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The movie Volcano made me realise that not all volcano are
easily located but some are located underground. In the movie,
many people died because they all know that volcano is not
dangerous but it all changed due to some circumstances occur
such as cracking of roads due to the activeness of the volcano
and hot gasses appeared to those cracks.
As it continues, the movie was intentionally made to inform
us and for us to be prepared. The movie shows lack of
preparedness and also people aren’t believe to those people who
has knowledge about the said volcano. Through that event, I can
relate Filipinos into it, whereas Filipino are hard-headed that they
don’t believe on what the head officials are saying that later on it
causes of their death.
In total, the movie is great. It reminds us that we must
always prepared and always think of our safety. So that we are
prepared in every seismic events may happen in your daily lives.