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1. Students should be taught to understand that misuses of alcohol include the person who:
I. Takes a drink occasionally III. Always gets drunk at social events where alcohol is served.
II. Get drunk once or twice a year IV. Always takes one drink before dinner.

A. III only B. I,II,III and IV C. II,III and IV D. III and IV

2. Which of the following content area in elementary science taken up first, especially in primary grades?
A. Unit on earth and space B. Unit on processes-(comes first)
C. Unit on matter, energy and motion D. all of the above

3. If the class has finished a unit in Mathematic, which of the following test should be prepared?
A. Formative tests B. Diagnostic tests C. Summative tests D. All of the above

4. Which of the following is the most legitimate goal in teaching science?
A. To develop an inquiring mind. B. To acquire the ability to observe
C. to prepare children to become scientist D. to develop skill in making generalization.

5. The greatest weakness of the range as a measurement of variability is its:
A. Ease computation B. extreme in stability C. Difficulty of interpretation D. Intricate computation

6. In psychological measurement, a score of 50 is generally considered as:
A. 49.5- 50.5 B. 49.9- 50.9 C. 49.25- 50.75 D. 49- 51

7. When plotting the frequency polygon, which part of the score class do we use:
A. midpoint B. lower limit C. entire class interval D. higher limit

8. A few drops of iodine on a slice of bread will turn the bread:
A. blue- black B. brick- red C. red- orange D. black

9. When an evaluation refers to norm- referencing tests, it is most likely reporting data from:
A. Criterion- referenced tests B. teacher- made test
C. Standardized achievement test D. Local, city- wide tests

10. What is the modern way of organizing the social studies curriculum?
A. Broad files B. Separate unit approach
C. Spiral curriculum approach D. Expanding environment approach

11. Who is considered the most outstanding among Filipino playwrights in English?
A. Wilfredo Ma. Guerrero B. Severino Montano
C. Leon Ma. Guerrero D. Carlos P. Romulo

12. Material culture refers to the tangible and concrete objects produced by man. Which are examples of material culture?
A. Sinulog celebrations B. Morriones festivals C. Ceremonies of Ivatans D. Stone walls of Tasadays

13. Thomas Carlyle said “The man without a purpose is like a ship without rudder-a waif…” It could be interpreted as:
A. One’s life doesn’t need to be controlled B. Direction can never come into one’s life.
C. There is a strong driving force in one’s life. D. There should be sufficient energy in one’s life

14. “I die just when the dawn breaks to herald the day.” This is a famous quote from:
A. Jose P. Rizal B. Benigno Aquino C. Manuel L. Quezon D. Andres Bonifacio

15. Which among the following is considered the “raw materials of personality development?
A. Heredity B. Culture C. Environment D. Training

16. Ito angmgaopisyalnawikamulasapanahonngRepublikahanggangsakasalukuyan.

C. A. What does this statement tell us? A. we follow several steps. Twenty five D. Vital C. SET-B A. Which property of sound enables us to distinguish between a particular pitch produced by a piano and that by a violin. Weathering C. Practical B. Senate and Congress B. Magyabang B. 21. Commutation D. C. Be proficient in English and the dialect. A. Maghukay C. Which of the following organisms transmit the malaria parasite? A. D. Supreme Court and Congress D. B. They escape after paying B. Four hours B. Omnivore D. C. Which gas is released by plants during photosynthesis? A. 31. Five 29. Benevolent D. Sapaghahalintulad ng dalawangdiwa. Reprieve B. Significant D. Magpaikot. During the investigation. B. Sugnay 18. It may seem Frivolous to you. They paid their way. Classify this expression. Joint Committee of Congress 20. Beneficial C. What does Frivolous means? A. Sapaghahambing ng dalawangmagkaibangbagay. What does the expression “love begets love” mean? A. Tundra B. Don’t expect love. Formulate a hypothesis D. Arrange the following in the most logical manner. If you offer love. Anoangkaraniwangiisahingpantiglamang at walangkatuturangmaibibigaykung nag-iisa? A. but its important to me. Ants C. Ingles at Tagalog C. October 10 is “red letter day” for the Chinese. The hostages are free. D. Sapaghahalintulad ng dalawang kaisipan. Blatant 25. An autocratic ruler who serves his people well is sometimes called a _____ dictator. Ingles at Kastila B. Forty people joined a picnic. Kailanginagamitangisangpananalitangpatulad? A. Frequency 27. Perform an experiment C. Filipino at Kastila D. Pardon 36. The Organism that eat plants only are called: A. To what biome does the Philippines belong? A. If the ratio of adults to children is 5:3. Salita C. Be proficient in English as well as Filipino. respectively. Worthless 32. 2 . Kataga D. They were freed without ransom. After ransom they were released D. B. The speeds of the two cars are 45 kph and 35 kph. you will be loved in return. Deposition D. Eight B. D. Ovipores B. 33. Herbivores 24. Culex mosquitoes 35. Quality B. Intensity C. how many hours will they meet? A. Comelec and Chief Justice C. Belligerent B. Anopheles mosquitoes D. A.ikot D. Gravitation B. They negotiated peacefully. Carbon dioxide D. Use English in teaching all subjects. Magsinungaling 34. Who did the canvassing of votes for President and Vice President in the 2004 election? A. Amnesty C. Parirala B. even though you love others. C. The bilingual project of the DepEd encourages our students to: A. Dipterocarp forest D. 2 ½ hours C. State the problem clearly 30. Ingles at Filipino 17. Grassland 19. Which term refers to the act of the President to stay the execution of a convict? A. Anoangibigsabihin? A. how many children joined the picnic? A. What process is responsible for the transporting of broken pieces of rocks from where they are formed to other places? A. Flies B. 2 ¼ hours 26. Use Filipino in Tagalog speaking regions. Nitrogen B. 22. Love is not freely expected from everyone. not waiting for love in return. Draw a generalization B. Wavelength D. Sapaghahambing ng magkatuladnabagay. Love is offered. Fifteen C. Erosion 28. If they drive without stopping in. Six hours D. Mahusay “maglubidngbuhangin” angtaonggipit. Tropical rainforest C. Two cars start from two places 180 km apart and travel each other on a super highway. Oxygen C. Carnivores C. Hydrogen 23.

Manuel Roxas B. Laser 49. Who conducted extensive experiments on pea plants. A. political development of society are: A. Which principle is most timely and proper. Borrow money from abroad B. Who among the following is known for his “Filipino First Policy” and Austerity Program? A. Which organism receives the least amount of energy in the energy pyramid? A. Temptation C. B. C. Repatriates B.24 B. 175 B. The tool for economic. Air waves are irregular C. Immigrant C. commutative and distributive 3 .4 D. Punishment for those who say good things. Chicks 41. 73 40. Gregor Mendel D. Personifikasyon D. Which is a new X-ray technique used detect tumors and other minute abnormalities? A. Radiation scanner C. x (a+b) +ax II. Commutative and distributive D.” talks of: A. Why is Uranium classified as a radioactive element? A. 9 C. A. ax+bxa=a+a+b III. Impose more taxes on the people D. Improvement of people’s life in all aspects----social. Adhere to economic laws 51. He solved the problem in the steps indicated below: I. 3. There is no weather that occurs D. Drab B. NGO’s B. Lamarck B. There Is no atmosphere B. 5. J. Hard. (xa+xb)+ax D.45= A. The Magsaysay Memorial features a ____ statue of the well-loved President. It is observed to be hyperactive 47. Mercenaries D. D.headedness D. Mass Com C. The astronauts could not communicate. All of the above 50. Industrial growth C. The sector with an indispensable role in national economic development is the: A. Private sector D. The line from the Koran. Anguish for those who defend unrighteousness. 42. Public sector C. Simile B. Unity 44. Metaphor D. formulated the laws of heredity and is considered “father of genetics”? A. Misery for those who talk ill of others. Sinekdote 45. Cooperation B. Snake C. 47 D. SET-B A. Micro detector D. 2ax+bx Which of the basic laws of arithmetic did he employ? A. Foreigner 52. Casual C. 4. Social progress D. A student was given an algebraic expression and told to remove the parenthesis and combine like terms. when our country is beset by formidable social and economic problems demanding priority? A. Ethnic Sector 53. Garcia C. “Yumaniganggusalisakanyangmgayabag. Metaphor B. The term that includes aliens as subject to regulation by the state for its defences is known as: A. Serve & protect the people C. It is a useful radio component B. Hawk B. Sorrow for those who oppose other’s opinion. Synonym 37. 431 C. Caustic 46. Idiom C. Carlos P. Service B. It is artificially produced in the laboratory D. Evaluate: (12 ÷ 3/5) x . with one another while on the moon’s surface? Why? A. Barr 39. “Woe to every black biter.” Ito’yisang: A.5 38. How much bigger is 2 than 92? A. Associative. economic. Associative and distributive B. DiosdadoMacapagal D. Print media B. etc. bean scanner B. C. Charles Darwin C. Development 54. social. Broadcast media D. Hyperbole C. It emits alpha particles C. Corn plant D. A rope made of three cords is hard to break: It stands for: A. Temperature shuts down soud 48. Collosal D. Ramon Magsaysay 43. Commutative only C.

Form haemoglobin for red blood cells C. 100 Degrees C. The sun has a direct effect on the heating of: A. Of the following schools of painting. First operation learned in arithmetic B. Caldera B. Cirque C. Electrons D. In using tap water to set up an aquarium. Protein B. The statement that a buoyant force on a floating body is equal to the weight of fluid displaced is known as the principle or law of: A. Drumlin D. Cementing of sand D. the amount of heat liberated is: A. 373 degrees B. Sedimentation C. Be hard rather than soft water. neutrons B. 273 degrees D. the water must: A. When 5 grams of water freeze at OoC. Thomas Sully 68. Ordered mapping of the object of a set D. Air C. Four C. Aid in tooth & bone development B. the one associated with the technique of ‘broken color” is: A. Decimal system of numeration C. (axb) x c=ax(bxc) B. Be allowed to stand for a period of approximately 24 hours to dissolved chlorine to escape. Sugars 72. Minerals B. Eruption of a volcano 62. Potassium and sodium are necessary nutrients because they are used: A. Atoms 63. 70. counting is defined as the: A. A steep walled basin in a mountainside at the head of a glacial valley is called a: A. Archimedes B.Two D. 288 calories D. 3 56. Deserts B. Bile is used in the human body in the digestion of: A. The “3” in the upper right hand corner denotes: A. Protein D. Galileo C. Isotopes of the same elements has different numbers of: A. Surrealism B. Coloring D. 3xy. Newton 71. Dextrose 60. 3xy C. B. a+bxa=a+a+b C. The most famous of all portraits of Washington was painted by: A. Granite is a rock that resulted from the: A. SET-B 55. Fractional part of the total paper 58. Carbohydrates D. Be treated with chemicals to destroy the bacteria present in tap water. Gastric juice aids in the digestion of: A. D. Water D. All of the above 61. Cointillism C. Insects B. ax(bxc)=(axb)+(axc) 57. 6x2y and 9x2y2 is” A. protons C. Human beings 74. axb=bxa D. Edward Hopper D. Maintain water balance in body fluids D. Benjamin West C. Cleaning 67. 400 calories B. 80 calories C. purism 69. The boiling point of water in degrees Kelvin (absolute) is: A. Way to arouse part of the total paper 59. Cooling of molten minerals B. Gilbert Stuart B. Flower that have no fragrance are usually pollinated by: A. Cardinal meaning of the number C. Pothole 4 . 3x2 D. The smallest possible number of atoms in a molecule is: A. Have calcium sulfate crystal added to prevent formation if algae. Rottenstone. Color field D. The associative law in the process of multiplication states that: A. Sterilizing B. Total collection at a particular point D. polishing C. Bernoulli D. In mathematics. The greatest common divisor of 3x2. Wind C. 212 degrees 66. Three B. None 65. Starch C. C. Small animals D. form hydrochloric acid in the stomach 73. 37 B. no calories 64. Ordinal meaning of the number B. rouge and whiting are used for: A. Fats C.

Pistil B. Electrolytes are always ionic compounds while non. Group O blood into a group AB person D. Which lists the life cycle of the butterfly in correct order? A. They should all be the same or nearly the same in food value. II and III 87. Consideration of the effects of tobacco on the body. I and II B. SET-B 75. Still life C. B. Twelve hours 83. pupa. Protoplasm C. C. Stamen D. hydrogen C. Neptune B. 90. adult B. larva. Air pressure D. Corolla C. D. adult C. Group AB blood into a group B person C. Physical education includes which of the following domains? I. A test for knowledge of tobacco and smoking IV. A sound program on tobacco use would include which of the following? I. pupa. Iris C. An area on a weather map marked “high” means high: A. Retina B. Jupiter C. D. coli bacteria. Wind speed 79. I and III D. C. Larva. In most flowers pollen is produced in the: A. A. Temperature B. Egg. pupa. Mercury D. Electrolytes can be covalent or ionic compounds but must be ionic in solution. He never actually paints anything but only managed a painting workshop. Cognitive III. Use of plasmids to “transport” new genes. Relative humidity C. II. the lightest element known in earth is: A. Cornea 77. Action Study 5 . I. The time it takes for the earth to complete a sixty degrees rotation is: A. pupa. which has the largest number of satellites? A. Informal portrait D. The heaviest food value should be at dinner. Isolation of the E. I. Trying different cigarettes for taste. Of the planets below. Only copies of his work by his pupils is now exist. Most were begun by Rubens but detailed or completed by others. Twenty four hours D. II and III C. 82. Electrolytes and non. Improvement in the resolution power of the electron microscope B. the only safe blood transfusion would be: A. II and III C. Which of the following statements best distinguishes electrolytes from non. Affective A. D. Which of the following statements is true about the referred food value of the 3 meals each day? A. nymph. 88. adult D. The living material comprising the bulk of a cell is called the: A. Larva. “Rubens” was one of Rembrandt’s pseudonyms. Discovery of the cancer fighting properties of SV 40 C. B. the heaviest food value should be at breakfast C. pitchblende B. Role playing how to refuse cigarettes from a friend III. It makes no difference as long there is one meal heavy in food value. D. III and IV B. Earth 81. Group B blood into a group A person B. Optic nerve D. Genes 84. The amount of light entering the eye is controlled by the: A. Psychomotor II. Of the following. Formal portrait B. adult 78. I. I and II only D. egg. Egg.electrolytes are really both covalent compounds B. Six hours B. Of the following.electrolytes are always covalent. One of the major breakthroughs in the development of gene splicing was the: A. Non. Group A blood into a group O person 85. Helium 86. Chloroplast B. 76. Four hours C. Which of the following kinds of scenes id often associated with Paul Gezanne? A. Which of the following explains why it is often misleading to refer to a painting of Peter Paul Rubens as “genuine”? A. Cytochrome D. Chalcopyrite D.electrolytes? A. egg.electrolytes are usually insoluble in water while electrolytes are always soluble in water. All of the above 89. Ovary 80.

They seek dependence on their parents C. There are no marked differences in their time of maturity B. Every citizen has the right to select a profession or course he desires but he is subject to: A. They have a marked sex development D. 114 cm2 6 .2cm? A. B. except this component: A. Which of the following cannot illustrated two distributions together? A. Seventy Five percent D. Derived quotient 96. 51+40 ( ) 8+5 D. Thirty four percent 104. Increase in amount of goods 101.6 cm C. Honoraria system 100. 140 cm2 D. Reforestation C. Girls mature at later stages than boys. SET-B 91.5 D. Fifty percent B. kutosis C.8cm2. Crab mentality C. C. Equitable admission requirements D. Technology C. The ratio obtained by dividing mental age by chronological age times 100 is called: A.0 cm 109. C. In a normal distribution. National college entrance C. Otislemon mental ability test 105. 4. social development. -1 107. One of the following does not constitute the goal of national economy: A. Mesokurtic D. Cumulative frequency curve D. Which of the following statement does not apply to adolescents? A. Which of the following is true of abnormal Psychology? A. The distribution that is steep with a narrow range is called: A. Expanding productivity B. 10 cm2 C. 88 cm2 B. The area of a rectangle is 12. An eye defect characterized by clear vision in one dimension but unfocused vision on the other is called: A. It studies the causes of personality defects. Sociometry C. 95. Science 99. Histogram B. dole out system B. Fair and reasonable selection B. Intelligence ratio B. except this component: A.8 cm B. Twenty five percent C. Find the area of a triangle whose base is 14 cm and whose height is 10 cm. It concentrates on the scholastic performance of the individual. D. Presbyopia D. Boys and girls mature at the same time. Equitable distribution of income D. 4. Personality Test B. Academic requirements C. Education B. Astigmatism B.5 cm D. Donation 98. one standard deviation from the mean is approximately equal to: A. Select from the following number statement the one statement in which the mathematical sign ≤ would be approximately placed with the circle. Checklist & multiple choice test D. All these are essential elements of national development. All of the above 97. Granting free education to the poor but deserving students provided they comply with the rules of the institution is known as: A. Attitudes towards communism or socialism are best measured with: A. Incentive B. Help people help themselves D. 5+16( ) 17+4 C. Religion D. Scattergram C. The mean was 110 and the standard deviation was 12. Forced triads B. Platycurtic B. -1. A clear examples of a future oriented test is the: A. Myopia 92. Questionnaire & interviews 106. Girls mature at an earlier stage than boys. A class of 59 was given a test. what is its length if its width is 3. A.score of a score of 120 is: A. 20+40 ( ) 30+10 108. political. Intelligence Quotient or IQ D. Cumulative percentage curve 103. Regarding the sexual maturation of boys and girls. 1.5 C. They desire the approval of their parents B. 64+36( ) 10+80 B. 1 B. The path to economic. Hyperopia C. teachers should bear in mind that: A. It measures the accomplishment of the individual D. 3. Leptokurtic 102. Deviation C. Privilege D. Scholarship C. National Achievement Test D. The Z. A. It investigates the educational background of the individual. 94. 1. None of the above 93.

whomever D. he disregarded the slur. C. D. a stanine of 5 B. The recurrence of identical sounds help to awaken the emotions. B. length of the test B. belying his bizarre and menacing appearance. The Rorschach test and Thematic association test are both referred to as_______ test. as Gerry just done 118. they hardly used the paddles C. spelling words aloud C. the slur was disregarded by him. active meaningful pattern drill D. The boy hit the ball B. interjections and conjunction 123. 6a3-10a2-6a-1 B. number of types of items in the test D. Being an intelligent person. 10. I cannot go with you. As they drifted silently downstream. SET-B 110. When he graduated high school C. Which of these groups would be more likely to have a distribution of score very close to a normal curve? A. C. B. fifteen 127. If the parents had shown more interest. the paddles were hardly used. The reason Jack is going to Arabia is because he needs a dry climate. helps to awaken D. Should the parents have shown more interest. Being an intelligent person. 112. he disregarded the slur. a very large group of unselected pupils C. raw score of 45 C. The core of all language teaching is still: A. twenty C. will help to have awakened C. Which of the following procedure would be expected to ensure the reliability of a test? Increasing the: A. Whoever the gods wish to destroy. Which of the following scores is meaningless: A. never had B. A. writing composition B. if the parents would have showed more interest B. 122. A. A. is because he needs B. A. the slur was disregarded by him. verbs. After he had graduated from high school. The dog was killed yesterday D. A. Now kick your feet into the water like Gerry just did. A. like Gerry just did B. projective D. they use the paddles hardly at all 121. ten B. A. a very slow group of pupils D. is on account of he needs D. a very bright class of pupils B. What is the expanded form of (2a – 1) 3? A. sociomatic B. articles. 24. After he graduated high school. 4a3 – 4a2+1 C. they first make mad. help to wake up 120. pronouns and articles B. If the parents would have shown more interest. Being an intelligent person. psychometric 7 . If the parents would have shown more interest. polite and sensitively B. listening to stories and poem 124. 8a3– 12a2+6a-1 D. not ever has D. a z –score of 1. 24. An examples of a basic sentence of the Noun-Verb-Noun pattern is: A. Whosoever C. heterogeneity of the test C. hardly never has 116. politely and sensibly C. 25. adverbs D. never has been C. adjectives. 119. A. nouns. 15. twenty four D. After he graduated high school. analytic C. polite and made sense D. D. Content words which are usually stresses in sentences are: A. nouns. Her brother never has and never will be dependable. Whomever B. a t –score of 60 D. Do you live here? C. a very small group of unselected pupils 128. her daughter would have been in college today. A. homogeneity of the test 125. like Gerry just done C. 113. Being that he was an intelligent person. Whoever 114. polite and sensible 115. he went to Canada. After he graduated from high school D. A.5 126. A. assist in awakening B. 8a3-6a2 +2a+1 Select the Answer that contains the correct version of the underlined word(s): 111. the paddles were used hard D. as Gerry just did D. The mind score or median of the following score: 20. the paddles were hardly used. prepositions C. Being that he was an intelligent person. is that he needs 117. is because he needed C. The man spoke polite and sensible. the slur was disregarded by him. B. 20: is: A.

Administrative D. weathering 141. 240 133. lunar C. Judiciary B. ulcer B. The contributory factors to acid rain are the use of: A. 2 134. 479 D. What is the least common multiple of 24 and 80? A. The thinning down of the ozone layer is believed to cause: A. What are the prime factors of 128? A. all of the above 149. Increase in the level of O2in the atmosphere 138. How many teachers do we have? A. election C. The following are stretched into the legislative agenda for the furtherance of the socio-economic growth of the autonomous regions through development: A. reliability D. zero D. multiplied by 2 C. 6 years B. 4 years 144. usability B. freedom of expression B. 28 B. 3 years D. solar D. what happens to the standard deviation? A. tourism D. initiative 143. 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 132. What is the term of office of an elective local official? A. deposition D. The Executive Secretary 148. social B. economic C. 32 C. The force required to maintain an object at a constant speed in free space is equal to: A. Barangay Officials D. 80 B. silting B.90 what is the value of Php 1 in American cents? A.5 B. partial lunar B. The local official with the longest term of office is: 8 . SET-B 129. Cooler climate IV. 360 C. 40 135. municipalities and barangay B. nuclear energy 136. Which is right violated by wiretapping? A. An effective and speedy remedy on the part of the people to remove official who is not performing his functions to the satisfaction of people is known as: A. erosion C. 480 D. Who has the control and supervision of all executive departments? A. The removal of broken pieces of rocks from the parent rock by the action of wind or water is termed: A. skin cancer D. pesticides B. Increase in the level of CO2 in the atmosphere III. provinces and cities D. the right to information on matters of public concern 142. 2 years C. validity D.79 C. 24 D. the weight of the object C. What type of eclipse occurs when the moon is directly between the sun and the earth? A. The autonomous regions C. scorability 130. recall B. If we multiply each score by2. What component in the local government unit shall have a sectorial representative as may be prescribed by law? A. Local judges B. Which officials have their term of office determined by Local Code? A. The exchange rate of US dollars to peso is S1=Php 47. 4. 2 x 2 x 2 x 4 x 4 B. we shall have: I. the right to privacy of communication D. stellar 140. the mass of the object B. The Secretary of Interior C. Legislative 146. multiplied by 1. Our school has 8 male teachers who comprise 25% of all our teachers. the right to private property C. heat stroke 137. 2 x 3 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 D. remains the same 131. If we experience greenhouse effect. The President D. all of the above 147. The standard territorial and political subdivision of the Philippines is into: A. Executive C. 02 B. Warmer climate II. fossils fuels D. referendum D. multiplied by 4 D. 1 x 2 x 8 C. refrigerants C. baldness C. the force required to stop it 139. Local municipal judiciary officials 145. The Vice President B. Local COA C. Which of the following is considered as a serious with personality tests? A.

PRINT TIME OF SUBMISSION AND SET “A” or “B” OF TEST BOOKLET ASSIGNED TO YOU 2. the barangay official 150. TOGETHER WITH THE TEST BOOKLET TO YOUR ROOM WATCHERS. the provincial official B. SIGN ON THE EXAMINEES RECORD OF ATTENDANCE. Vice President C. under the 1987 Constitution. Senate President END OF GENERAL EDUCATION 1. SUBMIT YOUR ANSWER SHEET. President B. the municipal official C. SET-B A. Speaker of the House D. who has general supervision powers over all the local government is the: A. the city official D. OTHERWISE YOUR EXAMINATION WILL BE CANCELLED! 9 . DO NOT BRING THE TEST BOOKLET OUT OF THE ROOM. The official.