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Tally FAQs

Question1. Who can register for this course?

Ans. Candidate who is interested in making Tally and wants to pursue it as career choice can opt for
this course. Candidate from any background can register themselves for this course.

Question2. What is the Language of content?

Ans. Online content is in English language.

Question3. What are the course fee and VLE Commission?

Course Level Content Provided Course Fee VLE Commission

Rs 500 + service tax Rs 200
Tally Certification Program
(Only Flash Content) Access to Flash content (Total 575)

Rs 1000+Service Rs 375
Tally Certification Program Tax
(Flash Content and Video
Both) Video & Flash Content (Total 1150)

Tally 9.0 Self Learning Rs 325 (no other Rs 20
Manual Book charges)

Question 4. Explain VLE registration process.

1. Log into Apna CSC Portal
2. Under Education Related Service, click Tally Certified Program
3. VLEs have to register themselves on the portal (only once)
4. Now VLE can register candidates for the Tally Course
5. VLE Link

Question5. How to register candidate?

1. Click on the Add student (
2. Fill candidates details
3. User ID and Password of student will be sent to their Mail Ids
4. Now candidate can avail the course
5. Student Link:

Question6. What will be the USER ID and PASSWORD for Tally portal?
Ans. VLEs OMT ID is the USER ID and Mobile Number is the PASSWORD. Later VLE can change their

Question7. VLE cannot login with their mobile number?

Ans. Click on the ‘Lost Password’ tab. Your Password will be sent to your register MAIL ID.

Question8. Can VLE change his Password?

Ans. Yes, VLEs can change their password from their Dashboard.

Question 9. Can VLE change their details?

Ans. Yes, VLE can edit their profile, by clicking on EDIT tab provided at their DASHBOARD.

(Only Name, Mobile Number, E-Mail ID)

Question10. What are the User ID and Password for the candidate?

Ans. Candidates Credentials are:

User name: Candidates Mail ID (Filled at the time of registration)

Password: Candidates Mobile Number (Filled at the time of registration)

Question 11. Can VLE change candidate’s details?

Ans. Yes candidate’s details can be changed. (Only Name, Mobile Number, E-Mail ID and Address)

Question12. What is the examination process?

Ans. Candidate can appear for the examination after one month of registration. He/she can only
appear twice for the examination.

Question13. What will be the language of Tally Exam?

Ans. Language of Tally examination will be in English.
Question 14. Will there be any Mock test to prepare candidate for final Tally examination?

Ans. Yes, candidates can appear for a Mock test. Candidates can appear for Mock test any number of

Question 15. Tally examination will be subjective or objective?

Ans. Tally examination will be an online process, where candidate have to choose one correct
answer from the given options.

Question 16. What will be the format for questions?

Ans. Question will be in the format of Multiple Choice Questions.

Question 17. How many questions will come?

Ans. In Tally examination, 50 questions each of one mark will be asked. Candidates have to score 16
or more to pass the examination.

Question 18. What will be the duration of Tally Exam?

Ans. Candidate will have one hour to finish their examination.

Question 19. Where will be the examination centre?

Ans. VLEs CSC centre will be the examination centre.

Question 20. Where will be candidates result get uploaded?

Ans. Candidate can see their result on their dashboard.

Question 21. When will candidate get the certificate?

Ans. Once candidate passed the examination, their certificate will be uploaded in 2 days.

Question 22. Certificate will be online or offline?

Ans. Certificate will be in digital form. Candidate can download it form their dashboard.

Question23. What if candidate failed in his/her first attempt?

Ans. Candidate will be given two attempts to clear the examination. On failing first time, he/she can
appear again after 15 days of first examination date. No third attempt will be given to candidate.

Question 24. Will there be any grading system?

Ans. Yes, candidate will be given grades according to the marks they obtained.

Below grading pattern will be followed for Tally Certification:

Marks Obtained Grade
24-16 "D" Grade
34-25 "C" Grade
44-35 "B" Grade
50-45 " A" Grade

Question25. Do candidate need to download the Tally ERP software?

Ans. To download the Tally ERP software, students have to click on the ‘Tally Software’ link on their

Question26. Can student see the sample copy of the certificate?

Ans. Sample certificate can be downloaded from the Dashboard.

Question27. Is Book compulsory for the course?

Ans. No, if a candidate can learn easily and satisfies from the online Flash content then they don’t
have to order for the book.

Question 28. DO VLEs will get any promotional content to promote this service?

Ans. Yes, VLE will be provided with soft copy of Tally Promotional Pamphlet design. They can
download it from their dashboard and can put it outside their CSC centre.

Question 29. What will be provided in the promotional content?

Ans. VLE will get two files. One will be the Image of Pamphlet. Second will be the CORAL DRAW file.
To open this VLE should have Coral Draw 14 or above in their computer.

Question30. Where can I contact for technical and other support?

Ans. Kindly share your query on helpdesk support system.

Question no 31. Why there are two links for downloading Tally Software?

Ans. 1. Tally.ERP 9 Rel 3.2 (Older Version ) ------------ For Flash Content and Tally Book

This tally setup file should be downloaded by those who will be teaching Tally Course from Tally
Flash Contents and Book

2. Tally.ERP 9 Rel 5.4.1 ( Latest Version ) --------- For Tally Video Tutorial

This tally setup file should be downloaded by those who will be teaching Tally from Tally Videos

Question32. Where to contact for any other support?

Ans. Kindly contact on:


Phone: 011-33644000-916/143