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Public Transportation Services Corporation(PTSC

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Open Until Filled
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$69,722 - $87,131 - $104,541
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This bulletin is posted to establish or add to a Qualified Candidate
Basic Function
To oversee the engineering aspects of network systems (Local and Wide Area
Networks or Call-Processing) including design, development, installation,
configuration, testing, and maintenance of networks.
Example Of Duties

Performs work in either the local area network (LAN), wide area
network (WAN) and wireless LAN (WLAN) environment or Cisco Unified
Communications (UC), Voice over IP (VOIP) and Private Branch
Exchange (PBX) environment

Designs, implements, recommends, manages, and maintains
LAN/WAN/WLAN information systems or Cisco UC Gateways, Cisco UC
Services, VOIP equipment and related services

Manages and maintains Nortel PBX equipment

and resolves LAN/WAN/WLAN or Cisco UC. VOIP. and training to other technical and non-technical staff  Supervises subordinate staff  Contributes to ensuring that the EEO policies and programs of Metro are carried out Requirements For Employment  Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems. and connectivity infrastructure  Ensures that documentation is available and up to date  Coordinates services with outside agencies  Performs inspections on completed work  Provides technical advice. PBX and related system equipment. Computer Science. and other documentation dealing with network feasibility. and usage  Works or consults with users and consultants in preparing scopes of work and requests for proposals related to procurement of LAN/WAN/WLAN or Cisco UC. VOIP. backup and disaster methodologies and procedures. direction. may conduct extensive onsite testing to ensure products meet standards before recommending procurement  Assembles and evaluates information. hardware and operating systems or Cisco UC. Engineering or related field . VOIP and related system hardware and software  Analyzes. engineering design criteria. PBX and related system hardware and software problems  Evaluates network hardware or software. and services  Prepares and maintains documentation for network cabling. performance. and prepares reports. maintenance. assistance. troubleshoots. correspondence. Installs or supervises the installation of LAN/WAN/WLAN infrastructure.

and practices of management information systems and specified application areas Network operating systems such as Cisco Routing and Switching. Microsoft NT Advanced Server. Novell Netware and other networks related to the area of assignment  Network architecture and design elements  WLAN RF fundamentals and network design elements  Voice administration and voicemail systems administration  Networked PBX environments  Advanced capabilities in computer hardware and peripherals  Advanced capabilities in computer software  Microcomputer and network security concepts  Project management techniques and tools  Applicable local. publications. use. Microsoft LYNC Server. Microsoft Windows 2008. rules. UNIX. principles. and other technical resources for evaluation of changing technology . 4 years’ experience in the design. Microsoft LAN manager. development. state. and federal laws. and maintenance of various computer systems including at least three years experience in network systems (LAN/WAN) or telephone systems (PBX/Cisco UC Call Manager)  Certification in network systems related to the area of assignment is desirable  Valid California Class C driver license Knowledge:  Theories. and regulations governing information systems for a public agency  Engineering mathematics and computer applications and Documentation standards  Various trade journals.

speak. give recommendations.metro. and understand English Selection Procedure Applicants who best meet job-related qualifications will be invited to participate in the examination process that may consist of any combination of written. procedures. and apply laws. conduct research. and implement solutions and alternatives based on network infrastructure  Analyze and evaluate system changes to determine feasibility  Prepare. visit Metro's website at www. and correspondence  Communicate effectively orally and in writing  Supervise subordinate staff  Read. interpret. and understand detailed software and hardware specifications and instructions  Understand. performance. reports. knowledge. skills and abilities. Application Procedure To apply. Principles of supervision Abilities:  Express technical information in a clear and simple way  Define problems. analyze situations. interpret. policies. or oral appraisal to further evaluate job-related and complete an online Employment Application. rules. contracts. regulations. and budgets  Manage projects from conception to culmination  Interact professionally with various levels of Metro employees and outside representatives  Prepare documentation. . write.

m. Time off with Pay (TOWP) . Buy up or buy down options available.Computers are available to complete online Employment Applications at the following Metro location: METRO Headquarters. Jr. Holidays . Day After Thanksgiving.100% employer paid.Employee has the choice of 3 separate medical plans and 3 dental plans.Compensates employees who are on approved absence from work for reasons such as illness. (kf) *Open to the public and all Metro employees PTSC BENEFITS Medical/Dental/Vision Plan .000.PTSC pays for an amount equal to your annual salary.15th year 30 days Beginning of 16th + years 35 days . or observance of (a) religious holiday. All completed online Employment Applications must be received by 5:00 p. Day. Provides employees with a minimum income of 60% of earnings after six months of disability.10 days a year: New Year's Day.000. Long-Term Disability Insurance . personal business. Thanksgiving Day. Labor Day. and Christmas Day. injury. on the closing date. Presidents' Day. Years of Service Annual Accrual Hire date . Group Life Insurance . Employment Office One Gateway Plaza Los Angeles. Veterans' Day. Martin Luther King. Additional voluntary coverage in amounts up to $500.PTSC provides $50. CA 90012 Telephone: (213) 922-6217 or persons with hearing or speech impairments can use California Relay Service 711 to contact Metro. Minimum amount of life insurance is $30.000 is available at favorable premium rates. A separate vision plan is included in each medical plan. medical and dental appointments. Independence Day.000 coverage for each employee. rounded up to the nearest $1. Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance .5 years 20 days Beginning of 6th . vacation.10th year 25 days Beginning of 11th . Memorial Day.

credit union membership. Please indicate the dates and place of employment where you fulfilled the required experience for this position.Pension Plan . . Medicare. Minimum retirement age is 52. SDI. Tuition reimbursement. Other Benefits: Transportation passes for employees and/or eligible dependents. Flexible work schedules. Medical and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts. Deferred Compensation Plan. Vesting is five (5) years.PTSC retirement plan is the Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS). Supplemental Questions 1. EAP. based on the 2% at 62 formula. US Savings Bond Program. and Jury Duty Pay. 401(K) Thrift plan.