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actuate. record and control. and continues to develop the breakthrough technologies needed to meet the challenges of the future. ABB and its heritage companies have been leaders in innovation and technology for more than 100 years. reliability and service in the business. enabling maximum return on your investment. We are proud to include the K-TEK level product line in the ABB family of measurement solutions. Aztec Pressductor® 2 | Level measurement solutions .Expertise in technology More than a century of experience To operate any process efficiently. it is essential to measure. In selecting ABB you are choosing a partner who is offering the best measurement solution for your needs. Research and development is a vital source of ABB’s technology leadership. ABB constantly builds on the foundation of existing technologies for new applications. When investing in ABB’s measurement products and solutions you are receiving the best technology.

utility or municipality. ABB‘s measurement products portfolio: — Analytical measurements — Flow measurement — Natural gas measurement — Valve automation — Pressure measurement — Temperature measurement — Recorders and controllers — Level measurement — Device management — Force measurement — Service 1 Water and waste water | 2 Power and industrial steam | 3 Chemical and petrochemical | 4 Oil and gas | 5 Pulp and paper | 6 Minerals | 7 Metals 8 Food and beverage | 9 Pharmaceuticals 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Level measurement solutions | 3 . Latest innovations deliver technological solutions to make it easier for you to run your plant. and easy to maintain. providing a common look and feel and method of operation. ABB’s measurement products are based on common technology. easy to integrate.Comprehensive measurement solutions Serving any industry ABB measurement products provide world-class measurement solutions for any industry. This results in products that are easy to configure.

ABB offers the most complete level measurement product line in the world 4 | Level measurement solutions .

ABB now offers the most complete level measurement product line in the world. such as the non-contact laser or ultrasonic level transmitter. and ABB’s existing hydrostatic level product lines. With the recent acquisition of K-TEK. a market leader in level detection. ABB offers a wide breadth of level technologies. Level measurement solutions | 5 . transmitters and switches. ABB provides reliable level solutions – no matter how difficult the application may be. — Precision engineered instruments built to specific customer requirements — SIL2/3 certified transmitters — Products that are easy to commission and calibrate. saving time and expense during a startup — Largest selection of agency approved level switch technologies in the market — Measurement solutions for both liquid and solids level applications Whether an application requires a cutting-edge solution. ABB has the proven technology to provide solutions for the most difficult level applications for both liquids and solids. or ultra high pressure magnetic level gauges. ABB has the right technology for liquid or solids level detection needs.Level measurement is a critical process parameter used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications around the world. From tall grain silos to high pressure boilers and process vessels. certifications and approvals to meet the needs of the most demanding applications.

for example. Other suitable technologies for the oil and gas industry — MT series guided wave radar level transmitters — MW05 MagWave level system — AT series magnetostrictive level transmitters — Vibrating fork level switches — Gauge and differential pressure level transmitters — LM7100 LevelMaster liquid level sensor KM26 magnetic level gauge installed on a separator 6 | Level measurement solutions . When accurate specifications of the fluids are provided. a technology with interface capabilities is required. the same magnetic level float can be used to actuate limit switches or continuous level transmitting devices without disturbing existing piping or vessels.Measure two fluids in the same vessel? Absolutely. To accurately accomplish this. High pressure separators. contain two separate fluids in the same vessel – as when oil floats on top of water. interface density differences as low as 0. Both fluid levels need to be measured on a continuous basis without disrupting the operation of the oil and gas processing plant. On and offshore oil and gas production facilities have some of the most challenging level measurement applications in the exploration industry. This allows for easy integration of leveling technology into the distributed control systems (DCS). Installation and modification can be administered while the platform is on-line.04 specific gravity can be accurately measured. Since the vessel contents are totally contained within the float chamber. The ABB solution The KM26 magnetic level gauge and AT200 magnetostrictive level transmitter utilize precision engineered floats that are specifically designed to float with half their volume in the upper fluid and half in the lower fluid.

With limited leak paths.“Smart“ level gauge beyond the sight glass In today‘s global chemical industry. The ABB solution The KM26 magnetic level gauge provides safe. no glass in contact with the process and ultra high pressure and temperature ratings. reliable liquid level measurement with the added ability of optional transmitters and switches to make the KM26 a truly ”smart“ level gauge. process optimization and waste reduction is crucial. ASME code manufacturing standards ensure long lasting performance with little or no maintenance. to non-contact ultrasonic and laser technologies. Continuous and point level measurement instrumentation provide the accuracy and reliability needed by chemical manufacturers worldwide. ABB has the solution for the toughest level application. the magnetic level gauge addresses many of the traditional challenges faced by older technology sight glass gauges. From radar and magnetostrictive. Other suitable technologies for the chemical industry — MT series guided wave radar level transmitters — AT series magnetostrictive level transmitters — RS80 vibrating fork level switch — Gauge and differential pressure level transmitters KM26/AT200 installed on a chemical storage tank Level measurement solutions | 7 .

Instrumentation designed for Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) are ideal to maintain the margin of safety and reliability required. The ABB solution The ABB MT series of guided wave radars and AT series of magnetostrictive transmitters are the only level transmitters in the world to be IEC 61508 certified for operation in SIL2 (Safety Integrity Level 2) environments and are SIL3 approved with redundancy. and the magnetostrictive transmitter’s strong electrical return pulse provides highly reliable measurements. Only ABB offers certified guided wave radar and magnetostrictive level transmitters to the exacting IEC 61508 safety standard. even in the harshest environments. plant operators require reliable level measurement solutions to manage high pressure and temperature applications. Because of the inherent danger found in refineries. The guided wave radar’s self-monitoring capability continually checks for any faults that could cause device failures or false indications. These two technologies offer the best in safety and reliable communication.A new level of safety for the refining industry In the hazardous refining industry environment. critical issues of overflow prevention and maintaining level measurement accuracy is crucial. Other suitable technologies for the refining industry — KM26 magnetic level gauge — RS80 vibrating fork level switches — TX thermal dispersion level/flow switches — Gauge and differential pressure level transmitters The only level transmitters to receive IEC 61508 certification for operation in SIL2 environments 8 | Level measurement solutions .

5 inch secondary chamber. Power plants often have high pressure and temperature applications where accuracy is critical. Other suitable technologies for the power industry — KM26 magnetic level gauge — AT series magnetostrictive level transmitters — MT series guided wave radar level transmitters — Gauge and differential pressure level transmitters MW05 MagWave level system installed at a solar power plant Level measurement solutions | 9 . the MagWave provides the measurement capabilities of a coaxial probe without the potential for fouling. The ABB solution The K-TEK MagWave dual chamber redundant level system has a proven record of improving feedwater heater reliablity in power plants around the world. ABB offers advanced level measurement technologies for both liquids and solids that accurately and consistently provide process level measurement and control in power plant environments. In an effort to improve plant heatrate and overall system efficiencies.The power to improve plant efficiency The ability to produce safe. power generating facilities around the globe are rapidly upgrading antiquated level instruments with ABB technology. efficient power is essential to a modern society. Redundant level control can be achieved by adding a magnetostrictive transmitter or switch to the float chamber. Featuring a single probe transmitter in a standard 1. The MagWave combines a highly visible magnetic level indicator with the precise level measurement of a guided wave radar transmitter.

The ABB solution ABB‘s non-contact ultrasonic level transmitters and transducers provide the accuracy needed for surface foam conditions of many water and wastewater industry applications. These constant changes in water makeup prevent many traditional level technologies from working accurately. Other suitable technologies for the water and wastewater industries — LM80 laser level transmitter — KCAP series RF capacitance switches — SP60 vibrating fork level switch K10C ultrasonic transducer installed at a wastewater facility.A level solution for open channel flow measurement Reliable water level measurement in the treatment unit of any industrial plant or utilities can present challenges to level measurement instrumentation. Also. Often the chemical and physical properties of the processed water can change drastically with composition from different acids. With global privatization of the water industry. Along with traditional level measurement. traditional contact level methods often mandate the usage of special metals or coatings. surfactants or other water treatment processes. Customer preferences are shifting to noncontact level measurement. highly accurate measurements and solutions will continue to be required. 10 | Level measurement solutions . flocculants. ultrasonic technology has sophisticated electronics and software that allow for flow measurement of flumes or weirs.

bins and detection of plugged chutes. proven technologies. Other suitable technologies for the mining industry — Vibrating fork level switches — AT series magnetostrictive level transmitters — Ultrasonic transmitters — Blocked chute detection LM80 laser installed on ore surge bin Level measurement solutions | 11 ./5 m diameter. The ABB solution Inventory levels in ore passes. near infared laser beam can effectively reach the bottom of the narrow ore pass. The LM80 provides unique and reliable level measurement solution for a variety of mining level measurement applications such as crusher level control. The ABB family of laser level transmitters./60 m in depth with only 16 ft. The harsh environment and physical constraints of the ore passes prevent the use of most level technologies. which can reach up to 200 ft. The LM200‘s focused. inventory measurement in silos. represent one of the most difficult and extreme level applications in an underground mine.Pioneering new process controls for sustainability Safety and process control are among the primary concerns when working in a mining environment. ABB offers a comprehensive selection of level measurement technologies and products used in the mining industry for both liquids and solids. LM200 and LM80. provide the solution. providing continuous level measurement to ensure production efficiency and safety. The variety of different level applications in mining requires unique.

As a comprehensive provider of level measurement products. ABB field indicators and controllers for level — Quad channel controllers — Wireless communication transmitter — Loop powered digital indicator — Digital process monitors — External relays ABB level switch technologies — Buoyancy — Magnetically-coupled — Thermal dispersion — Vibrating fork — RF Capacitance — Rotary paddle — Ultrasonic TX thermal dispersion installed for a flow/level application 12 | Level measurement solutions WT8000 wireless communiction transmitter node at base of caustic tank . The ability to offer the best switch technology for a given application sets ABB apart from other manufacturers. When a complete level measurement system is designed with the right combination of field indicators and controllers. are an important part of a well designed process level control system. Both groups offer inherent features and benefits that provide the proven reliability required by our global customers. both mechanical and electronic. ABB level switches are categorized into two groups: magnetic/float based and electronic. the highest degree of level detection and control can be achieved. ABB offers a variety of indicators and controllers that complement field instrumentation to provide customers with total level solutions.Level Switch Technologies Field Indicators & Controllers Level switches. Their ability to accurately and repeatedly detect level is crucial and is often the last warning before a major upset or catastrophic failure.

A wide variety of system fill fluids allow ABB 2600T transmitters to operate with process media temperature ranging from -100°C/-150°F or up to 375°C/ 700°F. viscous or has a tendency to crystallize or solidify. When safety is paramount. the 2600T provides lasting reliable measurement even in vacuum.6 m deep. the 2600T will add performance and reliability to any Safety level measurement system. high temperature conditions. threaded union. the 2600T is the right choice. flange mounting./2. An extensive range of wetted process materials provides long lasting reliability for even the most difficult applications. Super Duplex. The ABB solution The 2600T series gauge and differential pressure transmitters are an ideal solution for these types of level applications. pulp and paper connections. A complete range of process connections.5 mm or optional high precision relative accuracy of 0. anti-abrasion.1 in. 266T differential pressure transmitter installed for a digester level applicaton Unlike other level-sensing technologies. LevelMaster provides precise levels without having to continuously adjust for changes in the unpredictalbe properties of storage tank liquids. The LevelMaster combines the industry‘s most innovative hardware and software to address the unique custodymeasurement and operational needs of tank-level management. such as tees. water and emulsion levels up to 25 ft. LevelMaster floats can measure oil./1. Inconel 625 in addition to reliable treatments such as gold plating. for trustworthy oil sales. with a standard relative accuracy of 0. an RTD measures the liquid temperature at the load line. wafer. In addition to measuring the liquid levels. anti-stick Diaflex and Teflon coated wetted parts are available.25 mm. the 2600T can be connected to any host.05 in. including Hastelloy C-2000. ABB can also offer special seals to meet individual process requirements./7. With HART. but also an accurate measurement of the oil and water interface. PROFIBUS. Certified to IEC61508 for SIS loops up to SIL3 (1002D). LevelMaster installed on oil tank batteries Level measurement solutions | 13 . The LevelMaster provides not only an accurate level gauge.Gauge and differential pressure level transmitters Liquid level sensors for tank level measurement The chemical processing industry has a variety of extreme level measurement challenges such as open and closed tank applications in hazardous areas where the process media is highly corrosive. With standard all-welded diaphragm seal construction. welded bushing. Floats can be installed to measure only the top surface level (single float) or both surface and interface levels (dual floats). Ex otic materials. FOUNDATION Fieldbus and wireless HART connectivity. sanitary and aseptic connections in compliance with 3-A sanitary standards allowing a trouble-free application fit.

sand and gravel Pulp & paper 14 | Level measurement solutions X X X X X .Magnetic Level Gauge Switches Buoyancy Level Switches LS Series MS10/MS50 MS8D/MS8F X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X MT5000 MT5100 MT5200 LM80 LM200 SS140XP Oil and gas X X Refining X X Chemical X X X Power generation X X X Pharmaceutical & biotech X X Magnetic Level Gauges KM26 AT100 AT200 AT500 AT600 Ultrasonic Level Transmitters & Switches MS30/MS40 MS41 PS35/45 Laser Level Transmitters KSONIKI/III KSONIK MICRO KSONIK MICRO LP Transducers Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitters Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters Reliable level solutions A comprehensive offering by industry Industries Transportation (railcars) X Food & beverage X X X X X X Wastewater X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Marine X X Agriculture X X X X Steel X X X X Defense/military X Plastics X X X Mining Rock.

CP2 AT200VP AT500MD Chute Master ST95 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Level measurement solutions | 15 .Gauge and Differential Pressure Level Transmitters Liquid Level Sensors X X X X X X X X X X X X X X RF Level Controls LevelMaster 7100 Field Indicators & Controllers Specialty Level Switches Vibrating Fork Level Switches Thermal Dispersion Level Switches 2600T Series KVIEW10/100 DPM100 LPM200 IR/PP10 KCAP300/400 A75 A02 TX TS RS85 GP50/SP60 A22.

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