall be for a period of 3 years from the date of decision to grant the certification.5.3. The certification body shall take a decision on certification. language of examination. The decision to certify the person shall be taken by independent person who has neither been involved in evaluating the applicant candidate nor in training of the applicant candidate. certified Yoga Professionals with scope of certification and their status of certification. application number. 4. to the Yoga Professional indicating the name of the Professional. QCI and PrCB shall maintain an updated register of applicants. effective date.3.3. 4. Demonstration – The evaluation team shall evaluate the demonstration report for each of the broad headings of the Body of Knowledge within a week of the demonstration by the applicant. The decision of the certification body shall be communicated to the applicant and QCI. When applicants fail to meet the acceptance criteria for evaluation.1. There shall be no conditional grant of certification. Decision on Certification 4. 4. On grant of certification.6. cell phone number. The effective date of certification shall not be before the date of decision to grant the certification to the Yoga professional. The applicants may take another evaluation with the same or another PrCB but would have to declare their previous performance while reapplying to any PrCB.3. and c) Any other requirements prescribed by the Certification Body. score for each question asked. and the name of the certification body as a minimum. date of expiry. 4.2. and certification criteria. 4.1. based on the information gathered during the certification process and shall ensure the following. a) The evaluation result of the applicant is not below the minimum specified b) Availability of necessary documentation as proof of the means of evaluation chosen to assess the candidate. 4.

The certification body shall issue instructions to the certified person for suspension of certification. when.1.6. where feasible. The surveillance can be done either on-site or by means of video conferencing.1. Suspension shall not exceed a period of six months and provided it is still within the validity period of the certificate. if any prescribed by the PrCB at least 4 months prior to expiry of certification. skills and teaching ability.4.2. 4. 4. the certified Yoga professional shall with immediate ef fect remove any reference to certification in any of his communication.5. Surveillance 4. 4. with respect to compliance to certification 9 . 4.2. On receipt of instructions for suspension of certification. The duration of witnessing shall be sufficient to cover the above but not less than one hour. 4.2.5. The certified Yoga professional shall be advised to undertake a root cause analysis and identify and initiate necessary corrective actions for resolving the same. The certification body shall review the performance of the certified Yoga professional seeking recertification (renewal of the Certificate).6.5.4. The certified Yoga Professionals shall be periodically evaluated during the period of the valid certification.3. It shall involve witnessing the certified Yoga professional in a live teaching session covering demonstration of knowledge.4.6. 4.5. The certification body shall send the Renewal notice to the certified Yoga professional at least 6 months prior to expiry of certificate validity period to the registered email id of the Yoga professional and/or to the registered address. The certification body shall revoke suspension only when corrective actions have been taken and verified by the certification body. a) the witnessing is not satisfactory b) any serious complaint/feedback which is found to be valid c) Any violation of terms and conditions of certification. without any notice.6. The certified Yoga professional’s inability to resolve issues relating to suspension within this period shall lead to cancellation of certification.5. Recertification 4. 4.4. 4. The certified Yoga professional shall apply for renewal in the prescribed format along with fee.3. Suspension 4. The witnessing shall be undertaken once in a certification cycle for each certified professional.

The performance of the certified Yoga professional shall be reviewed on the basis of.6.7.6. 4. In case the certified Yoga professional does not complete satisfactorily actions within three months. a) The surveillance evaluation report(s).6.4.9. There shall be no conditional certification of persons. h) Physical fitness submitted by the certified professional from a registered medical practitioner 4. The recertification shall be effected from the date of the expiry of the previous certificate and the intervening period shall be treated as period of suspension.6. 4.11. The PrCB shall not recertify any certified Yoga professional whose certification is under suspension. if any e) Feedback from the students taught to be obtained by the PrCB f) Feedback reports from institution employed in. 10 . the certificate shall stand expired from the date of expiry of previous validity.6. 4. 4. When a certificate is not renewed it expires at the end of validity period.6.10. 4.7.6. Cancellation 4.6. The verification and decision on recertification shall be taken within 6 months of the expiry date. c) Any suspension of certificate during the previous validity period. The certification body shall verify corrective actions.7. d) Complaints received.6. 4.6. the certification body shall withhold the recertification of the Yoga professional clearly stating the reasons and give time for effecting corrective actions. The certified Yoga professional shall not claim certification during this period. 4. When performance of the certified Yoga professional is not satisfactory. The certification Body shall not recertify Yoga professional with conditions for compliance to be verified subsequently. obtained by the PrCB g) Adverse information. criteria during the entire certification cycle. 4. Recertification of the certified Yoga professional shall be based on their satisfactory performance during the previous certification period and shall be done before expiry of the certification.8. Certification body shall cancel the certificate when. prior to a decision on the renewal of the certificate. if any.1.5.12. if applicable. 4. b) Corrective actions taken on any feedback given during surveillance.

7. or renewing certification. including issue number and/or revision. Change to a higher level of certification on application by a professional shall be done after ascertaining the competence through any one of the prescribed means of evaluation for initial certification. l) in the event of issuing any revised certification documents.2.9. a) Certified Yoga professional contravenes the terms and conditions of certification and provisions of this certification scheme like claiming or displaying scope of certification other than that granted. The applicant shall be issued a fresh certificate as in initial certification in lieu of the current certificate. Change in level of certification 4. 4. or the proposed plan for corrective actions will take a considerable time beyond 3 months for implementation.8.7. certification mark. In the event of cancellation the certification body shall advise the Yoga professional to return the Certificate issued by the certification body. The effective date on a certification document shall not be before the date of the certification/ recertification decision. if the certified Yoga professional is no longer interested. h) the level of certification.9. c) the expiry date or recertification due date consistent with the recertification cycle. 4.8.2. a means to distinguish the revised documents from any prior obsolete documents. or any fraudulent behaviour is established. e) language of examination f) cell phone number g) the certification criteria. 4.g.1.3. or permits identification of: a) the name of the person who has been certified b) the dates of granting.2. The PrCB shall provide a certification document to the certified Yoga professional that clearly conveys. Certificate 4. 11 . k) any other information required by the certification criteria used for certification. 4.1. accreditation symbol) may be used provided they are not misleading or ambiguous. etc. 4.8. d) a unique identification code. j) other marks (e. 4. b) The corrective actions taken are not ensuring compliance. i) the name and address of the certification body.9. Certification body shall cancel the certificate at the request of the certified Yoga professional. against which the person has been certified.

3. As and when the fee undergoes a change.9. the same shall be communicated to all including applicants and obtain their consent.10.10. 4. 4. 12 .3.10.10. PrCB shall notify and obtain consent to its fee structure from the candidate prior to grant of certification. The formal certification documentation shall include the signature of the individual(s) of the certification body assigned such responsibility.4. Fee 4. The PrCBs fee structure shall be publicly accessible and also be provided on request.1. A fee may be charged to the person seeking certification without any discrimination. 4.2.