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No compromises. This means each and every customer is guaranteed total commitment from a dedicated and driven work force. our employees are our greatest asset and we can ensure our customers integrity. Jerrard Winter Managing Director HAZTEK INTERNATIONAL Project Solutions ● Manpower ● Managed Services Copyright © 2014 . All HSE obligations will be fulfilled with high calibre personnel and accountability of the highest standard. it is our passion and everybody working for Haztek International is committed to this principal. with no compromises in the safety or standards. From the staff in our central operation through to our field consultants.Our Values HSE services is not just our business. discipline and total commitment. Our People We have extensive HSE expertise across a wide range of disciplines. Our Aim We aim to provide the most efficient and effective HSE service for all our customers in the quickest possible time.

construction. gap analysis and Managed Services Team audit including KPI establishment and measurement by independent review. EPCs. safety and environmental management. performance standards and written schemes). chemical. construction. turnarounds and general operations. Haztek International also provides HSE services to the petrochemical. and vulnerability and reliability assessments (FTA. shutdowns.  HSE case full development. understand the requirements through all phases of oil and gas operations including feasibility studies. FMECA. engineering and resource services to the high-hazard and special risk industries. and HSE Services Manager  emergency response training and scenarios including full- Manpower Manager HSE Technical Support Mobility and Logistics Scope Phases Preparation time/desktop exercises. RBI and RBM programmes).  development of full MHRA reports and information such as SOOB matrix for HSE case inclusion or as standalone qualitative risk reports. Our technical experts.  HSE case sectional development and peer review/gap analysis of client developed material. Key stages of HSE drilling services Responsibility  HSE management system development.). risk-based sensitivity Orchestrating seamless events. Haztek International provides a comprehensive range of specialised management.HSE drilling services Our expertise Haztek and its project team members have experience in the following project delivery to the drilling industry on a global basis: Haztek will provides a tailor-made solution that saves money and streamlines the entire process.  environmental impact assessments. technical.  on-hire pre-survey reviews and operator/owner systems integration including HSE case HSEMS merging for COMOPS or SIMOPS. power and marine environments from design all the way through engineering. studies (QRA etc. FMEA. While specialising in the oil and gas sector. commissioning and into operations. who are highly trained and knowledgeable about all aspects of health. Haztek International efficiently tailors and integrates services to suit our clients’ needs. SIMOPs. SCE/ SCA development.  lifecycle and management of change support (HAZOP. without compromising on safety. Our experience Haztek International has carried out numerous HSE safety cases to date for various rig types:         platform rigs drill ships drill barges jack-ups semi-subs land rigs submersibles tender rig professionals Planning Execution Evaluation Project Solutions ● Managed Services ● Manpower Solutions Copyright © 2014 .

for safety specifically addresses be addressed. and Section 4 of the HSE  The HSE case is case and further  software and provides information to subject to continuous procedure – the remaining sections improvement and confirmation that relating to hazard audit.  Identification of hazards. Project Solutions ● Managed Services ● Manpower Solutions Copyright © 2014 IADC Section 4 Compliance  Section 4 of the IADC HSE case is an integrated part of the MHRA report and is an underpinning document to the overall HSE case. Identify Hazards  In this process Haztek uses assessment tables that are prepopulated sections from hazard checklist ISO 17776:2000(E). using the client risk matrix and developed acceptance criteria. procedural controls are management. Haztek fully meets all aspects of the IADC guidelines in its deliverables as well as enhancements in such areas as existing documentation and compliance reviews. ‘proceed with caution’ changes are identified interdependency and condition.Drilling Our approach Haztek International is uniquely placed to provide a fully integrated service to the drilling industry by virtue of a blend of experience in project execution. reliability. condition and a impacts or potential availability. communicating the results and long-term support in lifecycle management. the HSEMS lifecycle. critical elements. at an early stage so survivability in an MAH that appropriate  The MHRA report event – and process actions/changes can like MOC. assessed and managed in the correct manner. Evaluate Risk MHRA Report and SOOB Matrix  Key to the BowTie  The SOOB matrix is Update Safety Case  The HSE case control and assessment process is the validation of identified barriers by: developed from the sections are updated in MHRA process parallel to the MHRA assisting the worksite process to ensure that in distinguishing information transfer is between a ‘stop work’ maximised and that  hardware – function. fit for purpose response requirements and audited as part of and lifecycle activities. It is continuously reviewed against any changes from the management or engineering standpoint to ensure that hazards are identified.  Evaluation of risk and identification of risk reduction measures. . in place. best placed methodologies and the correct blend of staff to deliver these.

used as an educational platform as well as a way of communicating documents between our clients and colleagues. One such resource is our technical library.HSE Case Services Business Line (Application) Regulatory Compliance General Product Line (Core Competency) HSE Case Description COMAH Case development Offshore Installation HSE Case development IADC HSE Case development HSE Case underpinning and standalone studies MHRA/SHIDAC studies using BowTie presentations FMEA/FMECA of critical systems SCE/SCA development Performance Standard development EERA/ESSA PFEER/DCR QRA Vulnerability assessment Bridging documents. We find that using BowTieXP is a powerful tool in helping our clients understand major hazards and risks Project Solutions ● Managed Services ● Manpower Solutions Copyright © 2014 Courses Software As required                     . MOPO (Simops/Combined Ops) and ALARP review Peer Review Existing HSE Case reviews and performance benchmarking Interfacing documentation with Clients Education HSE Case roll out programmes HSE Case prompt cards systems for HSE Cases and MHA SCE/SCA responsibility cards (CARE System) Audit KPI Measurement Tailored programmes to HSE Case performance SCE/SCA/P Stds verification                      Lifecycle Management Software developed with Client Partnering for HSE Case Management across all operational assets SCE/SCA and Performance Standards update and management  Due Diligence Compliance Audits and Gap analysis          Documentation review and verification Fit for purpose reviews Specific and Client Tailored programmes Consulting Services Integrity Standalone SCE/SCA and Performance Standards Tailored critical and vulnerability reviews Optimisation studies Failure investigations General Training and competency assessments/ management Performance Measurement Haztek International interrogates state-of-the-art technology on a day-to-day basis.

com www. Conceptual. Feasibility. Process Hazard Analysis Provision of PPE QRA’s Reliability Availability Maintainability (RAM) Risk Assessment Safety Management Systems Safety Studies / Cases / training SCE/SCA listing. Any unauthorised use of this catalogue could result in prosecution. No part of this catalogue may be reproduced or modified in any form by any means without permission from the publisher. Detailed Design Seismic Procurement Construction Drilling Mechanical Completion Commissioning Start Up Maintenance Decommissioning Hand Over Operations Combined Operations Shutdowns / Turnarounds HSE Audits Risk Assessments Hazard Register HAZID Service Description HAZOP SIL Assessments Safety Studies HSE Case Reliability Availability (RAM) Procedures / Standards Environmental Studies Operations Management Systems (OMS) Pre Start Up Safety Review (PSSR) Other Haztek capabilities include: For further information please contact:  Consequence Analysis and Dispersion Modelling  Environmental Studies / Consequence Analysis / Managed Services Haztek International 120 Bunns Lane.Capabilities Project Stage FEED. technical. employees. performance standards SIL Assessment Copyright © 2014 Haztek International Ltd. clients.haztekinternational. . This document is for the intended use of Haztek International Haztek International provides a comprehensive range of specialised management. engineering and resource services to the high-hazard and special risk industries. London. All rights reserved. COMAH and IPPC submissions HSE Management and Quality Management IADC MHRA/HSE Safety Cases Logistics & Mobility Operations Management Systems (OMS) Performance Standards Procedures/Standards Pre Start Up Safety Review (PSSR) Phone: +44 (0) 203 114 2190 Fax: +44 (0) 203 114 2105 E-mail: projects@haztekinternational. NW7 2AS United Kingdom Dispersion Modelling                        Fire and Gas Studies / Design / Mapping Gap Analysis Hazard Register HAZOP / HAZID / ENVID Haztek team leader and onsite focal point HSE Audit HSE Case. and potential clients.