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Cyano Cloud Services

Corporate Profile
Dataways Hellas SA was founded in 2000 by a team of IT
professionals with many years of technical expertise and
knowledge in the area of information technology and
Featuring edge expertise, the company from the first year of operation is a leader in the
market of Northern Greece.
Conquering the trust of major companies of its clientele, becomes the main partner of large
companies, which use its services to large projects.

Distinctive elements
The elements that characterize Dataways Hellas AE are:

Expertise & Professionalism
Loyal customer base
Leading role in the market of Northern Greece with high market share
Fully qualified staff
Leading manpower

Corporate Philosophy
The development of services with new and innovative applications, the development of
infrastructure and the partnerships expansion are the pillars of the corporate philosophy in
order to build stable relationships, to fully meet customers’ needs and quality of service.

The main objective of DATAWAYS is the development of the offered services and their
enrichment with new applications in the rapidly growing field of Internet and IT in general.
DATAWAYS aims to create infrastructure and partnerships in the area of the alternative
telecom operators. This movement constitutes a strategic choice of growth which brings
added value to the overall corporate presence.
The company wants to add value to services and to build cooperative relations based on
full coverage needs and the correct execution of the offered services portfolio.

Dataways Hellas A.E.
Kanari 75, 54453 Thessaloniki Greece
+30 2310953953
+30 2310953963

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Citrix and VMware certified engineers. Telecoms and Infrastructure Integration Services D. An enterprise level support 24x7 is provided while the operation of IaaS services is covered by SLA with 99. Internet Service Providing (ISP) and Telecommunications C. These services are usually offered as standard packets. Cisco certified network engineers (CCNA's. Unix experts.dataways. DaaS). Also there are capabilities of direct connections with selected carriers via local GB network and cross connection with selected for cooperation. Dataways hosts its own equipment at multiple racks in large Data Centers in Greece and Switzerland.E. Dataways is going to be certified by ISO27001:2013 for its Cloud and ISP services.  Existing and functioning cloud hub community Clear & non-overbooking services are provided through high performance infrastructure under continuous monitoring. Cloud Computing Services Dataways with the high level of expertise that has gained and the recognized prompt service.99% availability. The team of engineers is specialized and accredited at many levels such as database engineers. Web Technologies develop through intercompany R & D department More details for each area: A. DATAWAYS Infrastructure is designed specifically to provide managed services and operates under the supervision of a team of engineers in a model 24x7x365. UCaaS. in order to provide its Cyano cloud service (IaaS. the Data Centers are characterized by:  Co-location of some of the largest Tier 1 carriers providing internet transit. DRaaS. Kanari 75. These Data Centers are ISO 9001 certified and are fully complying with the prescribed procedures for physical & information security (BS 7799 / ISO 27001). has developed the necessary infrastructure with the appropriate management. data storage and coverage for infrastructure Disaster Recovery scenarios. uninterrupted daily business operation. Furthermore. although providing the customer with the ability of the final configuration/customization of services in accordance with his Dataways Hellas A.Cyano Cloud Services Activities The main activities of DATAWAYS include the following areas: A. CCNP's). designed to meet the needs for critical web . 54453 Thessaloniki Greece +30 2310953953 +30 2310953963 Page 2 of 9 www.  Ability to manage energy in our rack space through Renewable energy sources such as water. wind and sun. Cloud Computing services B.

appropriate backup access circuits are provided (where are available) to ensure the provision of service even in the event of malfunction of the basic connection. For this purpose are used: Metro Ethernet circuits via optical fiber. reliability and consequently full functionality. wireless circuits operating in the free frequency band. Debian. wired xDSL technology circuits. Dataways Hellas A.  Dataways Cloud Computing infrastructure              Multiple optical connections with IP Transit carriers Cisco UCS Computing hardware Cisco Nexus DC switching Independent Cisco border routers with automatic standby/failover (clustered L2/L3. Close TV system) System notifications 24x7 Ability for 24x7 support B. etc. Kanari 75. multihome eBGP / iBGP) NetApp iSCSI / NFS SAN Storage mutli-node cluster with multiTB Storage Cisco Firewall cluster with large capacity in Active / Active mode Multi-hypervisor environment Redundant UPS systems and power distribution (A / B) Full controlled conditioning systems Fire protection and fire safety Physical access control systems (Access Control.dataways. These connections are exclusively dedicated for corporate use and provide speed. The appropriate circuit type is selected according the availability at the connection point and the type of services to be provided through the corresponding access. Internet Service Provider (ISP) services DATAWAYS is a RIPE Local Internet Registry (LIR) providing IPv4 & IPv6 addresses. based on Microsoft RDS or Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop. Also is licensed as Internet Service Provider from Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) and maintain compliance policy to ensure confidentiality to Hellenic Authority for Communication Security and Privacy (ADAE).Cyano Cloud Services . The offered services in ISP / Telecoms sector include:  Internet access through Nx1Mbps Leased Circuits (Leased Lines) under a monthly fee for unlimited use and guaranteed quality of service. Note: Dataways is Microsoft SPLA Volume Licensing Partner and can provide licenses for all Microsoft products with respective monthly usage. 54453 Thessaloniki Greece +30 2310953953 +30 2310953963 Page 3 of 9 www.E. The service is controlled by Cloud Control Panel and the supported operating systems are Windows or Linux (RH. Additionally. CentOS). Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is also offered. SLES.

 Registration and renewal of web domain names DATAWAYS as an accredited registrar for internet domain names ending with [. The process is automated through e-management system and is easily accessible from the link https://registrar. providing support and high level of services through systems of the best manufacturers in the world. In this way. Communication and infrastructures integrated systems  Communication systems Dataways through exclusive partnerships provides highly reliable and cost-effective solutions. PKI DATAWAYS in collaboration with Symantec provides all sorts of electronic certificates for use in Web Server.  Electronic certificates SSL.Gr] offers the ability to fully manage Internet names ending in [. • Sending SMS messages through Outlook More information and features provided in the link https://smsways. 54453 Thessaloniki Greece +30 2310953953 +30 2310953963 Page 4 of 9 www. and a statistical traffic analysis.dataways. fast lines.  Hosting corporate sites on the Internet (Web Hosting) enabling hosting for HTML.dataways. Mail Server. Ideal for use as a service on the Internet (SaaS) with indicative features including: • sending SMS to a recipient or a phone list • sending SMS to any number worldwide • phone numbers import from a CSV file or Excel control and technical support. the scheduling of sending SMS etc. hosting a web site creates the right conditions for a successful corporate Internet presence. Kanari 75. DATAWAYS has dedicated servers.  Web based SMS messaging Service provided through the web application SMSWAYS that supports bulk SMS and email alerts to SMS. PHP with MySQL Database pages. high technical expertise and full support for hosting C. Ensures high speeds. Wireless systems Dataways Hellas A. quality. MPLS and Clear.Cyano Cloud Services  Coverage of interconnection requirements with International circuits through IP. Firewall and Personal use. Routing. The proposed systems include:  Switching. Design and installation is also offered as part of a complete solution.dataways.Gr].

VMware Professional Partner and Citrix Silver Advisor. Dataways already has implemented numerous projects based on such infrastructure and is certified as Cisco Unified Computing Technology Authorized . Web Optimization )  Virtualization (Computing virtualization.dataways. UTM. L2 Bridging . supports and recommends include:  Server & computing power  Datacenter networking (Switching. Distributed and Object Storage)  Disaster recovery (Software based DR. Storage level DR)  Backup (Legacy backup systems.Cyano Cloud Services       Network and access security (Firewalls. For this reason the solutions that proposed by Dataways Hellas A. Authentication/Authorization.E. datacenter switching / networking and virtualization. The systems that designs. Monitoring and alerting Based on our long and close partnership with Cisco we offer integrated network solutions and services. NetApp Silver Partner. storage (SAN). Access Control. The uniqueness of the company is the feasibility to carry out large and demanding projects. Security Assessment ) Collaboration. IPVPN.  Datacenter Infrastrusture Dataways designs. Graphics Virtualization)  Data Storage (SAN. conference and telepresense (Τηλεφωνικά κέντρα IP. Virtualization backup systems) Among manufacturers that are used included brands that have the largest market share in their category or offer top quality and technology. Network virtualization. installs and supports Datacenter infrastructure based on extensive experience and specialization in systems like Server. Load Balancing. Load Balancers NMS. NAS. leaving satisfied customers over the life of IT infrastructure. Συστήματα Videoconference ) WebConferencing (webex services) Applications for IVR and CTI WAN Accelerators. Kanari 75. In this infrastructure is well known that apart from the initial cost (CapEx) counts equally the operating cost (OpEx). Storage Virtualization. 54453 Thessaloniki Greece +30 2310953953 +30 2310953963 Page 5 of 9 www.

contributes to substantial savings in money and resources for the small and medium business while simultaneously proves to be very economical for large enterprises too. while allowing the creation of virtual private network (VPN) with significant lower cost compared to legacy solutions. In the same time it is an application development platform. Substituting the operation of a set of software applications and devices. Firewall and optionally can also include additional functions such as Email server. Internet technologies Research and Development Research and development of applications covering basic modern business operations.iNODE. D. Web In its basic platform the system includes capabilities for Routing. File server. 54453 Thessaloniki Greece +30 2310953953 +30 2310953963 Page 6 of 9 www. Web Caching Proxy .inode. Dataways Hellas A. Email Content .E. where possible. Kanari 75. More specifically: iNODE solution enhances the capabilities of connecting business to the Internet. through which a company covers basic operation needs. Fax server.Cyano Cloud Services Dataways include. Various roles can be assigned such as:  NAS  File Server  Fax Server  VPN Gateway  Firewall  Content Filter/UTM For further information please visit http://www. which is constantly enriched. NAT. a report for the total cost that is required to ensure the maximum availability of IT infrastructure. DATAWAYS develops and supports the web applications system iNODE connectware . VPN server.

Kanari .Cyano Cloud Services Dataways Hellas A. 54453 Thessaloniki Greece +30 2310953953 +30 2310953963 Page 7 of 9 www.E.

Kanari 75.  Cisco Systems .Solutions reseller  ESET – NOD32 reseller  RIPE NCC member  Symantec Web Security Authorized Reseller Dataways Hellas A. 54453 Thessaloniki Greece +30 2310953953 +30 2310953963 Page 8 of 9 www.Cyano Cloud Services Partnerships DATAWAYS offers services utilizing solutions of major manufactu rers.Silver Partner  VMWARE – Professional Solution Provider  Microsoft – SMB Partner  Microsoft SPLA Service Provider  Citrix Silver Solution Advisor  Citrix Service Provider  VEEAM – Reseller & System Integration Silver Partner  Riverbed Accelerators .Premier Partner  Cisco WebEx .E.Value added reseller  APC .Authorized Partner  NetApp Unified Storage .gr .dataways. These collaborations were driven by the place of the manufacturers in the market and the dynamic of their products.

Cyano Cloud Services Indicative Customers Private Sector Public Sector Dataways Hellas . Kanari 75.E. 54453 Thessaloniki Greece +30 2310953953 +30 2310953963 Page 9 of 9 www.dataways.