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SPECTROLAB Performance Maintenance

Breakdown Risk

The SPECTROLAB is one of the best selling
stationary metal analyzers in the world.
Customers value its outstanding reliability
and analytical performance, covering the
full range from process control (automation
systems) to the analysis of special alloys
and trace elements in high purity material. However, maintaining these qualities
throughout its entire operating life doesn’t
happen on it’s own.

Age of Instrument
Experience shows that, without proper maintenance, the likelihood of a
breakdown increases exponentially with the age of an instrument. Regular
maintenance drastically decreases this risk and extends the life of the

The breakdown risk for an analytical
instrument increases with its age. Only you
know how much that breakdown will cost
you. It could have wide-reaching consequences: On top of the costs to repair the
instrument, the instrument being down
may mean that you have increased material
costs, you may have penalties for missed
shipments and, ultimately, you may face
decreased revenues and profitability.

Take advantage of the possibility to maintain
the SPECTROLAB’s out of the box performance,
while reducing the risk of costly breakdowns,
with regular performance maintenance inspections within the framework of SPECTRO’s
AMECARE Performance Services. Based on your
needs and circumstances, an individual maintenance plan is created, reflecting your quality
compliance requirements and risk management
The rest is automatic. Appointments for scheduled inspections are made and the work conducted; all required maintenance and preventative measures will be carried out by authorized,
factory trained and certified, service engineers
that are backed by a best-of-class worldwide
factory support infrastructure. The correct working order of the instrument is documented with
a certificate and a test seal affixed to the instrument. The lifetime of the instrument is extended
and your quality compliance documented.
SPECTRO’s Performance Maintenance is a guarantee for the long-term preservation of the value
and performance of your SPECTROLAB.

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