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Here are the excellent tips that you can refer to prepare for pte
this are just videos about pte from his developer ... not that imp from practice perspective
mcmillan book
Practice test applications, PTE score guide, handbook
pte practice test application
facebook page for pte
Useful pte links and essay topics
Amrit Pai's notes, reading paras answers
practice tests, books scoreguide and audio recording from pte book

practice test applications again

graphs images and writing material
updated collocation list
reorder paras
updated essay
this are the audio files for repeat sentences. before you start listening to it just a tip of how to use this
recordings as this recordings are created by me so they are not the standard ones that you get on
websites. in each file there are few sentences and after each sentence, the speaker says "wait" thrice
which means that when he says wait for the first time, you need to pause the media player and you need
to repeat the sentence and play it again to go to next one.
repeat sentences
graphs and images for speaking practice
This website has around 50 lectures which is used for toefl as well. however duration of lectures is more
than 2 min on this site, in pte lectures are for 2 min so you can listen to lectures for 2 minutes and stop it

and retell it from your notes taken while listening to it. http://www. this has been posted so that your ears can understand the accentuated pronunciation Short story recording answersz for pearson book answers speaking section format This tool will help you to convert speech to pls use sensibly as it needs to be properly imbibed with grammar and meaning of the sentence. So u speak during retell lecture and images and tool converts it to Idioms that can be used in essays. Here you can assess your grammar you hv used while speaking https://dictation.html Some more links for reference materials https://drive. retell lecture below link has short stories of a famous war journalist hemmingway Misc material more material more reading and image material .org/quotes-sayings/idioms-meaning.

.&usp=drive_web : d�'bw https://drive..a.. http://nikholaswidjaja..practicepte. https://docs... also offers paid test to candidates who need further training. Practicepte offers a full-length practice test of PTE academic for free to . http://www. Apart from the two mock tests is the best source for practicing and preparing for PTE academic.Please find them below and all the best for your exam.blogspot. It also offers the expert evaluation services for both paid & free Registration to the portal is quite simple any candidate with a valid email account can sign-up on the portal and take a mock > http://thevsquare.