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WiFiAPs. All rights reserved.5% Fortinet 3.8% 3.1M / 12. Security Term Subscription Services Network Security (Infonetics) 2007 2008 2009 2010 Cisco 39. Cisco Confidential — For Cisco Use Only. IPS. Appliances./ Logging / Reporting Platforms. then add-on security term subscription services to the initial box sale Revenue: (last 12 months ending 12/31/2010) $324. VPN. (UTM) ”all-in-one”security gateway appliances. Inc. EndPoint Security Network Security Platforms and Appliances. Database Security Appliances. Messaging Security and Appliances. anti-malware. Centralized Mgmt.7M Gross Profit/Profit Margin: $182.6% 34.5% 38. Content Security. 1 3 . Web Security Appliances.7% Financial Strategy: Went public in Nov.Fortinet Company Profile Fortinet Selling Strategy: Utilize channel partners to sell security gateway UTM appliances into customer deployments. LAN Switches. and/or its affiliates.5% 35. and WAN acceleration into a single device Channels Strategy: Operate traditional 2-tier distribution model WW Fortinet Positioning Why Cisco Comparison Architecture Positioning Infrastructure Positioning Product Portfolio Products Offered Network Security.2% 4. specializing in Unified Threat Mgmt. web/URL filtering. which consolidate network firewall. over half of itsrevenue is in term subscription services Company Profile C  ore Products/Technology: Network and content security product lines. 2009.4% * * Note: Infonetics adjusted Fortinet revenue for all of CY2010 Service & Support Solution Piranha Program | © 2011 Cisco Systems. Endpoint Security Suite.1% 4. Vulnerability Mgmt. anti-spam.

Cisco Confidential — For Cisco Use Only. Inc. 2 4 . All rights many add-on software licenses and home-grown annual term subscription services with the sale of every box Flexible.Fortinet Positioning Fortinet Positioning Cisco Assertion Primary Value Proposition: Security – Performance – Cost Response: or is it “Fast – Easy – Cheap”? Performance claims per Mb/S are questionable and unproven therefore create the illusion of better cost per Mb/s and imply better TCO Flexibility: Broad hardware offering – security software modules – security subscription services Response: Basically means lots of different sized OEMed boxes . Unified Security Platform Response: Cramming more services into the same box – and all running off the same CPU – predictably degrades performance Company Profile Fortinet Positioning Why Cisco Comparison Architecture Positioning Infrastructure Positioning Service & Support Solution Piranha Program | © 2011 Cisco Systems. and/or its affiliates.

3 5 . Inc. anytime. from anywhere. and/or its affiliates. extensible APIs (application programming interfaces) that allow Cisco’s own management systems and partners to plug in and complete the security ecosystem Why Cisco Comparison Architecture Positioning Infrastructure Positioning Service & Support Solution Piranha Program | © 2011 Cisco Systems. a cloud-based service that provides global context and threat intelligence C  omprehensive.Why Cisco Cisco’s SecureX Architecture: A next-generation security architecture includes: C  ontext-aware security enforcement elements that are independent of the physical infrastructure and can be deployed in a highly distributed way A new context-aware policy language that helps manage the context-aware enforcement elements Cisco AnyConnect. into the security enforcement fabric Virtual and cloud platforms that attach to Cisco’s virtual datacenter switching capabilities Company Profile Fortinet Positioning C  isco Security Intelligence Operations. Cisco Confidential — For Cisco Use Only. which tethers any device. All rights reserved.

WAAS. how much time and trouble will be acceptable to your business? support to its regional channel partners Company Profile Solution and Architecture Reasons No TrustSecthat can provide rich access control granularity. All rights reserved. and L2 integrity/confidentiality that spans multiple operational devices Very weak security integration for converged wireless/ wired. resulting in higher implementation risk Very weak support services. and various other point productsthat have minimal integration with other network infrastructure Lack of validated network designs. Enterprise Routing.C.0 Lack of expertise/technology in: Switching. L2 Security Service & Support Very weak overall wireless support. Cisco Confidential — For Cisco Use Only.Mobility. or U. WLAN functionality only Solution and Architecture Questions How will your security architecture accommodate the growing number of networked client devices? How will your security integrate with a converged wired/ wireless network infrastructure? Will your secure network infrastructure allow for expanded computing architectural options? Will your security architecture be integrated into the network fabric. what is the true cost of overlaying those point products onto your network? What level of implementation risk is your organization willing to accept? When support issues arise. mostly reference and defer After the initial product discounting. Fortinet Positioning Why Cisco posture assessment/remediation functionality. 4 6 . Inc. with products and integration across product segments? Are you considering how Cisco’s architectural approach positively impacts both CapExand OpEx? Will your upcoming security requirements need to be flexible and adaptable to other computing models? in lower-end UTM models and recent OEMed APs Solution Piranha Program | © 2011 Cisco Systems. or simply be a point product overlay? Technology/Product Questions C  an you ensure pervasive secure client mobility? Do you require a vendor with deep expertise. deployment reference architectures.Fortinet – Comparison Why Not Fortinet Questions to Ask Customers Business Reasons Business Questions Primarily a network UTM vendor.. and/or its affiliates. architectures Little support for cloud-based computing models outside of providing MSSP CPE equipment Comparison FortiClient VPN client only available for Windows Technology/Product Reasons Architecture Positioning Core expertise for UTM point product security – but little else No converged security and mobility client like Infrastructure Positioning AnyConnect 3.

NAM 5. Inc. computing and cloud service solutions An Architectural Framework for the “Evolving Data Center”: Cisco Data Center Business Advantage represents an architectural framework for connecting technology innovation to business innovation. Businesses can create services faster. AnyConnect 3. It is the foundation of the Dynamic Networked Organization Innovate Quickly and Efficiently: Cisco Data Center Business Advantage represents a fundamental shift in the role of IT into a driver of business innovation. Customers can adopt the framework Fortinet Weakness N  o system wide view of mobility Only minimal switching and routing products/capabilities No energy management features Primarily targeting MSSPs to deliver cloud-based support. mostly in the form of deploying FortiGateUTM CPE devices Virtualization support delivered primarily via virtual instantiations of security services on the security gateway devices themselves Solution Piranha Program | © 2011 Cisco Systems.0 and SecureX architectures. along with its Orchestrator console. All rights reserved.0. operating expenses and complexity. 7500 Flex Controller. and take advantage of new revenue streams and business opportunities.Architecture Positioning Element Borderless Networks Cisco Differentiators TrustSec2. Secure Company Profile Fortinet Positioning Why Cisco Comparison Data Center and Virtualization Location/ID Separation Protocol (LISP). It also transforms how a business approaches its market and how IT supports and aligns with the business. storage. Cisco Data Center Business Advantage increases efficiency and profitability by reducing capital.1 Unified enterprise switching. to help enable new and innovative business models Keep Control of Your Data Center Architecture: The Cisco Data Center Business Advantage architectural framework is delivered as a portfolio of technologies and systems that can be adapted to meet organizational needs. and/or its affiliates.0) and LAN Management Solution (LMS) 4. Cat6K BSN2 and Sup 2T. controls and monitors power for a wide variety of devices A medianet ready borderless network ensures that your network not only delivers a high-quality video experience but also help ensure that your network is ready for changing bandwidth demands Nexus 7K+FEX. ASA 5500 platform Cisco Prime NCS 1. EnergyWise. become more agile. Cisco Confidential — For Cisco Use Only. 5 7 .1 Cisco EnergyWise delivers energy efficiency and savings to IT and facilities Integrated into the network. Architecture Positioning Infrastructure Positioning Service & Support Routing platforms.0 Product Suite (WCS 8.

safely Cisco integrates TelePresencewith a laptop WebExconference with a smartphoneaudio call. MSI and Media Services Proxy M  XE. Because Data Center Business Advantage is built around an ecosystem-centric framework and open solution stacks. people can work with individuals in other companies. natural collaboration. RIM. and deployment partners Company Profile Collaboration Fortinet Positioning Why Cisco Comparison Architecture Positioning Infrastructure Positioning Service & Support Solution  edia Monitoring. This allows them to easily evolve and adapt the data center to keep pace with changing organizational needs Be Free to Choose: Data Center Business Advantage preserves the customers ability to work with other industry leaders to solve a particular IT or business problem. design.on any device. Android.Only Cisco provides the breadth of applications and endpoints to make pervasive video a reality Cisco made voice over the network the standard for business. and/or its affiliates. unified communications and presence as if they were inside a single company Cisco keeps costs low and flexibility high through cloud deployment models and standards. using video. Inc. email and collaboration solutions Any to Any: We uniquely enable people to work together naturally anywhere. Cisco Confidential — For Cisco Use Only. N  o video services Only very weak support for security affiliated unified collaboration. instant messaging. conferencing. All rights reserved. with any content Cisco lets people use the devices they have today [Apple. latest tablets]. customers can easilywork with your existing data center vendors and Cisco’s industry-leading community of development. Weare doing the same for video Piranha Program | © 2011 Cisco Systems. Metadata.Architecture Positioning Element Cisco Differentiators Fortinet Weakness in an incremental and granular fashion to control when and how they implement data center innovations. simply. mostly in the form of very basic VoIP inspection and filtering capabilities 6 8 . Video conferencing with ISR G2 M Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager (CM) 1.0 MedianetAssessment Services and Migration Advisor Tool Unified enterprise communications (VoIP). vendor and platform interoperability Video Everywhere: Video is an essential part of effective. so everyone has the best meeting possible With Cisco collaboration solutions.

in the home. and on the go New Collaborative Workspace: Cisco is converging social. one size does not fit all Only Cisco provides the combination of: A broad set of collaboration applications including voice. Virtually non-existent internal capabilities. WLAN and WAAS infrastructure elements . mobile. primary services model is to outsource/defer this function to partners 7 9 . video. Cisco Confidential — For Cisco Use Only. security.assessment. using a network-based approach to quickly locate the most relevant experts and information and cut through information overload Unlike others. public and hybrid clouds Virtualized applications AND desktop clients Company Profile Fortinet Positioning Why Cisco Comparison Architecture Positioning Infrastructure Positioning Service & Support Solution Cisco Services Advanced Services across routing. planning & design. and/or its affiliates. at work. Cisco provides deep integration with existing software and hardware infrastructure so IT doesn’t have to rip and replace In this new. All rights reserved. and unified communications capabilities. more connected world. switching. Inc. speed and reliability Cisco is driving a new wave of video experiences that change the way we communicate. location and device Cisco makes work personal again. no other company offers a network-based approach to keep organizations safe because the network provides greater security and policy management control Cloud Collaboration: When it comes to deploying collaboration. video.Architecture Positioning Element Cisco Differentiators Fortinet Weakness Only Cisco has the broadest suite of video endpoints to integrate video into the fabric of how we work Only Cisco has a business video architecture [medianet] for scale. migration and optimization across all technologies Piranha Program | © 2011 Cisco Systems. and enjoy entertainment . collaborate. to shape the new collaboration experience Advancement in collaboration is influenced by the rapid changesin the consumer market No other company empowers individual collaboration style as well as Cisco with the broadest choice of how to communicate based on preference. web and customer care Flexible deployment models across private.

WLAN. video (medianet).Infrastructure Positioning Element Routing Cisco Differentiators Full featured enterprise routing for campus. branch offices and WAN Integration of routing platforms with security. New integrated controller WiSM2 for Cat6500 Broad architectures to optimize security (Cisco TrustSec™ technology). only has a truncated deep inspection IPS embedded in the FortiOS firmware Home-grown security term subscription services No NAC/TrustSec offering Solution Piranha Program | © 2011 Cisco Systems. First in industry pass-through PoE and powerful security capabilities for PCI DSS Fully integrated with security. real-time global threat intelligence from Cisco SIO.up to 10 Gig Ethernet . Inc. Company Profile Fortinet Positioning Why Cisco Comparison Architecture Positioning Infrastructure Positioning Service & Support Security distribution access. WLAN. and branch office. All rights reserved. network IPS.product launched earlier this year.and WAAS Switching Full-featured enterprise switching for campus. switching. 8 10 . integrated array of enterprise-class firewall. Cisco Confidential — For Cisco Use Only. and unique mobile client insight from Cisco AnyConnect Broad. IPsecand SSL VPN platforms. and energy management (Cisco StackPower™) Infrastructure support for performance monitoring mediatrace. using technology/silicon from Fulcrum Virtually no market penetration with these FortiSwitch products Security appliance point products specializing in UTM all-in-one overlay devices that lack network infrastructure integration Weak security client offerings Very weak SSL VPN offering No real network IPS sensor appliances. Medianet Services Interface (MSI) and Media Services Proxy Commitment to investment protection with Cat6500 Sup2T supervisor with 3x performance and 4x scalability Driving down TCO through competitive CapEx and lowest OpEx SecureXArchitecture: Context-aware security that combines in-depth local network context from Cisco TrustSec. secure routing platforms Fortinet Weakness Only basic routing capabilities within their FortiGateappliances Not a Fortinetcore competency Have basic switching capabilities within their FortiGate appliances Also have weak switching product line called FortiSwitch–3 models . and routing. and/or its affiliates. web and email content security delivery platforms.

teleworker AP for OfficeExtend (AP600) with zero touch deployment Fortinet Positioning Basic WLAN functionality exists in a few lowend UTM devices Also now have a WLAN “thin” access point products (FortiAP 210/220/222B) running BusyBoxembedded Linux NCS (was WCS) for integrated wired/wireless Why Cisco management with comprehensive provisioning. management. Cisco Confidential — For Cisco Use Only. Comparison H-REAP. WAAS on SRE) FortiGate appliances Solution Piranha Program | © 2011 Cisco Systems. and user/device-based access management to enterprise resources across an organization’s campus. endpoint posture control.converged security and mobility client PCI 2. L2 integrity/ confidentiality.0 with Identity Services Engine (ISE) - Policy-driven architecture for integrated user and device identification. autonomous. OfficeExtend. controllers to address a variety of deployment requirements. indoor/outdoor. 9 11 .0 . and/or its affiliates. CAPWAP APcontroller tunneling. branch and remote sites AnyConnect 3. Flex 7500 for enterprise scale remote AP deployments Infrastructure Positioning WAAS Service & Support Advanced RF features across a family of 11n APs Full featured enterprise WAAS appliance.use off-the-shelf HW Not a Fortinet core competency Next Gen controllers with line rate encryption performance (5500) and integration with Cat 6500 (WiSM) & ISRG2 (WLCM2). comprehensive integrated security for wired and wireless IPS Architecture Positioning Must use FortiGatesecurity gateways for WLAN Controller functionality  o SSID->VLAN Interface bridging N  o PoE support N APs are OEM .Infrastructure Positioning Element Cisco Differentiators Fortinet Weakness TrustSec2. reliability and lower TCO. All rights reserved. granular wired and wireless access controls. monitoring and troubleshooting for WLAN. wireless IPS and CleanAir Flexible and secure architecture: unified.0 Planning and Design Services Company Profile WLAN delivering Enterprise-Class RF performance. integration WAN acceleration supported in selected Router-integrated WAAS via ISR platforms (WAAS Not a Fortinet core competency with switching and mobile clients Express. Inc.0 Architecture Guide andTrustSec2. location.

and 100+ million clients. the security industry has come to recognize that point defenses. and/or its affiliates. design. Integrated security management. are no longer enough. As Internet business solutions are adopted. and a layered. Cisco Security Specialized Partners can meet the growing demand for critical security implementations and supportservices. install. Cisco services do! F  ortinet can’t offer the predictive maintenance and alerts capabilities that functionally match Smart Care and Smart Call Home Fortinet Positioning Fortinet can’t begin to match the world class levels of customer support as Cisco TAC C  isco Channel Partners: The Cisco Security Specialization Program recognizes Cisco channel partners that have developed the skills required to sell.Service & Support What to Do Next? Apply the service advantage and identify additional resources toleverage during the sales engagement Fortinet Services and Support Pale in Comparison to Cisco C  isco Security Intelligence Operations: With the increase in blended. Inc. and support Cisco network security solutions for customers. Cisco Confidential — For Cisco Use Only. 10 12 . and cross-vendor vulnerability threats. All rights reserved. Fortinet cannot match these channel resources and skill sets! Why Cisco Comparison And still more Cisco proof points that dwarf Fortinet’s capabilities: Architecture Positioning Infrastructure Positioning - Over 20 million security appliances. real-time reputation assessment. deployed - Threat Operations team: 500+ analysts – 5 global locations - Largest Sensor Network – millions of sensors globally Service & Support Solution Piranha Program | © 2011 Cisco Systems. which protect from individual threats or protect individual products. multipoint approach are needed Company Profile Fortinet services don’t address network optimization. cross-protocol.

and benchmark their policy compliance Comprehensive: A portfolio of leading analysis. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company. Cisco’s services also ranked first in a recent customer survey by Infonetics No similar offering To achieve their full potential. Third-party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.S. installation. A listing of Cisco’s trademarks can be found at www. migration and network optimization is available directly to customers for every phase of the network lifecycle Limited Lifetime Warranty No similar offering Cisco’s warranty provides the duration. (1007R) C96-666133-00  05/11 11 .Solution Company Profile Fortinet Positioning Why Cisco Comparison Architecture Positioning Infrastructure Positioning Why Cisco Services Why Not Fortinet Services Why It Matters Deep Borderless Networking Expertise: Cisco’s services bring deep. and deployment expertise to minimize the risk of implementation and optimize the network No similar offering Cisco’s experience in assessment. security. design. Cisco and the Cisco Logo are trademarks of Cisco Systems. cut cost and complexity. routing/switching and rich media (medianet) No similar offering Cisco’s expertise addresses all Borderless Networks Architecture technologies to deliver a complete service solutionfor customers . Inc. industryleading expertise to wireless. Customers can rest assured that they can gain the necessary services breadth. Inc. coverage and advance hardware replacement that enterprises need and that Fortinetlacks Quality Leadership: Cisco ranked first in service and support when 684 customers rated their suppliers in the 2010 version of CIO Insight magazine’s annual Vendor Value survey. design. Fortinetonly addresses a small fraction of customer needs Smart Professional Services: Cisco’s Network Optimization Service comes with smart analytics that use intuitive graphics to monitor compliance with industry best practices No similar offering The smart analytics in Cisco’s Network Optimization Service give customers a simple means to boost operational excellence. and other mitigate risks. Borderless Networks need effective enablement and support by services that range from planning to optimization. and/or its affiliates. and/or its affiliates in the U. quality and effectiveness from Cisco Service & Support Solution © 2011 Cisco