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Victoria Combo Remote Control

Victoria Combo Remote Control enables
you to control your tester from any where
in world. The only requirement is that the
Victoria Combo and the PC are
connected to TCP/IP networks either
physically or using a wireless connection.
This means that an engineer can test a
network without leaving his desk.

This Application Note describes how to
set up a Victoria Combo and a PC for
remote testing.

Application Note

Combo Rem Ctrl

Testing the World’s Digital Networks

TrendC om m unications

Enter the Main Parameters for the network server Victoria Combo is going to be connected to . . DNS resolution is performed by the concatenation of the Host Name and Search Domain fields. You can use Victoria Combo’s internal Ethernet connection or an Ethernet connection made using a card inserted in one of the two Compact Flash slots in the rear module.Victoria Combo Remote Control Introduction INTRODUCTION Victoria Combo Remote Control enables you to set up and run tests using your tester from anywhere in the world. the Domain makes it easier to reconnect without changing the IP settings. From the main menu choose Platform. Touch the main menu button. The main menu is displayed. If you use an Ethernet card in one the Compact Flash slots you can also use wireless networking. 2.Host Name. and similarly you must have access to a PC connected to a TCP/IP network. 3. If you want these settings to apply for this session only. The tester must be connected to a TCP/IP network. touch Reload. 2 © Trend Communications www. The Domain field contains the usual domain used by Victoria . touch Apply. To set up networking: 1. It also means that you will be able to download software updates from the Internet. Because Victoria is portable and may be connected to different networks. and Domain. 4. and finally Open. The Host Configuration window is displayed. If you want these settings to be the default settings.trendcomms. Before you can use your Victoria Combo in this way you must set up networking. The three possible Ethernet interfaces on Victoria Combo are listed at the bottom of the Host Configuration window. and connect to the Internet using Victoria Combo. In the Name Resolution section enter the DNS Primary and DNS Secondary Servers and the Search Domain. 5. SETTING UP THE VICTORIA COMBO To be able to use Victoria Combo with Remote Control you must connect it to a TCP/IP network. then choose Host Configuration. transfer files from Victoria Combo to a PC or server.

touch Apply. You can set up the Ethernet interfaces to have different settings. Network Mask. physical Ethernet connection. 7. 3. When you are setting up the connection. If you want these settings to apply for this session only. To activate this Ethernet port. the other two ports must be deselected.trendcomms. This is to prevent possible connection failures due to incorrect configuration. see below for more information. you can define more than one DNS server for resolving the host name for the same Ethernet port. The buttons ( ) to the right-hand side of the list are short cuts to the Ethernet options on the Networking menu. touch Reload. 4. To set this up. enter a DNS and Search Domain. 3 . If the network you are going to connect Victoria Combo to has a DHCP server this server will assign a dynamic IP Address to Victoria Combo. make sure you only choose one Ethernet port at a time (in the example below Eth0). choose Enable this Network Interface in the Status Interface section.0. • Eth1: configuration for the port for the wireless LAN 802. If you want these settings to be the default settings. choose Get an IP Address from a DHCP Server and enter a DHCP Client Name for Victoria Combo. and Default Gateway (if necessary). This means that is the first Search Domain cannot resolve the host name.0. 1. To do this. If you want these settings to be the default settings. If you want these settings to apply for this session only. choose Specify an IP address and enter an IP Address. Setting up the Internal Ethernet Connection Victoria Combo has three ports that can be used as Ethernet interfaces: • Eth0: the Ethernet window enables you to configure the Physical (internal) 10BaseT (RJ45 connector).11 card. If there is no gateway the Default Gateway is set to 0. in Specific Interface Resolution. If you want to. • Eth2: configuration for the port for the wireless LAN 802. Touch ( 2. touch Reload. ) next to Eth0. 6. The MAC Address of the Ethernet card is displayed at the bottom of the window. This section describes how to set up the internal. 5.Victoria Combo Remote Control Setting up the Victoria Combo 6.11 card. the second one is used. © Trend Communications www.0. touch Apply. If there is no DCHP server on the network.

com . touch Apply.11 Network Name) Choose an operating mode. In the Networking Ethernet CF Card window tap Wireless. 1. Setting up a wireless interface When you are setting up the Ethernet interface for slots 1 and 2 you can also set up a wireless interface: 1. The Wireless window is displayed. 6.Victoria Combo Remote Control Setting up the Victoria Combo Setting Ethernet CF Card 1 and 2 The windows for configuring the Ethernet Slot 1 and 2 have the same parameters as the Ethernet window described in the previous section. If you want these settings to be the default settings. touch Reload. As an optional security feature you can encrypt the communication by entering an Access Key. If you want these settings to apply for this session only. 4. 2. 3. 5.trendcomms. The maximum length is 64 characters.ESSID: Extended Service Set Identifier 4 © Trend Communications www. Select the Transmission Rate and the Channel Frequency from the lists. Set up the Ethernet slot as described above. this depends on the type of network you are working on (Ad-hoc or Managed). 1. Enter the ESSID1 (the 802.

for more information see Setting up the Victoria Combo on page 2: 1. choose OspreyLauncher. 2. © Trend Communications www.11 to establish the • LAN connection (wired): use the Ethernet cable supplied).Victoria Combo Remote Control Setting up the PC SETTING UP THE PC Before you can use Victoria Combo Remote Control you must install the Remote Control software and set up the connection between the PC and the Victoria Combo: I ns ta l l i n g t he R e m o t e C o nt r o l S o f tw ar e The files for Remote Control for Victoria Combo are included on the Trend User Information CD-ROM or can be downloaded from the Trend Communications web site .dat • setup. 1. To install the Remote Control software double-click on setup. there is an uninstall program and a batch program (OspreyLauncher. Save the self-extracting zip file you have downloaded from the web or copied from the CD-ROM to a folder on your PC. Within the Victoria Combo option. • Ethernet direct connection between the Victoria Combo and your computer: use the Ethernet crossover cable supplied (the one with red ends).bat from the Victoria Combo menu. Four files are extracted: • ius. 5 . Make sure that the PC and the Victoria Combo are correctly connected to a wired or wireless network.www.trendcomms. Double-click on the . a new option called Victoria Combo is created in the Start menu of your PC.trendcomms. To run Victoria Combo remote Control.dat • opt.exe • zdata1.bat).exe file and extract the files to a 2. • LAN connection (wireless): use a standard Compact Flash IEEE 802.exe and follow the instructions displayed on the screen S et ti n g u p t h e C o n n ec ti o n When you have installed application.dsk 3.

When the downloading process has finished. 5.trendcomms. There is an icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the window. 4. A Task window is loaded from Victoria Combo and a series of Java classes is loaded. 7. Figure 1. Enter the Port number. choose which tester you want to connect to from the list in the Victoria Combo launcher window and then click on Open. USING VICTORIA COMBO REMOTE CONTROL 1. A description of the new connection is displayed in the Victoria Combo window. you must ask the network administrator of the LAN which Victoria Combo is connected to for an IP address to enter in Host and the value of the Port. a window is automatically opened. This only happens when Victoria Combo is connected for the first time or when you use a new software version.Victoria Combo Remote Control Using Victoria Combo Remote Control 3. Application Launcher: Enter the IP address Enter a Name (Description). By default this is 3000 when you connect a Victoria Combo to the same LAN that your computer is connected to. The Victoria Combo definition dialog is displayed.1 To create a connection. Wait until the icon changes to a hand and the icon just beside it (a network LAN) has one green LED. Now 6 © Trend Communications . To connect to a Victoria Combo. Wait until all the Java classes are downloaded from Victoria Combo to your computer. If you want to connect a Victoria Combo to a remote site through Internet. Enter the IP address of the Ethernet port of Victoria Combo in Host. click on New. and the remaining ones are dark grey. This window is identical to the interface on Victoria Combo. Choose OK. 6.

This also avoids conflicts due to Victoria Combo’s memory being filled by several users making screen dumps at the time.Victoria Combo Remote Control Using Victoria Combo Remote Control you can use the remote interface in the same way as the interface on Victoria The Print Screen button is disabled: You can capture the windows of Remote Control directly using your PC.2 Application Launcher: Remote GUI There are two differences between the Remote Control window and the Victoria Combo User Interface: • © Trend Communications www.trendcomms. 7 . Status Icon Disabled Figure 1.

The Change Role dialog is displayed as shown below: 1. All these roles can be selected using Remote Control: . select it and type a message in the text field at the bottom of the window. 8 © Trend Communications www. Figure Click on the Status icon. There are three types of role: • Viewer: this user can only see what other users connected to this Victoria Combo are doing. but this user can edit a message that other users can see (for example a request to be the only user that sets up the Victoria Combo). but he cannot control the tester.Victoria Combo Remote Control Using Victoria Combo Remote Control • There is an additional status icon: this icon shows the Role of the user.3 3.trendcomms. Roles To change to the Owner role. • Owner: This user is the same than the previous one. • Controller: This user can both see what is displayed and control the tester.

Message editing for the Owner role 9 . Figure © Trend Communications 1.Victoria Combo Remote Control Using Victoria Combo Remote Control 4. Other remote users of the Victoria Combo will see the message from the owner in the text field at the top of the window.4 Choose OK to validate the selection.trendcomms.

Victoria Combo Remote Control Using Victoria Combo Remote Control 10 © Trend Communications .