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Who Are You???
 One of the 500,000+ PMP®s
 One of the 800+ PgMPs®???

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Presentation Overview
 The Importance of Program Management
 The PgMP® Credential
 PgMP® Application Process

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Why Program Management?
 “If you’re a program manager looking to
demonstrate a proven ability to manage
complex, multiple projects and align results
to organizational goals; increase your
visibility and value with your organization;
and separate yourself in the eyes of
employers, the PgMP credential is for you.”

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Why the PgMP®?
 “As employers demand program
managers that can support the strategic
objectives of the organization, Program
Management Professional (PgMP)®
credential holders will gain a distinct
advantage in employment and promotional
opportunities over their peers.”
 Program Management Professional (PgMP)® Credential
Handbook– 2012 Edition (PMI®, 2012, p.4)

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2012 6 .A Program is…  “A group of related projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control not available from managing them individually.” The Standard for Program Management © Ginger Levin.

improved operations and growth The Standard for Program Management.What is Program Management?  “The centralized coordinated management of a program to achieve the program’s strategic benefits and objectives”  Program management focuses on project interdependencies  It focuses also on benefits:  Opportunities to provide advantages to organizations  Increased profits. 2012 7 . © Ginger Levin. improved morale.

Presentation Overview  The Importance of Program Management  The PgMP® Credential  PgMP® Application Process © Ginger Levin. 2012 8 .

The PgMP® Handbook  Download from the PMI® web site:  http://www.pmi. 2012 9 .ashx  Read the entire Handbook  Also agree to the ethics terms and conditions © Ginger DF/Certifications/pdc_pgmphandbook.

Multi-rater Assessment  Continuous PDU requirements Reference: PgMP® Handbook © Ginger Levin.PMI’s PgMP® Credential  Program Management Professional  A PMI® credential!  Emphasizes coordinated management of multiple projects to achieve strategic benefits  Three-step credential process:  Application/Evaluation. Exam. 2012 10 .

pmi.Main Resources  The Standard for Program Management  Provides concepts and a representative program life cycle  Defines the standards for program management  Must have! Purchase the Second Edition http://www. ashx © Ginger Levin. 2012  Program Management Professional (PgMP®) Examination Content Outline  Defines the domains and tasks that comprise the exam  Free – download from the PMI web 11 site .org/Certification/ProjectManagement-ProfessionalPgMP/~/media/PDF/Certifications/PgMP_ Examination_Content_Outline_2011_sec.

org.  Must have!  DF/Certifications/PgMP%20Application%20F orm.ashx  LinkedIn Group  PgMP Credentialed Networking Group LinkedIn Group – Join!! 12 © Ginger Levin.Main Resources (Free)  PgMP Application Form  PDF format. available at PMI. 2012 .

com © Ginger Levin.Suggested Resources PgMP® Exam Practice Test and Study Guide THIRD EDITION Ginger Levin and LeRoy Ward Purchase at Amazon or www. 2012 13 .crcpress.

2012 14 .utdallas. Ginger Levin  Prep Class  On site  On line – University of Texas at Dallas See:  © Ginger Levin.Suggested Resources  Dr.

79 © Ginger Levin. 2012 15 .79 or $ Price: $19.emunlimited. Knowledge Areas from the Examination Content Outline by James Haner See http://www.Suggested Resources Wall Chart on the Processes.

 If you do not pass. randomly dispersed throughout the exam  These do not affect your score  Administration – computer based  Paper-based if you live more than 300Km/187 miles from a Prometric CBT site  Exam is administered in English only  PMI Members $1500 [US]  Non-Members $1800 [US]  Need 60 PDUs every three years to maintain both PMP® and PgMP® credentials  You have four hours to take the test  There is a 15-minute computer tutorial © Ginger Levin. 2012 16 . but you must pay a fee each time 170 multiple-choice questions  20 of these are pretest questions. you can take the exam two more times during the year. candidates are granted 1 year to take the exam.PgMP® Exam  After meeting eligibility criteria.

Questions on the Exam • Developed by program managers around the world • Referenced to current program and project management resources • Monitored through a psychometric analysis • Satisfy the test specifications in the PgMP Examination Content Outline – More than just the “Standard for Program Management” © Ginger Levin. 2012 17 .

2012 Program Life Cycle 44% Benefits Management 11% 75 19 Questions Questions Stakeholder Management Governance 16% 27 Questions 14% 24 Questions 18 .PgMP® Exam Five Performance Domains Strategic Program Management 15% 25 Questions © Ginger Levin.

2012 19 .Your Score  At the end of the 4 hour test. you will receive your score  You will know if you PASSED or failed the exam  You will not know the percent of the questions you answered correctly  Instead you will know by domain:      Strategic Program Management Program Life Cycle Benefits Management Stakeholder Management Governance  Whether you were:  Proficient  Moderately Proficient  Barely Proficient © Ginger Levin.

2012 20 .What Does Proficient Mean??  Proficient = performance is above average in the knowledge of the domain  Moderately Proficient = performance is at the average level of knowledge in the domain  Below Proficient = performance is below the average level of knowledge in the domain © Ginger Levin.

2012 21 .Presentation Overview  The Importance of Program Management  The PgMP® Credential  PgMP® Application Process © Ginger Levin.

pay the $1500 Audit Process – 90 Days to submit materials – if selected and no problems Multi-Rater Assessment – 3 calendar weeks from the date you pass the exam Panel Review – Certification Cycle – 10 Business Days 3 Years from the day you pass the MRA Reference: PgMP Handbook © Ginger Levin.Preparing Your Application – Timeline Submit Application 90 Day Window Application Completeness Review -- Exam Eligibility – I year from Notification 5 Business Days (if submitted on line) If OK. 2012 22 .

Benefits Management. Stakeholder Management. 2012 23 . Program Life Cycle. 4 at Your Level.Application Overview     Online System Correspondence and Contact Information Education Attained  Transcripts Program/Project Experience  Program Overview  Organization Details  Hours by Domain  Strategic Program Management. and Governance  Projects  Experience Summary Statements  5 questions  References – Minimum 12:  4 People Above You. 4 Below Your Level and YOU © Ginger Levin.

800 Member $1.500 Non-member $1.Fees Exam Type Computer-Based Testing (CBT) Paper-Based Testing (PBT) Retake of the Exam (CBT) Retake of the Exam (PBT) Multi-rater Reassessment Retake Credential Renewal PMI Membership Status US Dollars Member $1. 2012 24 .200 Non-member $1.500 Member $500 Non-member $600 Member $400 Non-member $500 Member $400 Non-member $500 Member $60 Non-member $150 Note! Application fees not refunded in full if application is not approved Reference: PgMP® Handbook © Ginger Levin.

you can request a refund and receive $350. and decide not to take it. you are charged $70. 2012 25 .00 back within 30 days  If you reschedule your exam within 30 days. you can get $700. you forfeit the entire $1500  KEY POINT – BE PREPARED!! © Ginger Levin.00  If you reschedule within 2 days.Getting a Refund  Request a refund 30 days before your eligibility expires if you have not scheduled or taken the exam  Then.00 back  If you pay to retake the exam.

or Minimum 4 years (6.500 hours of Program Management experience is required Reference: PgMP Handbook © Ginger Levin.000 hours) non-overlapping Program Management experience Minimum 4 years (6.500 hours) non-overlapping Program Management experience Bachelors degree or higher Minimum 4 years (6.Experience / Education Requirements Education Project Management Experience Program Management Experience* High School.000 Equivalent Degree hours) non-overlapping Project Management experience Minimum 7 years (10. only 4. 2012 26 .000 hours) non-overlapping Project Management experience Each program requires two corresponding projects that share the common strategic goal and budget of the program Experience must be unique and non-overlapping *If your degree is from a PMI accredited University. Associate.

Calculating Experience 1 of 2  List projects and programs separately  Do not group your Program Management experience with your Project Management experience  For the Program Management experience include:  Details on at least two projects associated with the program  You do not need to show the time spent on these projects since they are in the program  A primary contact is needed for each project and program  You can use a client or program sponsor  If you have your PMP®. you need to re-enter your project management experience for the PgMP® . 2012 27 .you need 48-72 months of program management experience to meet the 4-7 year eligibility Reference: PgMP Handbook © Ginger Levin.

Calculating Experience (2 of 2)  You can go back 15 years prior to the application date for the Program Management experience  Experience that begins more than 15 years before the application but ended less than 15 years before the application is submitted is fine  Enter your hours in each of the 5 Program Management domains  Program experience can include more than one program © Ginger Levin. 2012 28 .

2012 29 .Example © Ginger Levin.

obtaining approvals. and mitigating/channeling opposition Governance Establishing processes and procedures for maintaining proactive program management oversight and decision-making support for applicable policies and practices throughout the entire program life cycle © Ginger Levin. rating. and sustaining benefits from the program Stakeholder Management Capturing stakeholder needs and expectations. 2012 Reference: PgMP Handbook 30 .Items in Your Application – Hours by Domain Domains Descriptions Hours Strategic Program Management Identifying opportunities and benefits that achieve the organization’s strategic objectives through program management Program Life Cycle Initiating – defining the program. maximizing. executing transition plan. archiving. gaining and maintaining stakeholder support. and obtaining agreement from stakeholders Planning – defining program scope and developing the program. including all constituent projects. and reporting Benefits Management Defining. including projects in the program and other activities Executing – Performing the work to achieve the objectives and deliver the program benefits Controlling – Monitoring progress using program plans and managing change and risk Closing – Finalizing program activities. its projects.

You)  E-mail. Direct Report. phone number Reference: PgMP Handbook © Ginger Levin. Contractor.Your Application – Verifying Experience      Program Number Title Start Date / Complete Date Your Role Name of Contact (Sponsor/Manager. 2012 31 . Peer.

2012 32 .Tips on the Experience Summaries  First.000 characters) – more is better  Use “I” statements – You are the leader  Provide specific examples – do not just copy from the Standard © Ginger Levin. use Word and then cut and paste into the application  Address all areas in the question  Write between 200-350 words (2.

Experience Summary Questions – 1 Strategic Program Management  Option A  Developed program justification and alignment with the organization’s strategic plan  Option B  Monitored the business environment. and benefit realization plan in order to ensure the program remains aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives Reference: PgMP Handbook © Ginger Levin. 2012 33 . program goals.

Experience Summary Questions – 2 Benefit Realization  Option A  Defined and monitored benefits realization measurement criteria  Option B  Identified opportunities that resulted in optimized program benefits Reference: PgMP Handbook © Ginger Levin. 2012 34 .

2012 35 .Experience Summary Questions – 3 Stakeholder Management  Option A  Identified and analyzed program stakeholders  Option B  Designed clear expectations and program acceptance criteria with program stakeholders Reference: PgMP Handbook © Ginger Levin.

Experience Summary Questions – 4 Governance  Option A  Established and adapted the program governance model  Option B  Identified and evaluated risks and their impact on the program objectives throughout the program Reference: PgMP Handbook © Ginger Levin. 2012 36 .

materials. equipment.) across component projects  Option B  Managed and resolved program level issues and issues escalated from component projects Reference: PgMP Handbook © Ginger Levin. finance.Experience Summary Questions – 5 Program Life Cycle  Option A  Managed and optimized the use of resources (human. 2012 37 . facilities. etc.

Data for the Multi-Raters in Your Application        Name Address City State/Province/Territory Zip/Postal Code E-mail address Contact type: Above Your Level. At Your Level. Below Your Level Reference: PgMP Handbook © Ginger Levin. 2012 38 .

2012 39 .Multi-Raters (1 of 2)  4 Contacts Above Your Level     Someone to whom you report (functional manager) Person with approval authority Program sponsor Governance board member  4 Contacts at your Level     PgMP®s Someone with similar responsibilities Someone on the same committees Functional or operational managers © Ginger Levin.

2012 40 .Multi-Raters (2 of 2)  4 Contacts Below Your Level     Project managers Someone who reports to you Vendor Team member  YOU!!! © Ginger Levin.

Selecting Your Multi-Raters  Choose them by role. not title  Make sure they are familiar with your work as a program manager  You do not want them to answer questions with a ‘Don’t know – I have no basis on which to make a rating/no opportunity to observe’  Also. 2012 41 . you do not want them to say: ‘Candidate not required to perform behavior’ on the survey – now allowed  Make sure they will respond!!  There are 44 statements © Ginger Levin.

The Audit  You are notified after you pay the exam fee  You need to submit:  Copies of your diplomas  Signatures from your supervisors on the programs in your experience section  You have 90 days to complete it  You can be audited at any time even after you receive the credential!!! © Ginger Levin. 2012 Reference: PgMP Handbook 42 .

The Panel Review  Pass or Fail  Panel consists of PgMP® volunteers  They review experience based on responses to the Program Management Experience Summaries in the application  They do not know your identity  If you fail. a PMI® representative will contact you to discuss your status Reference: PgMP Handbook © Ginger Levin. 2012 43 .

scratch paper. pen/pencil You will find out if you PASS after you finish the exam! Reference: PgMP Handbook © Ginger Levin.At the Exam Site • Have 2 forms of ID: – Primary • • • • Drivers license Military ID Passport National ID card – Secondary • • • • • • • Employee ID Credit card with signature Bank (ATM) card Make sure your ID matches your name! Arrive 30 early You will receive a calculator. 2012 44 .

PMI sends you an e-mail letting you have 6 months to re-apply for the MRA Reference: PgMP Handbook © Ginger Levin. you receive a copy of your results  If you fail the MRA. and you get a status report  You then have the opportunity to select a replacement for people who do not respond  Once it is finished.Multi-Rater Assessment 1of 2      E-mail or call them once you pass the exam Make sure all the e-mail addresses are correct They will get an e-mail and a link to the survey They have 21 days to respond PMI sends an electronic reminder to people who do NOT respond in 2 weeks. 2012 45 . you wait one year.

Multi-Rater Assessment 2 of 2  Choose people who will respond!  E-mail or call your contacts once you have passed your exam  Let them know the rating form will be coming – it could go into a SPAM folder  Thank them for their help and time Reference: PgMP Handbook © Ginger Levin. 2012 46 .

2012 47 .Sample Questions for the Raters 1) Ensures program alignment with organizational strategy 2) Produces a program scope definition by integrating stakeholder requirements 3) Increases team commitment by communicating expectations 4) Ensures closure of constituent projects by implementing closeout plans 5) Archives lessons learned by entering them into the PMIS You will receive a copy of these results! © Ginger Levin.

Maintaining Your PgMP®  Three year continuous certification requirement process  60 PDUs per three years  NOTE: If you have your PMP®. 2012 48 . you do not need 60 PDUs for each credential © Ginger Levin.

2012 49 .Thank You! © Ginger Levin.

com/in/gingerlevin © Ginger Levin. Ginger Levin. and Project Management Consultant and Educator  954-783-9819 (office)  954-803-0887 (cell)   linkedin. PgMP.Contact Information  Dr. Program. PMP. Certified OPM3 Professional  Portfolio. 2012 50 .

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