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SingleFAN 3.

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SingleFAN 3.0: Any Media Giga Access

SingleFAN Solutions


Introduce Gigaband Broadband 25M-500M >25M 30M-100M 100M => 300M Gigaband Redefine Broadband Superfast Broadband Redefine Ultrafast 500M-1G From Narrowband. ADSL DOCSIS3. Mbps. Broadband to Gigaband Too many Broadband definitions. Broadband to Gigaband FBB Narrowband Broadband Gigaband Kbps. VDSL2/Vector.From Narrowband. Dial Modem. ISDN.0 DOCSIS3. GPON NG PON 3 . Gbps.

Broadband to Gigaband Narrowband  Broadband  Gigaband User number 500~1000Mbps 3 100Mbps 2020 2 10Mbps 1 ~2015 ~2010 Bandwidth 10Mbps 20Mbps 100Mbps 500Mbps 1Gbps 10Gbps 4 .From Narrowband.

fast • Giga Coax: DOCSIS3.Innovations Drive Access towards Gigaband 1G bps 10G PON G.1 • Giga Wifi: 802.11n => 802.0 ADSL/ADSL2+ 10M 1G 100M bps SuperVector DOCSIS3.0 => DOCSIS3.0 2000 2010 2015 • Giga Fiber: GPON => 10G PON => 40G TWDM PON • Giga Copper: Vectoring => SuperVector => G.11ac 5 .1 GPON/EPON Vectoring 100M 10M bps VDSL2 DOCSIS3.

8B to upgrate FTTC to upgrade + FTTB Cut down FTTH to 10% scale 40k FTTC sites and cover 50 cities + FTTH • Leading operators finally find out no mono way to build FBB after repeated trials • HetAN (Heterogeneous Access Network) was proven by different operators as the primary mode 6 . Target: Upgrade 4300 FTTC sites + FTTB/S + G. 20K FTTH Deployed 40K sites(13 Million + FTTD + G. 10K power in future 8 years FTTH customer now. target is 70k sites FTTH + FTTC with VDSL 1500+ ONU deployed Plan $ customer now home passed).Operators Choose Mixed Approach Plan to build +50k ONU with remote FTTC with VDSL Building On <25% coverage from VDSL2 to Vectoring FTTB/H + FTTC with VDSL •FTTH in Milan (World Expo) Plan to deploy 60K FTTC site with •Offload FTTC in further 48p ONU + Remote power + FTTD/H HetAN FTTC with VDSL FTTC offload in the further Building on demand.

Content Access Trends SingleFAN 3.0: Any Media Giga Access SingleFAN Solutions 7 .

SingleFAN3. Big Cities: ~1G 10G@10G PON 500M@G. Big Cities: 500M~1G Broadband China 2020: 50M 1G@DOCSIS 3.0: Any Media Giga Access 4K/8K HD video Giga Access @ Any Media Giga Fiber Bluetooth VR Bandwidth: Giga Copper ODN OLT IP Zigbee 500M~1G Giga Coax Smart Home Giga WiFi Giga Hybrid Policy Digital Agenda Europe 2020: Giga Fiber Giga Copper Giga Coax Giga Hybrid 100M 50%.1 LTE+GPON 8 .

1985 ADSL / ADSL2+ 2M 1981 ISDN 128k 1876 Dial Modem 56k Telephone 5km 4km 3km 800m 500m 250m 50m Vectoring SuperVector G. Innovations Drive Copper towards Gigaband NG-fast •Speed: 50M-100M •Speed: 100M-300M •Speed: 500M-1G •Speed: ~5G •Distance: ~800m •Distance: ~500m •Distance: ~250m •Frequency:~800MHz •Typical FTTC/B •Typical FTTC/B •Typical FTTB/D •Distance: ~50m •Mature •Year 2016 •Year 2016 •Year 2020 ? 9 .fast Bandwidth 2020 5G 500-800MHz VDSL2 AnnexQ 106-212MHz NG-fast 2016 1G VDSL2 35MHz 0 17MHz 2016 300M SuperVector 2004 100M VDSL2 / Vectoring Alexander Graham Bell at the opening of 2002 24M the long-distance line from New York to Chicago in 1892.

Large Capacity Vectoring 768 lines Vectoring System New Backboard Design FAN + S S C C Node Level Vectoring U U Largest Vectoring DSLAM VP: 768 (12*64) lines Two VP cards for the whole system • One VP: 384 Vectoring Capacity (64*6) • Two VP: 768 Vectoring Capacity (64*12) 10 .

SuperVector Improve FTTC Speed 2-3 Times U VDSL2 S DS1 US1 DS2 US2 DS3 VDSL2 Annex Q 0 (17a) 17MHz For Go to VDSL2 U S Consent Public DS1 US1 DS2 US2 DS3 DS4 Annex Q 0 17MHz 35MHz 2015.2 Down link (Mbps) 350 300 250 Annex Q no Vector Annex Q with Vector 200 17a with Vector 150 100 Key features of SuperVectoring (VDSL2 Annex Q): 50  Reuse the existing DSLAM chassis 0 Distance 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 1100 1200 (meter)  Only upgrade line card and VP card  Compatible with VDSL2/Vectoring CPE 11 .6 2016.

water-proof In Switzerland In UK OLT 48-port remote/local DSLAM 12 .fast Commercial Use Leading in Lab Test and Commercial Trials Large capacity G.Giga Copper: Leading to drive cost down 8-port reverse power feed Reverse power G.Fast CPE 16-port remote/local power. water-proof 96-port G.

5G Nx2.2G 2. Giga Fiber: Fiber Solutions Over 100 Mbps Year Downstream NG-PON2 NG-OLT MA5800 Nx10G TWDM PON (DS:40G.5G) TWDM PON 2012 XG-PON GPON 2.5G GPON 2008 Office 1 FTTH 1.5G 10G Upstream Home FTTD 2008 2012 2015 2020 Year Office FTTB FTTC Move Office 2 *MA5800 will support TWDM PON 13 . US: 2. US: 10G) NG-PON1 2015 10G XG PON1 (DS:10G.

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SHDSL Residential ADSL2+ / VDSL2 / Vector DSLAM Business GE/10GE IP/ETH FTTH ONT E1/STM-1 MPLS VDSL2/Vector MA5600T Residential FTTB GPON ADSL2+ MA5603T Router FTTC 10GPON POTS FE Business FTTO clock OLT E1 BTS/Femto Cell FTTM P2P(FE/GE) FTTO MA5603T POTS AGG MA5603T Node 0 xDSL Residential GE/10G GPON ONT FTTH MA5608T FTTO/M GE/FE  Unified platform for multiple scenarios: MSAN/DSLAM/OLT/Ethernet access etc. Smooth evolution.  Unified platform with multiple copper technologies: VDSL2 / Vector/ ADSL2+ / G.HetAN – A Unified Access Platform H248 SIP MSAN POTS / BRA / PRA / TDM G. saving investment  Pay as you grow.SHDSL / POTS  Supporting multi-services for multiple customers: Resident / Business Value:  Flexible and cost-effective to introduce new services in unified platform. Achieves greater investment protection 15 .

and NMS all can be compatible.SHDSL / ISDN / 10G GPON / GPON / P2P and is applied to various scenarios such as OLT.  DC power input.5 Tbit/s Bandwidth per slot: 20 Gbit/s or 40 Gbit/s  Control card supports the active/standby mode and load sharing mode.  MA5600T/MA5603T are optical and copper integrated. software version of hosts.  DC power input. and 2 slots for upstream cards  Backplane capacity: 1. 300 mm (depth). and 2 slots for upstream cards  Backplane capacity: 3.MA5600T Series MA5600T Large capacity  Subrack dimensions: 21 inch (width). MSAN and IPDSLAM. and 6 U (height)  2 slots for control cards. Service cards. MA5600T Copper Service Cards: 64p AD/VD2 card / 64p Vector card / 48p SuperVector card / 64/48p Combo(ADSL/VDSL) card / 64p POTS service card  Supports VDSL2 / ADSL2+ / COMBO / Vectoring / POTS / G.2 Tbit/s Bandwidth per slot: 20 Gbit/s or 40 Gbit/s  Control card supports the active/standby mode and load sharing mode. Medium capacity MA5603T  Subrack dimensions: 19 inch (width). 16 . 6 slots for service cards. 300 mm (depth). 16 slots for service cards. and 10 U (height)  2 slots for control cards.

enterprise) 17 .MA5616 Series Central Office FTTC/FTTB Home/ Enterprise ① Large Capacity MSAN MA5600/03T Vector/VDSL2/ GE ADSL2+ GE/ 10GE GPON/EPON S300+2*MA5616 10GPON Splitter ②Medium Capacity MSAN GE ring POTS ISDN BRI/PRI E1/TDM G.shdsl S100/S200+MA5616  Works in FTTC. top box or indoor box  Support multi-services (resident. FTTB scenarios installed into small outside cabinet.

13 18 .6 mm  16 VD2 (17a) + 16 POTS + vectoring Power Supply Mode AC AC.12 CA:Apr.13/GA:Sep. DC Power backup Support Working Temperature 40C to +65C Pure VDSL without POTS Heat Dissipation Mode FAN mode (FAN speed auto- adjustment) MA5623A  48 VD2 (17a) + vectoring  MELT GA:Sep. FTTB+DSL Access: Pizza Box MA5622A/MA5623A V800R311C00 V800R313C00 VD + POTS Combo VD + POTS Combo MA5622A Parameters MA5622A MA5623A MA5622A  24 VD2 (17a) + 24 POTS + vectoring  8 VD2 (17a) + 8 POTS + vectoring MELT test Support MA5622A Dimensions (W*D*H) 442 mm x 220 mm x 43.

12a/b.5/17W(VD+Vectoring) (VD+VECTORING) Temperature -40℃~70℃ -40℃~+55℃ -40℃~70℃ -40℃~60℃ -40℃~55℃ Splitter** Universal splitter for over ISDN (2B1Q)and over POTS (ETSI TS 101-952-2. 8a/b/c/d. 12a/b. 12a/b. by Independent Power Module ) Module) or Local DC supply (-48V) 19 . 12a/b.17a.17a.17a 8a/b/c/d. 270ohm + No built-in SPL No SPL 750ohm / 150nF) Power Feeding RFT-V Remote Supply AC: 220V/110V RFT-V Remote Supply RFT-C Remote Supply RSP (Reverse power supply) (Built-in Remote Power (Local Supply) (Built-in Remote Power Module) (-48V.3Kg Integrated cabinet (without cables) 7 kg Static/Max. Power 45/90W 14/31W 14/30W 23/66W 10.5 ≤10Kg 8. 12a/b. 8a/b/c/d.17a 8a/b/c/d.17a Size(W*D*H)* 550mm*420mm*15 530mm * 423mm * 200mm * 153mm*320mm 220mm*130mm*450mm 230 mm*130 mm*330 mm 2mm 118mm Weight ≤21 Kg ≤13.FTTB+DSL Access: MA5611S (Sealed) Specification MA5611S-DE48 MA5611S-AE16 MA5611S-DE16 MA5611S-DE48-A MA5611S-AE08 NNI* 4*GE(Optical) 2*GE(O) 2*GE(O) 2*GE(O) 2*GPON(SFP)/2*GE(SFP) UNI 48*VDSL2+Vetoring 16*VDSL2+Vetoring 16*VDSL2+Vetoring 48*VDSL2+Vetoring 8*VDSL2/Vectoring 8a/b/c/d.

management SNMP MA5811S-DE16 20 .fast signals from ISDN ) Specification Item Specification BT Swisscom Dimension mm(W×D×H) 200mm * 153mm*320mm Power feeding DC RFT-V Mounting mode Vertical shaft/ Wall / manhole Uplink 2* GE / GPON (GPON: hardware ready) Downlink 16 ports. Long term Temperature 40°C to +65°C Power consumption 50W Built-in splitter Separates G.MA5811S (G.

Typical Application Scenarios BT BT Orange Cabinet Pole Limited space (Vertical shaft) SwissCom KDDI Manhole Basement 21 .

Reset Other Support Dying Gasp Dimension 157mm X 120mm X 30mm (Estimated.Bridge LAN Interface One 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet RJ-45 ports SPL QoS Supports Legacy HG MT992 CPE Ultra Broadband Quickly and Smoothly Socket Bridge CPE SPL WAN Interface One RJ-11 port for GE CPE Helps migrate to G. PPPoE Button Power.1p for QoS IPv6 Supports IPv4 and IPv6 Dual-Stack Protocols TR-069/098. WFQ. final version may adjust) Socket Legacy HG Key benefits SPL VD2 • No need to upgrade HG SPL • Simplify IOP issues • Faster TTM 22 . DSCP and 802.

1024AD 1856POTS 1536 AD combo FTTN 768 AD/VD combo 1024AD 1024AD/VD+1024POTS 384~1536 832VD 928 AD combo D500 D1000 D2000 HABD+ HABF(UA5000) 2PCS HABD+ HABF(UA5000) 2PCS HABD+ HABF(UA5000) MA5600/MA5600T/MA5603T(MSAN) 2PCS MA5600T 256POTS/AD 256POTS/AD 192 VD+V 384POTS/AD FTTC 192VD+V 192VD+V 384AD/VD 288VD combo 128~384 32PON 32PON 768POTS H100 S200 S300 H200 2PCS MA5616 1PCS MA5616 1~3PCS MA5616 1PCS MA5603T 1PCS MA5608T 1PCS MA5608T 1PCS MA5603T 24VD COMBO 96VD+V 96VD+V FTTB(LAN/DSL) 48VD+V 128ADSL2+ 128ADSL2+ 48~128L 256POTS 256POTS S50 S100 H100A 1PCS AC MA5623A/MA5622A 1PCS AC MA5616 1PCS MA5616 2PCS AC MA562x 23 . Overview of FTTC Cabinets 1024POTS.

such as FTTB/FTTC/FTTD/FTTH/FTTO/FTTM 24 . 128~256  6 service slots,support  2 service slots,support PON ports 48~96 PON ports 16~32 PON ports Support 8K-16K users Support 3K-6K users Support 1K-2K users Suit for large capacity FTTx Suit for medium FTTx Suite for small FTTx Deploy in high density Deploy in low density Deploy in rural. town population city population city Highlights 1 Service boards. and NMS all can be compatible 2 Support GPON/10GGPON/xDSL/Vectoring/P2P/POTS/ISDN in one platform 3 Support multiple FTTx solution.OLT-MA5600T– Unified Platform MA5600T MA5603T MA5608T Large OLT(10U) Medium OLT(6U) Mini OLT(2U)  16 service slots. software version of hosts.

MA5600T Main Cards Introduction Page 25 25 .

2 VoIP Port. 4 GE port. 2 POTS. Max 4W management management Page 26 26 . Dimension: 11ac Dual-band 2.4G mm 1USB 285*174*67mm 2*2 MIMO & 5G 2*2 • OMCI/WEB/TR069 • Dimension 176*138.5*28mm • IPv6 Dual stack and MIMO • Desktop horizontal- DS-lite supported • Dimension: mounted & wall- • DHCP server /IPv4 NAT 238x190x26mm • USB dongle for 3G/4G mounted • IPv6 Dual stack and Hybrid • IPv6 Dual stack and • 0℃~+40℃. • 1 SC/APC.Huawei Smart ONT Portfolio HG8245H HG8245Q HG8245V HG8245V • 1 SC/APC. • Dimension: 117*95*27 4 GE port. 2POTS. 5%RH~ DS-lite supported DS-lite supported • OMCI/TR069 95%RH • USB dongle for 3G/4G management • USB dongle for • 100V~240V AC,50Hz~ Hybrid 3G/4G Hybrid 60Hz • OMCI/TR069 • OMCI/TR069 • Classic 2W. 4 GE port. WiFi 11n. • 1 SC/APC. 1 GE port • 1 SC/APC. WIFI 11n. WiFi 11n.

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