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Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are

organisms whose genetic makeup has been artificially altered
through a process known as recombinant DNA technology. It was
expected that GMO Foods may have several benefits to your
health and it may also present several potential drawbacks. One
of the benefits are some GMO foods have been modified to make
them more resistant to insect pests. This can reduce the amount
of pesticide chemicals used on the plants. In a contrary, one of
the major drawbacks of GMO Food is it can present significant
allergy risks to people. Furthermore, there is a possibility that
society will be involve into action. It can be beneficial or will cause
harmed to the society. The benefits of GMO are that it may offer
increased food security for non-industrialized nations with growing
population. Since environment is part also of society, there is a
big help made by GMO in our environment. GMO allows for
production of bio herbicides and bio insecticides that are
considered environmentally friendly. It may also conserve energy,
soil and water as it was improved efficiency. Therefore, GMOs are
kind of beneficial and not but it is all depending on how they will
use it in every products or things.