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Family Feud Exploring Careers Style

Instructional Design
Pupose of Instruction: Students will use prior knowledge to answer the questions
throughout the course of the game. The game will act as a review for an upcoming test.
This will allow students to recall the information they have learned in the course as well as
work as a team to accomplish a set goal.

Description of the Learner: Learner will consists of 8th graders. These students are listed
as one or more of the following:
-General education
-Special education
-Gifted and talented
-Each player will be a student currently enrolled in the Exploring Careers course.
-The student would have been given the neccessary tools and knowledge to participate in
the activity throughout the course of the class.

-Game will be played prior to students 9 week exam to review questions that may appear
on the test.
-Grades from the 9 week exam will play the factor in assessing if the review was successful
and actually palyed a part in the students success on the exam.

TEKS Associated
-explore the career clusters as defined by the U.S. Department of Education.[1B]
-determine academic requirements in career fields related to personal interest areas.[1E]
-explore how career choices impact the balance between personal and -professional
-make oral presentations that fulfill specific purposes using appropriate technology.[2B]
-explore opportunities for earning college credit in high school such as advanced
placement courses, International Baccalaureate courses, dual credit, and local and
statewide articulated credit.[3B]
-demonstrate decision-making skills related to school and community issues, programs of
study, and career planning.[3E]
-identify how performance on assessments such as the SAT, ACT, ASVAB, and
ACCUPLACER impact personal academic and career goals.[3F]
-use interpersonal skills to facilitate effective teamwork.[4B]
-effectively use information and communication technology tools.[4E]
-identify skills that can be transferable among a variety of careers.[4F]
-compare the advantages and disadvantages of different types of banking services.[6A]
-demonstrate effective verbal, nonverbal, written, and electronic communication skills.
-evaluate the impact of positive and negative personal choices, including use of electronic
communications such as social networking sites.[7B]
-model characteristics of effective leadership, teamwork, and conflict management.[7C]
-recognize the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including the ability to manage stress.[7D]
-explore and model characteristics necessary for professional success such as work ethics,
integrity, dedication, perseverance, and the ability to interact with a diverse population.

Time for Activity: This activity will consists of the entire class period (45 minutes) for two
consecutive days

Resources Required:
-Teacher Computer (Used for the slideshow which consists of the game)
-Projector (This will allow the students to see the game board and points accumulated by
their team)
-Buzzer for students (Students will hit the buzzer when they are ready to answer the
question to determine what team will go first)
-Family Feud PowerPoint Template (Downloaded from online and modified for my
particular needs)
Source: Youth Downloads

-Flash cards (For teacher reference)

-Timer (Students will only be given 20 seconds to answer a question)
-Videoclips of Family Feud (This will be shown to the students prior to the start of the
game so students will better understand the process)
Source: YouTube
-Example of Process
-Example of Sudden Death Round

Approvals Needed:
-No approvals will be needed for this activity.
Testing Assurance:
-Once the game is modified to my liking I will present it to my department during our daily
meeting to ensure all components are working properly. My department will also serve as
testers to ensure I have covered all neccessary requirements of the activity before
presenting it to my students.

Time to Complete Process:

-Downloading game template: 5 minutes
-Gather answers from given set of questions that were provided to the students prior to the
game: 1 day
-Modify template to fit the needs of the curriculum: 2 days
-Gathering neccessary resources (flash cards, buzzers, selection of teams etc.): 1/2 day
-Testing Assurance: 1 day
-Making any further adjustments: 1 day
Total Time: 4 1/2 days

Game Design
Setting: Process will take place in Exploring Careers classroom

Object of the Game: Each team will compete to receive 150 points before the other team
does. The points will be accumulated by the answers each individual player provides to a
given question.

Number of Players: Game requires four teams of six. This count may be adjusted
depending on size of class

Rules of the Game:

-The game requires four teams of six. I will randomly select the teams for each class.
-There will be 4 rounds of questions and a sudden death round for the team that
accumulates the most points
-Each round will consist of 5 questions
-One player from each team will have to come up to answer a particular question to
determine if their team will have the first chance to answer the questions in that particular
-Student must be the first to hit the buzzer in order for their team to receive the chance to
-Each player on the team will be given a chance to answer the given question. If the player
passes or takes over 20 seconds to answer the team will be given an X (strike against them)
-Each team will can get up to three answers wrong (X) before the next team gets a chance
to answer the question for all of the points.
-The team that receives 150 points first wins the game and may play the sudden death
portion in order to win the prize
-The sudden death portion will consists of 5 questions that only one player from the team
must answer. Once that player finishes his/her turn another member from the team must
come and answer those same 5 questions to accumulate points. (Players will not be in the
same room to hear each others answers)
-Team must accumulate 200 points in the sudden death round in order to win the prize.

Reward of Game
-Prize will be free 100 towards any assignment of students choosing except a major grade.

Role of the Teacher:

-Presenting the activity
-Enforcing the rules
-Clarifying any misunderstandings
-Presenting the questions
-Keeping time
-Determining winner

Students who require modifications or accomodations I will allow the following when/if
-Extended time for answers
-Other classmates assistance for answers to questions
-Give students the questions beforehand