Sr. Individual Contributor / Sr. Network Architect / Sr. Software Engineer / Sr.

QA Engineer
/ Sr. Technical Support Engineer / Founder and Seasoned Instructor actively involved in
Advanced Research and Development of networking software for the U.S. Government Agencies
(NSA, CIA, FBI, DoD, U.S. Weapon Systems, NASA, Lockheed, NAVY, Air Force, ARMY, County
of Marin, Bay Area Air Quality Management, NGC, DISA, etc.) and commercial industries. Over
30 years of wide ranging experience, including teaching at the university level.


HARDWARE & SOFTWARE: PCs, Sun, Mac, Network Cards, MAUs, HUBs, LAN/WAN
Switches, ATM Products, Optical Communication Products, Bridges/Routers ( C6500, C4900,
C2900, C2600, 3560E series, Cisco 25xx, 36xx, 4000 & 7000 series, GSR, HFR (Terabit Switch
Router), 3COM Products), DSU/CSU, Muxes, Terminal Servers, Cascade Frame Relay Switch,
Sniffer, Traffic Generator, Digitizing Oscilloscope, Microtec X-Ray, Navtel Protocol Analyzer,
Telenex Interview Network Switch Emulator, HP OpenView, Network Encryption Unit, Network
Management Stations, Cisco IOS, Cisco ENA, Extreme Networks Products, D-Link Wireless
Broadband Router, Earthlink BroadMax DSL Modem, Adobe GoLive, Dreamweaver, Cisco
Catalyst, Network Security Products (Safenet IRE Client, SonicWALL VPN/IPSec product,
ActivCard, Baltimore Unicert, Entrust/PKI, Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer, Ethereal, Harris
Stat Scanner, LC4, Ping Plotter, Sam Spade, Super Scan, Trip Wire, Web Ferret, WS Ping Pro,
ISSNT, Air Snort, AP Scanner, Dstumbler, Net Stumbler, PIX Firewall, Symantec Norton Internet
Security 2003, Symantec ManHunt), VMware, Cisco CallManager, Tasker, WatchGuard Firebox X
Peak/Core e-Series, Qualys AuditScan, AccuRev, IXIA 1600T, WWP LE-311v, Mercury Quality
Center 9.0, Juniper M20, CloudShield CS-2000, Extreme Network Products, EPICenter, SoapUI,
2Wire Home Portal 3000 Series, CMS (CPE Remote Management System), HP Proliant Server,
VNC, iPad 2, Dell EqualLogic Storage Array, Dell OpenManage Essentials, Dell PowerEdge R710
/ R910 Systems, Packet Tracer 6.0/6.1, Squish, Eclipse IDE, NETLAB+, vSphere, vCenter, MS,
ESX host, Cisco Cloud and System Management Technology, REST API, OpenStack, VMWare

OPERATING SYSTEMS: UNIX (BSD, SYS V, Linux, Fedora, Red Hat, SELinux, CentOS), Win
98/Win 2000/Win XP/Windows 7, NT, POSIX, Real-Time Embedded OS (VxWorks, pSOS,
Nucleus RTOS, RTX, QNX).

PROTOCOLS: TCP/IP, OSI, AppleTalk, IPX, WAN (PPP, cHDLC, X.25, Frame Relay, ATM, xDSL,
VPDN), LAN (Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Token Ring, High Speed Token Ring), Routing
Protocols (RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, Integrated IS-IS, BGP-4), Bridge Protocols (IEEE 802.1d),
Network Management (SNMP v1/v2/v3), UNIX Networking, VoIP, MPLS, VPLS, VPN and Traffic
Engineering, VLAN, ESRP, QoS, Content Delivery, SAN, NAS, Network Security (Internet
Security Monitoring and Filtering, VPN/IPSec, Firewalls, PKI, AAA, SSO, IDS, Intrusion
Prevention, Policy Based Provisioning, Wireless Security, Cryptography, SSL), LDAP, EMISTP,

PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: C, C++, Pascal, Ada, Shell, Tcl, Perl, Pthreads, Java,
Python, Jython

CERTIFICATION: Extreme Network Certified Expert, CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate),
Certified CloudShield Solution Developer


Aruba, a HP Enterprise Co. / Cal Lab Solutions, Inc., Santa Clara, CA
Jan. 2017
Independent Consultant

Zones. documentation. Fusion-io and SS8. • Tested Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols like Firewall ACL. San Jose. technologies. • Tracked. San Jose. "NVG510 VOIP Configuration Settings". etc. "Disable VOIP For Supported Motorola RGs". Jun. San Jose. • Attended Agile Training AT&T Labs.1. • Designed and executed test plan and test cases for tail-f/CC/ESC components.45 Firmware Upgrade Testing. a HP... Talon HA. and filing bugs) for Packet Tracer 6. A very short term contract  Installed and brought up QEMU/KVM environment on all 8 HP ProLiant DL 360 Gen 9 servers and deployed different VMs on KVM servers on the same rack at the data center at Aruba. and the associated infrastructure of cloud computing under OpenStack cloud environments. • Worked with other test engineers and development teams on extending test automation. MPLS on Cisco ASR 9k. and controls deployed to protect data. VMWare environment. vCenter. "AT&T CMS 3. 2014 QA Project Lead (CISCO) / Sr. Squish.Dec. parts of Cisco Mozart solution. reported bugs and provided detailed bug reports through the project life cycle.0 product using N* Simulator.9. C++. 2013 QA Consultant (Sr. Software Engineer) • QA works (testing. • Tested REST API and CLI on tail-f/CC/ESC components and automated them in Python/Jython under OpenStack. Perl more in depth. dynamic) on CSR1000v. 2012 . DHCP Cisco PNR. CA / Persistent Systems. 2014 QA Consultant • Tested "6HD-Light Gig RG".1 development using Python. additionally Python with Network Security such as Python Penetration Testing Essentials. and submitted ClearQuest CRs Cisco Systems.4 Targeted Ad Insertion Configuration MOP".0/6.. VMC.  Studied and practiced Python. CA May 2013 . "Mauna Jea 6. • Executed appropriate test methodologies such as manual and automated functional and regression tests through the development iterations. NTP.. Inc. CA Jan . KWANGNET.4 5168NV BDC Configuration". Architect (Persistent) • Worked at Cisco Cloud and System Management Technology Group on Cisco Mozart Solution. INC. applications. MR5" • Tested ioTurbine/ioVDI for performance under vSphere. Eclipse IDE. Inc. Backup and Restore. MS. Inc. 2015 - Present Founder  Researched in Cloud Computing Security which refers to a broad set of policies. Routing (static. NAT. Gray Hat Python. San Jose. 2014 . Black Hat Python. Java. CA Jul. NETLAB+ .Mar. Policy Based Routing. DNS. ESX host. testlink. VMWare environment using Python • Tested Intellego 6. "AT&T CMS 3. writing automation scripts. Violent Python CISCO SYSTEMS.Jan.

"Business_Requirements_For_LTE_UDC"  E2E (End-to-End) Policy Configuration Project  Discussed about "LTE Policy configurations”. 2010 . Java under Windows/Linux UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. trained FSEs to release the products. Inc. The new firewall rules only allow 4900-4999 passing through for the data collector traffic. San Ramon.. Inc. SoapUI.Apr.. 2010 QA Consultant  Tested 2Wire Home Portal 3000 Series. and submitted a proposal to Operations Users and PSL Lab to Solve CR3753. This is to make sure the bulk transferring from IPTV servers are marked as Best Effort if originating from port 4900-4999. and provided slides "Policy Configuration of PCEF. VMWare.  Discussed about "AT&T/ALU Architecture Network Capabilities".Draw a graph for Rx Util % and Tx Util % 2Wire. BERKELEY EXTENSION Evenings Sep. 2014 Instructor  CCNA . CG4000 and CG5000). and "Tier-2 SCOM management responsibility"  LTE (Long Term Evolution) UDC Project  Discussed about "LS UDC slides & LTE UDC req.  Tested various ftp clients including “Core FTP LE 2.Routing and Switching. and provided slides "Lightspeed UDC Overview". Networking Basics for Non- Technical Professionals . “Cygwin”. CA Feb. and Hitachi High Technologies America. the bulk data transferring will subject to risk to compete with other traffics through the firewall link.Network Security. 2010 . CA Mar.  CR3753: Change to Data Collector flows. e-Admin. AT&T Labs. Python.1”. and i-Recipe under Fedora. "IPTV-DColl / DB Backup & Restore Project". CMS (CPE Remote Management System) using TR-069. and resolved customer issues. VNC environment for INTEL. Inc. PCRF and Gx"  Some answers and insights into the questions about 3GPP standards  Analysis of IPTV UDC traffic . CA Sep. Redhat. CCNA . 2009 . This flow will be used by legacy Data Collector flows. 2012 QA Consultant  Supported DELL/AT&T/TURN Systems at QTS Data Center  Tested CD-SEM (Hitachi’s CD-Measurement SEM. 2011 . If this rule is removed.Dec. San Jose.".Jul. i- Frame. 2010 Consultant at Network Architect Group  IPTV-DCOLL Project (Light Speed Unified Data Collection Project)  Worked on the solution to help the legacy data collection migrating to UDC architecture. Pleasanton.Dec. "CuteFTP 8 Professional”.• Presented IPSec at Internal Symposium • Scrum/Agile environment DELL/AT&T/TURN.. This request is for opening ports 20 and 21 from the IPTV servers to the Tier-1 DCOLLS and from the Tier-1 DCOLLs to the Tier- 2 DCOLL.

CA Dec. recreating. 2006 . 802. Linux/UNIX/Windows operating systems. and verifying software defects in the field or under lab conditions reported by customers. engineering and product management to escalate and resolve issues. Interfacing with other technical support personnel. Perl CloudShield. L2/L3 (Ethernet. 2007 .  Reducing active backlog by 5% month over month  Closing cases within 30 days other than exceptions such as Wait/software. phone shifts and weekend shifts. and maintaining on-call phone availability. tracking. WPA2/AES/802. and Experience of network test equipment (IXIA) and network management tools.  Providing entitled customer base a very high quality of support experience either via phone. on-site upgrade activities or investigations of reported problems. email or onsite support (if required).  Providing entitled customer base a very high quality of support experience either via phone. HTTP.  Experience in WLAN testing in advanced/security protocols (WEP. Technical Support Engineer  Supported CS-2000 and performed RFC 2544 throughput test using IXIA for NSA. WPA/TKIP. Interfacing with other technical support personnel. etc. DoD. IPSec VPN. Firewalls). as required.  Used Advanced networking skills. 2008 Sr. diagnosing and resolving technical customer issues associated with company’s equipment on-site at the customer site.  Working according to shift schedule. maintaining and managing customer network monitoring systems.  Performing.  Troubleshooting. CA Oct. Santa Clara. Spirent) and network management tools. Sunnyvale.  Developing 3 or more Solutions per month  Used Advanced networking skills. providing feedback from customers to product management and engineering teams via appropriate systems. email or onsite support (if required).  Replicating and testing customer configurations in a lab environment. providing informal and/or formal training on company products to the customer's staff. providing informal and/or formal training on company products to the customer's staff.  Performing. on-site upgrade activities or investigations of reported problems. and Experience of network test equipment (IXIA.  Automation script in Tcl.  Experience of Functional / Feature Testing as well as System Testing. WME/WMM/802. as required. maintaining and managing customer network monitoring systems.  Working according to shift schedule. diagnosing and resolving technical customer issues associated with company’s equipment on-site at the customer site.  Replicating and testing customer configurations in a lab environment. engineering and product management to escalate and resolve issues.Aug.1 xs. . phone shifts and weekend shifts.11i. Technical Support Engineer  Supported Extreme Networks Products under ExtremeWare and EXOS using Siebel System  Troubleshooting. and verifying software defects in the field or under lab conditions reported by customers.Nov.  Experience of using network monitoring and analysis tools to debug Ethernet/Wireless/IP layer problems. and maintaining on-call phone availability. TCP/IP). 2007 Sr.  Reducing active backlog by 5% month over month  Closing cases within 30 days other than exceptions such as Wait/software.Extreme Networks.  Experience of WLAN. tracking. SNMP. providing feedback from customers to product management and engineering teams via appropriate systems.11e. recreating.

 Experience of Functional / Feature Testing as well as System Testing. Citrix Administration Tools. and developed IDS signatures for Symantec ManHunt  Cisco Catalyst 6513s in a redundant configuration. SYMANTEC Corp.  Experience of L2/L3 (Ethernet. and CITRIX. REDMEDIC.. and tested Citrix Application Gateway.  Tested Branch Office VPN Tunnels...3 ProviderBackbone Transport (PBT) using WWP LE-311v.) to receive funding from VCs. Santa Clara. PPTP User VPN Tunnels for Pandora 9. San Jose. CA Apr. Inc. San Jose. test plans to achieve Common Criteria certification of WatchGuard products for DoD.. Inc.kwangnet.Sep. Linux/UNIX/Windows operating systems. INC. TCP/IP.  Tested and implemented automation scripts in Tcl.Nov. Avaya IP phones and wireless devices in Perl using Cygwin.0. KWANGNET (www. 2003 . Mercury Quality Center 9. San Jose. Perl World Wide Packets. SNMP. INC. HTTP.  Implemented testing tools.). EIGRP. 2002 Senior Development Test Engineer . a smart card business for healthcare (REDMedic. CA Nov. and designed websites for centralized security management (KwangNet). CCNA. Cryptography. WatchGuard Technologies. Nortel. and scanned using Qualys AuditScan (on-demand security audit and vulnerability management service). CA Evenings Jan. Inc. WINCOM SYSTEMS. Web Design. defined a business plan. Citrix Design Studio for Cisco. Mobile User VPN Tunnels. 2002 . and encryption devices for wireless security (Cinensis..Dec.0. IXIA 1600T. TCP/IP). PIX firewall configuration and dual homed server setup KWANGNET. 2005 .  Experience of using network monitoring and analysis tools to debug Ethernet/IP layer INC. 2002 - 2003 Founder/Co-founder of 3 Startups  Built a team. using WatchGuard System Manager. County of Marin.  Tested Citrix and Safenet SSL VPN clients co-existence. CA Jan. and Bay Area Air Quality Management 2003 Consultant  Researched. Tasker and VMware. 2006 QA Consultant  Tested LE-OS 4. 2005 Founder  Provided training classes for Network Security.  Automation script in Tcl. architected software/hardware products. and CINENSIS. Citrix Broadcast Server. VNC. and AccuRev. test plans.

MADGE NETWORKS. CCAST. Source Navigator. SYSDB TCL Extensions. resulting in the development of device driver for TMS380C27 comprocessor board in Network Encryption Unit. Server and Storage Load Balancing. and modified performance tools for the Transport Independent Interface (TII) client and endpoint for the new AppleTalk protocol architecture under MPW C++. and built my own ATM Router to manage Ethernet/Token Ring ELAN/IP over ATM. Perl. Cflow/IOS. and designed. Web Firewall Functions) in C. San Jose. implemented. attended IETF. SEMAPHORE COMMUNICATION CORP. Shell under Linux. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. converted existing ENA cHDLC test script from ATS 3. FlexeLint.. Source Navigator to trace source code. implemented the Internet firewall device driver under Solaris 2. CISCO SYSTEMS. CA 1995 - 1998 Network Analyst  Supported Lannet and Madge products. Implemented testing tools and tested Wincom Switching Server (Content Delivery. HTTP Tunneling. implemented stress test shell scripts for testing UNIX drivers. IOS/ENA-WAN Connectivity Group  GSR/ENA Project – For White Box Testing. INC. CA 1998 - 2001 Senior Software Engineer. San Jose. resulting in the development of Testing Application Software in C for ATM and cHDLC components under CTF. Routing Protocols. CA 1994 - 1995 Network Architect  As a Project Lead. . Cscope. ported ATM drivers for SCO UNIX. INC. used some tools such as CodeTest. Component Testing Framework (CTF).. resulting in the development of Tcl Automation Script for ENA/ATM on GSR such as OAM-PVC/ILMI-PVC/VC-CLASS/PVCD under ATS-EASY environment. filed DDTS (Bug Report). Ctrace. SAN. implemented functionality/stress testing tools in C and shell script to test boot/change management utilities.  GSR/ENA Project – For Black Box Testing. wrote ENA VPDN Feature Test Plan Document. as a Project Lead. Cflow/ENA to get code coverage.4. and prepared CCIE. APPLE COMPUTER and 3COM CORP.  HFR/Distributed ENA Project – Reviewed HFR Hardware/Software Architecture. NAS. SANTA CRUZ EXTENSION 1999 - 2002 Instructor  "TCP/IP Protocol Architecture" – covering TCP/IP/IPv6. and MPLS.  Designed. SSL. used Gdb. completed automation of all test cases called out in the Test Plan. CSCCON. established familiarity with ENA Component Development. 1993 - 1995 Consultant  Designed.0 to ATS-EASY. BALLISTA. analyzed Cisco Test Tools such as SYSDBCON. Santa Clara. attended Cisco training classes. provided network security in LAN/WAN.

CISSP Review Sessions. Smart Card. Internet Systems Corp. IOS Device Drivers. Ann Arbor. ICRC. The Wollongong Group. Eastern Michigan University. Chinese. Computer Engineering Courses from Stanford University thru SITN. ACRC. Korea 1977 MS – Mathematics UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. French (r). and work as a Research Scientist/Educator at University of California. High Quality Software Engineering. Ungermann-Bass. Overview of Cisco Products. Dong-Eui Univ. Piano. Web. GSR 12000 Series Technical Product Training. Building & Debugging Cisco IOS Images. MI 1980 MS . Seoul National Univ. KAIST. Cisco IOS Memory Troubleshooting. RSA Conference. E- Commerce Security: Firewall and Access Controls. CVOICE. CATM. Chungbuk National Univ. Internet Cryptography. Japanese (r/w/s. . Wireless Security: 802. Korean (r/w/s). German (r/w). Fujitsu.. Learning). LANGUAGES English (r/w/s). Learning Foreign Languages. Traveling. Clearcase. MCNS. University of Michigan. Informix Software. Japanese. Conference Proceedings). Chinese (r/w. IOS/ENA Architecture. IXIA training.Dual majors in Mathematics and Computer Engineering PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING CLASSES: SunNet Manager. EDUCATION SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY. Inc. Learning) HOBBIES Violin. Inc. Intrusion Detection.. HFR. Reading the Bible. Korea Univ. Sentriant AG/NG training. Samsung Electronics Co. Vitalink Communications Corp. Business and Professional Writing.. Understanding QoS in IP. Listening to music. ETRI.. Java Programming.Lannet and Madge Products Training from Madge-U. Internet and E-Commerce Security. Test Technology Boot Camp. CMTD. MPLS Technology Essentials. Watching movies.11b and Other Protocols.K. Teaching. Korea Information Assurance Society for seminars. Internet Security: Advanced Topics. and Frame Relay. Seoul. Bowling. BGP (Grade A). Berkeley Extension. Getting Stated with IOS/ENA Programming. Hebrew (r/w. Hands- On VPN Design and Implementation (Grade A).ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE 1980 - 1993  Includes work as a Senior Software Engineer with Extreme Networks. VoIP. and Madge-Israel. Ltd. Cryptography. Ford Motor Company. IMCR. Advanced ENS training. Cisco Internal Networkers Conference.. Camping. CIT.Internet Protocol (MIL-STD-1777) ?" (IEEE PCCC-86. Computer. Microkernel System Architecture. Korea Institute For Defense Analyses.. Test Methodologies. POSIX Threads Programming. Golf. RAVE Programming. Invited from KIST. ExtremeWare CLI Switch Layer 2/Layer 3 Management & Configuration. DAVID Systems. Arix Corporation. Wireless Security Forum. Michigan Technical Institute. Stanford Computer Forum (Security Workshop). ATM.. Cello. BCRAN. Photography. Learning). DDTS. Drawing. Agile Training PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATION "Why do we have problems designing and implementing with Military Standard . Become an Entrepreneur: Start Your Own Business. CID. IOS Architecture.

NSA SECURITY CLEARANCE IN 2009 U. Fishing. Harmonica. Guitar. Cooking. Web Design. Japanese Calligraphy (sho). 2015.S. Hand Acupuncture. Archery. I have a photographic memory. CITIZEN .Singing. I have an IQ of 162. Swimming. I’ve been chosen to be an Extreme Star. Provided "FREE INTENSIVE SAT I MATH class at New Vision Church" on every Saturday since June. etc. A tutor for CALCULUS BC. Dancing. Pool.