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” .Section 1: Title of Act This Act shall be known and cited as the “Electronics and Communications Engineering Law of the Philippines.

. supervisi on and/or guidance of a duly registered electronics and communications engineer.) No person shall offer himself in the Philippines as.SECTION 2. Practice of Electronics and Communications Engineering a. or corporation. except as provided under Section eleven hereof. b. or use the title “Electro nics and/or Communications Engineer” without holding a valid certificate of regist ration as electronics and communications engineer issued by the Board in accorda nce with this Act.) It shall be unlawful for any firm. to offer itself to the public as electronics and communications engineer without the certification. company.

all applicants for registratio n as electronics and communications engineer shall undergo the required technica l examination in accordance with this Act. Registration Certification of Registration SECTION 4. . Board Examination Except as otherwise specifically provided herein.SECTION 3.

Pre-qualification for Examination a) He is at least twenty-one years of age. c) He is of good moral character. b) He is a citizen of the Philippines or of a foreign country qualified to take the examination under Section twentythree of this Act.SECTION 5. d) He is a holder of the de gree of Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering .

SECTION 7. Schedule of Examination Examinations for candidates desiring to practice electronics and communications engineering in the Philippines shall be given by the Board twice a year in the C ity of Manila or in such other places as may be deemed necessary and expedient b y the Board. Scope of Examination The examination for the practice of electronics and communications engineering i n the Philippines shall consist of written tests which shall cover such subjects as the Board may prescribe.SECTION 6. .

Ratings in the Examination To pass the examination. with no rating below fifty per cent in any subject SECTION 9. Report of Results of Examination SECTION 10. Fees for Examination and Registration .SECTION 8. a candidate must obtain an average of seventy per cent.

commencing one year after the d ate the first Board has been constituted. the addresses and places of business of all register ed electronics and communications engineers shall be prepared by the Secretary o f the Board during the month of July every year.SECTION 11. Creation and Composition of the Board . SECTION 12. Roster of Electronics and Communications Engineers A roster showing the names.

SECTION 13. Powers and Duties of the Board • Refusal to Issue a Certificate in Certain Cases • Revocation and Suspension of Cer tificates • Appeal from Judgement • Reinstatement and Replacement of Certificates .

or if he has been such a faculty member. b) At least thirty-one years of ag e. institute. co llege. or university where a regular course in electronics. Qualifications of Board Members a) A citizen and resident of the Philippines. college. . he has stopped teaching therein for at least three consecutive years immediately preceding his appointme nt.SECTION 14. d) Actually in active practice of the electronics and co mmunications engineering occupation for at least ten years. and f) Not financially interested directly or indirectly. and of good moral character. or university where a regular course in electronics and/or comm unications engineering is taught. communications or ra dio is taught. e) Not a member of the faculty of any school. in the government se rvice or in private. in any school. c) A registered electronics and communications e ngineer under this Act. ins titute.

Compensation of the Board SECTION 18.SECTION 15. The Executive Officer and Secretary of the Board SECTION 17. Term of Office SECTION 16. Removal of Board Members .

SECTION 19. Annual Report The Board shall submit an annual report to the President of the Philippines at t he close of each year embodying such recommendation as it may deem proper. and code of ethics promulgated by the Board under the pr ovisions of this Act shall be published in the Official Gazette. Publication in Official Gazette All rules. regulations. SECTION 20. and shall be ef fective fifteen days after publication therein. .

d) Electronics and Communications Engineer – A person who is qualifie d to hold himself out as an electronics and communications engineer under this A ct and to affix to his name the letters “E.” . or other electrical devices.E. Definitions a) Board – The Board of Examiners for Electronics and Communications Engineers. plasma. c) Electronics – T he science dealing with the development and application of devices and systems i nvolving the flow of electrons in a vacuum. in gaseous media.C. electronics.SECTION 21. b) Communications – The process of sending and/or receiving messages between two or more points by radio. and in sem iconductors.

The Secretary of Just ice shall render such legal assistance as may be necessary in carrying out the p rovisions of this Act. or of any provincial. to enforce the provisions o f this Act and to prosecute any person violating the same. Foreign Reciprocity SECTION 24. Penal Provisions . SECTION 23. Enforcement of the Act by Officers of the Law It shall be the duty of all duly officers of the law of the National Government. city or municipal government.SECTION 22.

rules. Repealing Clause All laws. Effectivity This Act shall take effect upon its approval.SECTION 25. or parts thereof in conflict wit h the provisions of this Act are hereby repealed or amended accordingly. SECTION 28. Separability of Provisions If any provision of this Act or any portion thereof is declared unconstitutional by any competent court. . June 21. Appropriation of Funds The sum of ten thousand pesos is hereby appropriated. the other provisions thereof shall not be affected ther eby. regulations. to be disbursed by the Board in acco rdance with the provisions of this Act SECTION 26. SECTION 27. 1969. Approved. executive orders. out of any funds in the Na tional Treasury not otherwise appropriated.