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6 | 1U Models The FortiGate Cookbook QuickStart Guide T1/E1. Before You Begin Box Includes Write down details that you may need from your network administrator or ISP.net/vqsg 3 . .0. Cable. WAN 1 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 DMZ 1 WAN 2 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 DMZ 2 CONSOLE FortiGate 200D STATUS ALARM HA POWER USB MGMT MGMT USB FortiGate 200D 2 Rack-Mount Brackets DSL PPPoE Username Password Cable Modem DHCP It is normal to not require a hostname but your ISP may require it. or DSL with a static IP USB Cable 2 IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway Primary/Secondary DNS Ethernet Cable Power Cable Console Cable 4 Rubber Feet 8 Bracket Screws QuickStart Guide Video http://forti. Static broadband. FortiGate 200D Hostname QuickStart Guide FortiOS 5..

Visit 192.6) D With console cable (p.1. and save your settings. 2.99 in your web browser.7) FortiExplorer App Power Connection A Web Browser with Ethernet cable Connect your device to a power outlet and an Internet connection. but could also be another device on your network.. 2 FortiGate Setup Options A Web Browser B Setup Wizard (p. 1 Basic Connections . Connect the Ethernet cable. 3. 6.168. 4. Login using username “admin” and no password. Click “Wizard” in the top right corner.5) Internet WAN Port C Terminal Emulation OS X With FortiExplorer (p. 5. This is usually a modem. 4 5 . Register your device from the dashboard page. https:// LAN Port Web-based Manager 1.

net/cli. Download FortiExplorer from http://forti. Click the FortiExplorer icon to launch the application. C Terminal Emulation with Console Cable To Connect to the CLI 1. 3. Connect the USB cable and launch FortiExplorer if it does not appear automatically. Connect the FortiGate unit console port to the management computer using a console cable. 3. Follow prompts or click “Register” to register your device with FortiCare. For example For a detailed guide visit http://forti. Click to complete the setup of your device. 2. 4. Start a terminal emulation program on the management computer. Press Enter on your keyboard to connect to the CLI. Login using username “admin” and no password. Double-Click the and drag the FortiExplorer icon to the Applications folder. 1. Connect the USB cable. 4. Begin typing a command and type “?” for a list of available ways to complete. Get started by typing “?” for a list of available commands. 6 7 .. B Windows/OS X with USB . Login using username “admin” and no password. You can now proceed with FortiGate unit. 2.net/fexp. 2. Select the COM port and use the following settings: Baud Rate: 9600 Data bits: 8 Parity: None Stop bits: 1 Flow Control: None USB MGMT 3. 5. FortiExplorer Setup Wizard 1. Microsoft Windows Install Mac OS X Install 2. 4. Click “Setup Wizard”. Follow Setup Wizard steps.

net/fexp-ios.. Launch the FortiExplorer App and select the device model. Use your Apple to USB cable to connect to the USB port. 3. Download the iOS FortiExplorer App to your device from http://forti. 4. 8 9 . Login using username “admin” and no password. 2. iOS with Apple to USB cable USB Port http://forti.net/fexp-ios FortiExplorer App 1. D .

3 Installation The FortiGate unit inch rack unit with the provided rack-mount brackets and screws. Ensure there is Note: If the unit has a redundant power supply. Caution: Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can damage your Fortinet equipment. Line up the rack-mount bracket holes to the holes on the rack and ensure that the FortiGate unit is level. 7. Ensure that the FortiGate unit is placed on a stable surface prior to rack-mount installation. Do not place heavy objects on the unit. Position the FortiGate unit in the rack. Ensure that the surface onto which the FortiGate unit to be installed is clean. the other may still be operational and the unit will not lose power. . To avoid personal injury or damage to the unit. Using the provided power cable. each power cable should be connected to a different power source.8cm) of clearance on all sides to 2. 3. and stable and that there is at least 1. To install the FortiGate unit into a rack 1. plug the cable into the rear of the unit. 6. Attach the provided rack-mount brackets to the sides of the unit using the provided screws. it is recommended that two or more people install the unit into the rack.. plug the cable into the rear of the unit. Finger tighten four rack-mount screws to attach the unit to the rack. Using the provided power cable. Attach the provided rubber feet to the bottom of the FortiGate unit. Place the unit in the designated location. Please read the Cautions and Warnings section prior to installing your device. 5. and then into a grounded electrical outlet or a separate power source such as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or a power distribution unit (PDU).5 inches (3. 10 11 . then tighten the rack-mount screws with an appropriate screwdriver. 1. if one power source fails. Verify that the spacing around the FortiGate unit conforms to requirements and that the unit is level. In this way. 1. level.5in 1.5in 5. Verify that the spacing around the FortiGate unit conforms to requirements and that the unit is level. and then into a grounded electrical outlet or a separate power source such as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or a power distribution unit (PDU). 3. 2. 4. 4.

SFP Cage Sockets Transmit Optical Bore Receive Optical Bore Extraction Lever Do not install or remove SFP transceivers while are still attached. 4. disconnect the from the transceiver connector and install a clean dust plug in the transceiver’s optical bores.. repeat this process until the transceiver is securely latched into the cage socket. If the transceiver can be removed. 5. If the transceiver does not easily slide in and click into place. 5. Use an ESD wrist strap or similar grounding device when handling transceivers. it may not be aligned correctly or may be upside down. Verify that the transceiver is latched correctly by grasping the sides of the transceiver and trying to pull it out without lowering the extraction lever. remove the SFP transceiver. and the optical interfaces. When the transceiver is correctly oriented. It may also prevent the transceiver from latching correctly into the socket connector. If this happens. 4. To remove the SFP transceivers Socket Latch To install the SFP transceivers 1. Press the transceiver cage socket with your thumb. Hold the sides of the transceiver and carefully pull it away from the cage socket. Replace the cap on the SFP cage socket and place the removed SFP transceiver into an antistatic bag. Caution: Do not force the SFP transceivers into the cage slots. 12 13 . This can cause damage to the cables. SFP Transceivers Caution: SFP transceivers are static sensitive devices. Hold the sides of the SFP transceiver and slide it into the cage socket until it clicks into place. If applicable. 2. the extraction lever will be level with the socket latch. reinsert it and press harder with your thumb. it is installed and latched correctly. Position the SFP transceiver in front of the cage socket opening and ensure that the transceiver is correctly oriented. Ensure that you are properly grounded. Ensure that you are properly grounded. 2. cable connectors. Do not install or remove transceivers more than is necessary. Pull the extraction lever out and down to eject the transceiver screwdriver or other similar tool to open the lever. time that you are inserting a transceiver. Remove the caps from the SFP cage sockets on the front panel of the unit. Note: Installing and removing SFP transceivers can shorten their useful life. If necessary. If the transceiver cannot be removed. 3. Note: Follow optic handling procedures when installing and removing SFP transceivers to ensure the devices remain clean and are not damaged. Ensure that the SFP transceiver module is correctly oriented each 1. Note: SFP cage socket orientation may vary. 6. . 3. realign it or rotate it and slide it in again.

Device Guide Status Green: Normal Flashing green: Booting up Red: Major alarm Alarm Not in Use HA Green: Operating in an HA cluster Off: Disabled SFP Ports Green: Active Flashing green: Transmitting & receiving data Off: No link established Power Green: On Off Logo Green: On Off WAN 1 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 DMZ 1 WAN 2 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 DMZ 2 CONSOLE FortiGate 200D STATUS ALARM HA POWER USB MGMT MGMT USB Ethernet Ports Link/Activity Green: Connected Flashing green: Transmitting & receiving data Off: No link established Ethernet Ports Speed Green: Connected at 1Gbps Amber: Connected at 100Mbps Off: Connected at 10Mbps or not in use 14 15 . ..

12V @ 12.16 (RJ-45) Switched Gigabit Ethernet ports for connection to your network and the Internet WAN 1 & 2 (RJ-45) Gigabit Ethernet Internet connection MGMT (RJ-45) Client port for management.. .5A 16 17 .99 +12V=@12. 3A MAX power supply (FRPS-100). Provides access to the CLI DMZ 1 & 2 (SFP) 1 Gbps/auto small form-factor pluggable transceiver ports for connection to a DMZ network/device USB (USB-A) USB server port for USB key.168. modem. 50-60Hz. Device Guide USB MGMT (USB mini-B) USB client port for management Console (RJ-45) Optional connection to the management computer. Default IP address 192.5A DC INPUT FOR REMOTE POWER SUPPLY SPECIFIED IN MANUAL AC INPUT 100-240V 50-60Hz 3A MAX RPS Power Optional connection to a remote 100-240V AC.1. or management functions WAN 1 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 DMZ 1 WAN 2 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 DMZ 2 CONSOLE FortiGate 200D STATUS ALARM HA POWER USB MGMT MGMT USB Internet LAN Ports 1 .

la température ambiante du cabinet peut être supérieure à la This separate protective earthing terminal must be permanently connected to earth with a green with yellow stripe conductor minimum size # 14 AWG Ventilation Circuit overloading Surtension Reliable earthing Mise à la terre Interference Interférence Safety Mechanical loading – To avoid personal injury or damage to the appliance. . Cautions and Warnings Operating Temperature Température ambiante élevée — Si cet appareil est installé dans un cabinet fermé. Fortinet recommends that 2 or more people together install the appliance Installation Moving parts Pièces mobiles この装置は、 クラスA情報技術装置です。この装置を 家庭環境で使用すると電波妨害を引き起こすことが あります。この場合には使用者が適切な対策を講ずるよう要求されることがあります。 VCCI−A Choc électrique / feu China Battery Batterie Grounding Mise à la terre Alimentation par Ethernet ..

net/systemadmin your device using the command line. tightening security. security policies Authentication.. http://forti.com . and location of training programs in your area. networking.net/cli FortiOS Handbook http://forti. The FortiGate Cookbook Advanced installation and setup.net/cookbook FortiGate System Administration Guide management. http://forti.net/training Fortinet. http://forti. availability. schedules.net/handbook Training Services Course descriptions. http://forti. Logging and reporting. and best practices.